No matter how many times, I work at same venus, I always try to do something new, something creative. #dangerofasinglestory
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Cassie + Jay // part 1 of 3 Speaking of couples that make their wedding their own, one I've been dying to show you is Cassie + Jay's. They decided they didn't want a traditional wedding. They opted for something more low key, unique to THEM as individuals, and never been done before. They split their wedding up into two days: one with a ceremony + one with a big party. The ceremony was incredible. A small group of their loved ones gathered together on a boat, and cruised past Manitoulin's iconic swing bridge (featured above) as it was mid-swing, and sailed through Baie Fine. Cassie wore Birkenstocks under her dress, and we hiked through the forest to the beautiful Lake Topaz. I'll feature a photo of their cliff-side ceremony tomorrow, so stay tuned for part 2! 🌿
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Ali + Luke // part 3 of 3 During Ali + Luke's intimate backyard wedding, one of the things I loved the most was how they incorporated their golden doodle, Oliver. To give you some back story: Oliver is basically their child (that's how much he is loved)! He is also the most well-behaved dog you've ever met. For their wedding ceremony, Ali + Luke dressed Oliver up and had him walk with Ali down the aisle. Their wedding rings were tied carefully to his collar, so when it came time for them to exchange rings, the best man removed them from Oliver's neck. He was the BEST ring bearer! Incorporating pets + things you really care about into your wedding is a perfect way to personalize it, and make your wedding uniquely you! 💞
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Çünkü gülmek seninle güzel ❤ R a b i a + G a z i 🌿 #haftasonubaşlasın #letsstartthisweekend #mylovelycouple
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Lovers in the sunset 🌄
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we don't give any instructions to our couples. they do what they want to do 🎈 see the whole story of these two on our site. have a look! . . . . . . . . . . #hutundkrone #weddingphotographer #berlin #belovedstories #balticsea #radcouples #togetherweroam #radlovestories #radstorytellers #elopementcollective #weddinglegends #anotherwildstory #loveandwildhearts
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Getting lost in rural Sicily @blanc_aux_reveurs
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Touch. 🌿
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Diese zwei wundervolle Menschen und gute Freunde durfte ich im Sommer in Heidelberg fotografieren. Vor ein paar Tagen sind sie Eltern geworden und ich freue mich schon riesig das kleine Würmchen kennenzulernen 😍 Aber bis es soweit ist fotografiere ich heute noch eine andere kleine Familie 👪 Habt einen schönen Samstag! ❤
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