disneyland during halloween time is officially my new favorite thing!
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Octoberfest 🍂☕️🍴
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Let's hope Tech is just yanking our chains and gets it together for the second half... #texastech #texastechfootball #wreckem #alumni
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Wearing my Uggs, a warm hat and thinking in having a pumpkin spice latte, I think is this kind of time.
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All the yellow at the @yellow_bicycle_cafe this afternoon. We dodged Storm Brian as best we could. Also shopped at the beautiful @thehambledongallery for cards and a bobble hat!
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Dear little plants that live in my house, • I'm very happy you feel welcome here. Sorry I haven't spent that much time with you but to be honest I think is for the best... I still don't understand the subtleties of all your needs and I rather leave that business to a more experienced and dedicated person. • Also, to be honest, I still feel bad for the accidental murder I committed to one of your family members. I know you don't hold any grudges and that give me peace, but please understand that still have to work on my fears and guilt. • One day, I promise, I will be able to water you freely. In the meantime I really want to thank you for making my house green and pretty everyday. • Sincerely yours, • Diana #mommylife
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Just scoping out the apples that haven't started rotting yet and tasting more than we should 🍎😂 #wemightbelatetotheparty
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This fall, I’ve been working on making our living room as cozy as possible and it’s definitely getting there. Earlier this week I sprayed this ikea table gold and I am so happy with how it turned out. How do you get cozy for fall? #hyggelig #hyggehome #ikeadiy #octoberlove
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Happy weekend friends! Sending you all the best Saturday vibes with these virtual blooms from our friends @thebloombartx 👌🏻💐💗 p.s. They'll be back in our studio next week for a D.I.Y. Flower Crowns workshop! Check out the link in our profile to make one of the last few seats yours 😉
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At the Fibre Shindig Market in Kensington today.
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I was talking to the lady at the yarn shop about how I only like using soft yarn now. And she says "Well of course... With whatever we make, every inch of the yarn has passed through our fingers" And I thought Life is a little like that
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There’s nothing like an early fall Saturday morning in Northwest Arkansas. 🌳🍂💛 #seniorlove
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Sunshine greeted us this morning with a great big ol’ smile because he was so proud to show us that he had learned to stand up & bounce in his crib. JJ’s honey-do list just got a bit longer for today 🔨😉 #thebrennerbunch
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