A few years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Dominica. It was rich in fresh produce, vibrant culture and overflowing joy. This island touched my heart like no other. A week ago, I read about hurricane Maria for the first time. In that moment, my heart sank - the island that some of my closest friends called home was destroyed. Phone lines were down, all communication cut - the only thing we could do was wait. Fortunately they were safe and well, but the same cannot be said for others. As the island tries to recover from this disaster, I ask you to join me in supporting the relief effort, any way you can (link in bio). #dominica #hurricanemaria #aid #carribbean #relief #support #vscocarribbean #peacecorps #solidarity #travel #travelgram #instatravel #wanderlust #studentgrammers #instadaily #globetrotter
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Here we have a set of photos taken for a medical institute. #pho#photohy #pro#productphotography #product #photo #camera #canon #canonuser #support #aid #eye #pharmacy #hospital #eyecare
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Purchase A T-Shirt to help Our Rohingya Brothers And Sisters, So Many Have Lost there Parents, So many gave Birth on Paddy Fields Just Imagine the Pain they Went Through!! If you can't buy a t-shirt at least share and let someone know we want to Buy As Much as Aid and Medicine For the Rohingya Muslims and Inshallah do all that we can it's our duty as human beings. #HelpRohingyaMuslims #StopThisGenocide #Medicine #Aid #Water #Food #Bangladesh #Charity #Donate #Purchase #Support
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💙Woda to priorytet! W Kurwai w Sudanie Południowym społeczność używała niebezpiecznych ujęć wody - ludzie i zwierzęta pili bezpośrednio z mokradeł, bez żadnej filtracji. 💦Po dystrybucji higienicznych przedmiotów pierwszej potrzeby (wiadra, filtry do wody, mydło) w domach urządziliśmy pokazy filtracji wody. In Kurwai/South Sudan community rely on unsafe water sources, people and animals used to drink water directly from swamps without any filtration. 💦After distribution of WASH NFIs we conduct a households demonstration on how to use sawyer filters #WASH #NFI #water #woda #Sudan #SudanPoludniowy #pom#pomocnitarna #pomoc #aid #humanitarianaid #PolskaAkcjaHumanitarna #PolishHumanitarianAid #dogood #charity #instagood #Afryka #Africa
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After being hit by the hurricane Assad, and devastated by the worst disease of our times ISIS, Syria still needs our help. 😢 So please my dear friends, help them as you can! It could be us, it could be our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and childrens.. Thank you for your work @syriacharity ♥️ #SyriaCharity #Aid #AidAdha #Peace #Love
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Marikina recovered quickly from the devastation caused by tropical storm Ondoy – internationally known as Ketsana - with the help of the international humanitarian organization Tzu Chi Foundation @tzuchiphilippines.  The local government was unable to provide immediate assistance, as 90% of the employees were victims themselves. 💧💦🌊 Tzu Chi was first on the ground in Marikina to provide immediate relief, bringing the city quickly back on its feet through the cash-for-work program. These photos from Tzu Chi Commissioner @judlao show the relief and clean-up ops after Ondoy ravaged the area. Barangay Malanday Chair Joseph Briones says they also learned valuable life skills and values like discipline and compassion from Tzu Chi. (The cash-for-work program and disaster relief & rehabilitation activities in Barangay Malanday #marikina served as the model for Tzu Chi's relief work in Tacloban after Typhoon Yolanda, internationally known as Haiyan.) #recovery #humanitarian #aid #tzuchi #ondoy #ketsana #communitybuilding
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Académie Internationale de la Danse: day of exams @cfadcc 🎭📝 #ballet #ballerina #aid #paris #dancer #redlips #body
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Refugees should just stop complaining and scrounging off governments and get themselves a job - right?⠀ ⠀ Despite many opinions to the contrary, it's nowhere near as simple as that. In this weeks Naseba blog, Columbia Alum Patricia Letayf, founder of Five One labs explains the extreme challenges refugees face and how they are helping Iraqi's kick-start their own businesses in Kurdistan's first incubator hub.⠀ ⠀ "When we think about rebuilding after displacement, one of the first things that comes to mind is employment. However, our research revealed that individuals displaced from their homes face a number of challenges when restarting their lives. These include legal barriers to finding jobs (ex. some are not allowed to be hired in certain sectors); lack of access to local networks – and this is critical given the notion of “wasta” in the Middle East; and potential bias against them from the local community stemming from the idea that displaced people use up valuable resources or receive unfair amounts of international aid, among others."⠀ ⠀ You can help too and donate to their Indiegogo kick-starter campaign by typing Bit.ly/5-1-labs into your web browser. #MakeChangeHappen
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How to brighten a loved one's day while also fighting hunger in 4 easy steps: 1. Head over to Ard & Ward. 2. Pick an orchid. 3. Buy it along with our 'Spread the Love' pack. 4. Send it to a loved one (and thank us later!) Thank you @ardward for working with us on Feeding All! #SpreadTheLove #SevensWorld #Feeding #FightHunger #GoodCause
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Hey guys, my home was nearly destroyed by hurricane Maria last Wednesday. @_blnkcollective has been a wonderful support system and have offered to host a fundraised on Wednesday. To briefly sum it up the situation is critical; the entire island is without power and will be for months, gasoline and power generators are scarce, less than 25% of people have water, and those who do must purify it before drinking because the water isn't getting purified due to the power shortage and is not safe to consume. The airport sustained damages, only 10 flights are landing per day, and are reserved for aid personnel and supplies. Most people within the island still have no cell phone signal and can't even reach their loved ones in nearby towns because roads are blocked by fallen trees, crumbled buildings, and other debris. People are hungry, thirsty, and desperate. You can help by donating money or supplies: -Gasoline containers -Gas stoves -Gas lamps, candles, and lighters or matches -Batteries (particularly D, there are none left on the island) -Diapers -Basic medicine -Water filters are preferred over water bottles -Hand saws and machetes -Solar powered usb chargers for phones -Ensure, Pediasure, Glucerna, Boost, and ready to use nutritional shakes that don't require refrigeration. (it's late and will try to update the supplies needed later)
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We are praying for you. #Repost @adventistchurch (@get_repost) ・・・ "This has been the most extensive disaster to affect our territory." That was spoken by Kern Tobias, president of the Adventist Church's Caribbean territory, after Hurricane Irma tore through the region. ⠀ The island of Barbuda was the worst hit by Irma. According to Tobias, all the residents were transported to its neighboring island, Antigua. 95 percent of Barbuda's buildings and homes were destroyed. ⠀ Tobias also reported 9 Adventist Churches in the Northern Caribbean region were severely or partially damaged. Adventist schools in St. Thomas, Tortola and St. Maarten were also destroyed. ⠀ 3,000 Adventists were among the millions whose lives were upended due to the historic storm - but that hasn't kept them from serving others. Desmond James is the president of the Church's Northern Caribbean region, which is located in the larger Caribbean territory. James said, "The church is organizing assistance to persons in need of food, clothing and repairs to roofs." He also said the Church's relief funds were used to give 100 families in St. Thomas water and food. ADRA teams from various branches from the Americas and the Caribbean are collaborating to coordinate larger distribution of food and hygienic items. [photo: Inter-American Division]⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #Hurricane #Irma #Disaster #Caribbean #SeventhdayAdventist #Adventist #Church #Christian #Help #Barbuda #Antigua #School #StThomas #Tortola #StMaarten #Storm #Service #Assistance #Aid #ADRA
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