😘💋♥️👌🏽💯✔️trust me when I say I bring a lot to the table #goodthingscoming #makinmydinero #womenwhowork #wordsofadvice
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When your boyfriend is peanut butter. 😂😂 I’m head over heals and love that it’s part of my nutrition plan!!
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All I ever wanted to be was a Mamma, from the time I can remember having thoughts, I wanted to simply be “Mom”... It was a heck of a road to today and I’ve gotten to Mamma so many and I know there will be more. There always are. The privilege for this to be my “office” isn’t lost on me. Everything outside of Motherhood, for me, is a bonus. It’s hard, but it’s good and it’s as natural as breathing air for me. I’m reminded every single day what a huge responsibility I’ve been given and what an opportunity I’ve been allowed to have to live my dream- not everyone gets that, right? Can we stop and acknowledge how many women aren’t “living the dream” today? And can we also make space for those that don’t feel that motherhood is their dream - can we say “I see you” to those women too- the ones who are out there being badasses in their field of dreams- it matters and it takes a village. Women hold so much unrealized power for good for this big world. So... what’s the point? The point is that today I’m acknowledging my privilege to be what I always wanted to be, in addition to being someone I never thought too much about being in order to provide financially to my family, someone I happen to be pretty darn okay at. I’m raising a fist to the other women out there raising up the next generation and those who are out there living their little girl dreams- whether that includes motherhood or not. I’m humbled and kept in check and motivated to do my job well by the women who aren’t as lucky as I am, who are still struggling to figure out their place or who are in a position where dreaming of who they want to be isn’t even an option. I’m also taking a moment to pray for those chains to be broken and for a path to appear, bc I swear to you- I believe with all my heart, the world can be vastly changed by the power of women who know their worth and make a point to live it out loud- without apology- every.single.damn.day. Here’s to paving the way for another girl to rise up and become..... more in my instastory- andpGO TIGERS! . . #gratitude #selfaware #womenwhowork #momgoals #togetherwecan #yeahthatgreenville #nissancollege100 #clemsonbound
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Moodstruck Addiction Shadow Palettes. Last chance to buy current collections before they’re gone for good. Select collections feature additional savings. Link in bio or at katieritz.net
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Anyone else get *more* work done on the weekends? Moi aussi! 💁🏾💁🏻💁🏿💁🏼💁🏽 Our meeting rooms are available to book all weekend long! 💕🍋⚡️⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #letsmakelemonade #makelemonade #getshitdone #girlssupportgirls #coworking #coworkingtoronto #toronto #wearetheclique #beingboss #riseandshine #womeninbiz #womenwithaplan #womenwhowork
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A Fairy Tale Wedding
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Checking things off the bucket list: start learning about photography ✅ thanks to @cjdimmock’s amazing workshop yesterday!
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For those of you do not have tomorrow off (like me) this blazer and plaid top will get you through the Monday....
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Bring on Monday ! Coffee in hand and only by the finest @espressobarinternational @watergardenstc work day come at me. #reallifewifeworkingwife#womenwhowork#mondayitis#areuoverityet
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Don’t settle for anything less!💛 . . You have so much ahead of you, and it would be a waste to think any differently. ⭐️✨ . . When things seem bad, don’t stress too much! Everything happens for a reason⭐️ . . . . . #business #businessquotes #womeninbusiness#ent#entrepreneurquotes #entrepreneurlife #businessmotivation #motivationquotes #entrepreneurmotivation #bossbabequotes#womenempoweringwomen #womeninbiz#womensupportingwomen #bosslife #millionairemindset #6amsuccess #digitalmarketing #buildingmyempire #marketing101 #branding #socialmedia#business #marketing#savvybusinessowner #instagramforbusiness #womenwhowork#digitalmarketing #pursuegreatness #entrepreneurquotes
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⚡️ Monday morning mantra
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... flowers make us all feel better, trust me just buy a bouquet of 💐 or anything that make you happy, take a pic, tag me and add #buoquet_of_happiness . . . qotf: when was the first time you heard of self love? 💗 #allthatiskimi #ootd #streetlook
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Was tagged by @thelindsayeliz to show what’s on my desk! #currentpov making a little keychain of affirmations and tasks I need to get done! I tag @jaymiejyang @kelseyc_lately @lindsaydamcoaching @jensabillon @ladybossally
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Read that again, cause its going to change the way you sell yourself. ☝️ • It's crazy but we see people miss out on new clients + projects ALL THE TIME, because they don't know how to talk about themselves. Which is normal. But here's the deal. Chances are you have a lot to talk about! "Selling yourself" can be as simple as letting people know what you're up to. . . • +”We just got an email from a happy client. Looks like we tripled their social following in 3 weeks!" ✔️ • +”We have a meeting later today with Flowers For Dreams (this was actually last week) 😉 • +”We got invited to pitch at Google.” (*🎤 drop) . • Success begets success. . • So ask yourself, what small steps or huge results are you proud of this year? Next time somebody asks you what you do for a living, hit them with the highlights. 😉💯 . . . . . #agencylifestyle #planahead #buildityourself #buildingmyempire #freelancer #freelancers #femtrepreneur #entrepreneur #nomore9to5 #newyear #givingback #quityourjob #quityourdayjob #hustle #hustlesoldseparately #progress #womenwhowork #noboss #ROI #workhardplayhard #wanderlust #womenownedbusiness #bschool #getyours
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This magazine. 🤤💛 It sparks the wandering soul inside of me. The writing, the imagery, the branding - it's just 👌🏻 Do you have a 'go to' source of inspiration?
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Happy Monday! Sweet new little bunny dresses in store now! All super soft, machine washable and perfect for Easter ✌🏻
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As the sun goes down, have a restful and relaxing evening in preparation for a productive and pleasant week. Good night. 💤 _________________________________________ #career #grow #passion #Motivation #learn #startup #entrepreneur #empower #mentor #inspire #careerwoman #vision #goals #Succeed #CareerTips #energy #WomenEmpowerment #motivate #inspiration #womenstyle #transform #investment #WomenWhoWork #WomenWhoHustle #CareerAdvice #NewWeek
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Have my body. Have my soul. My heart, unobtainable. Perfect in an amber bold. You’ll never have. But darling, I give love To one Who can light My darkness up. . . . Finally ready and getting back into the writing spirit. 😬 #creativerealm #watchfromafar #seeyouhaters . . . Photo by @eunycekim @eunoiacollective Edits by moi
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Last night celebrating @sarahft91 birthday 🥂💃🏻! Safe to say I didn’t look like this today 😂! Check out her 🍑!
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You have this one life. Make it count! Don't be a bystander. Choose to be a contributor to the world 💗 #wordwinnow
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It will take time, effort and persistence, but you will get there in the end. Keep going!
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Interview + podcast with the @bullandbearmcgill is now live! Listen to me and Katrina @satinrobe_satan discuss what a no BS space really means ... link in bio 🥑 #thatsrealtalk
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Do you ever just get to a point where you need to clean the clutter and get rid of a bunch of stuff??! Cause ya that was me today. I threw out 3 garbage bags of stuff that I just didn’t need anymore and gave away 2 garbage bags of clothes. Sometimes you just need to get rid of stuff that no longer serves you. And let me tell you, once you do all of this you feel so much lighter. You feel like you can do anything x10 more than before. Your thoughts, obligations, everything just flows better! . . . . . . #growyourbusiness #womenceo #femaleceo #femalestartup #besuccessful #successfullife #smallbizsquad #dreamersanddoers #businessbabe #bossbabequotes #onewomanshop #womenowned #beingboss #soulpreneur #womenpreneur #womenwithpurpose #inspiringwomen #bosswoman #weartheclique #imperfectboss #girlswhohustle #girlbossmagic #womenwhowork #monslay #femalehustler #fempower #powerwoman
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It’s not always going to be easy. Sometimes it will feel impossible, Other days it will feel like you can achieve anything. No matter what, know you can make it happen.
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Take a look at your next home this Sunday! From houses to high rises! OPEN HOUSE 2-4 If you are looking for a nice home in your favorite neighborhood just let me know. I have the perfect home for you. . . Carolina Rendon, sales director at The Park Cities Shelton. A beautiful high rise offering a distinctive living experience. The Shelton offers convenience and the perfect location and HPISD. . 2 Bedrooms from $450,000 3Bedroom (small) $800,000 3Bedroom (large) $1,035,000 . . 11414 PARKCHESTER SPECTACULAR!! Sitting on a 100X161 Lot and EXTREMELY👈🏼 well priced at $1,600,000 This home will make you happy!.... Call me for details. . . #carolinarendonrealestategroup #dallasrealestate #dallasrealtor #bossgirl #fea#fearless #milliondollarlistings #mdldallas #inspired #inspirational #womenwhowork #myrealestatelife #realestatefashion #womeninpower #thisgirlcan #luxuryliving #goforit #uns#unstoppable #womenincharge #empoweredwomen #powerfulwomen #fearless #independent #unstoppable dallasrealtor
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What's better than a sunday night spent cosy with your favourite magazine/book/movie or planning your productiv week ahead? 💕 . . . . . .
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What exactly are you working towards financially? - Savings -emergency fund -retirement -vacation fund -debt reduction -your salary -living expenses Where does your hard earned money go? Do you know? Why not? What are you trying to achieve this year? How much money do you need? Why don’t you know? Yet you know the exact price of the new bag and shoes you want. Yet you keep saying you need to get your money together as soon as you get your taxes. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Do yourself a favor, book your session before you spend it all. You’ll be grateful later.
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Day 18 - #SocialMumsFeb - Passion . Since graduating from the @DigitalMums course almost 3 years ago now, social media has been a big passion of mine! I love how a business of any size can use it to promote what they do and I love being able to help small businesses get the best from it!
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Never despise the pace of your journey. 🙅🏾 That's one lesson I had to learn quickly. It's so easy to get frustrated with how slow you feel it's taking you to get to the next phase of your career, especially when you know exactly what you want and you feel like you're doing everything you can to get you to where you want to go. But trust that no matter how slow things feel, as long as you're heading in the right direction and putting one foot in front of the other, you'll end up exactly where you belong. 🙌🏾
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Redesigning my entire site was hard work, but I’m so happy with the results! Now I’m taking a break with some Netflix. ♥️♥️
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~If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy~ Sitting and thinking about doing something new is the best way to generate fear - and ultimately, never end up doing it. Confidence doesn't come from sitting, thinking, reflecting, or strategizing. Confidence comes from doing. Taking action. Failing and still surviving. Being triumphant. Proving you're capable. Facebook Lives for me were one of these. The longer I planned on doing a FB live, and the more people I told I would do it, the longer I procrastinated. Once I did it, I suddenly realized I was capable and as it turns out, I now LOVE doing Facebook Live videos. This week's challenge? Leaving the house by myself with my baby, Sonoma. I was nervous and scared. I thought maybe I should wait a few more days until I was "ready". I worried about what I'd do if she had a meltdown, got hungry or if I couldn't soothe her. Well, I ripped off the bandaid so to speak. I went out and got busy. And Sonoma and I had a successful mommy and baby outing. And now? I'm not afraid to go out with her alone. I know these may not seem like massive things. Maybe you're thinking "really, Lisa? Leaving the house is scary?" But the truth is, the sooner you take action and just do it - no matter how big OR small - the easier you build confidence, and get sh*t done. Whatever sh*t needs to happen in your life. I challenge you, this weekend, to go out and get busy. Do something that may be outside your comfort zone. You're ready now. You can do it. You will conquer your fear. #fearless #doitdespitethefear #conquerfear #youcandoit #momlife #entrepreneurmindset #momboss #entrepreneurlife
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Energy, heart and perseverance! 🏆 • Thrilled about breaking my personal record and reaching Club Prestige in 2017. Thank you to my clients and friends for your trust & loyalty throughout the years! 💃🏻
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SOLD! TALLYMAWR!! 495 Brentwood Ave, Toms River NJ Another amazing house in Tallymawr Estates SOLD! Call for more options in this sought after neighborhood! Congratulations to these very lucky Buyers on the purchase of their new home! ▪ ▪ ▪ #esteeklein #esteesells #residential #realestate #remax #realtor #tallymawr #sold #tomsriver #buy #own #property #newhome #womenwhowork #nobodysellsmore #newjersey
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Rollin out of bed and into the studio in my typical Sunday fashion. 😴 Even though it’s the weekend, there is still plenty of work to be done. 👍🏼🎨 #getafterit ___________________________⠀ ⠀ DM me to inquire about an original piece, commission, or just to say hi! 🤗 ___________________________⠀ ⠀ Www.kfonsart.com/kfons-shop⠀ Www.etsy.com/shop/kfonsfineart⠀ ___________________________⠀ ⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ *⠀ * #smallbusinessowner #creativepreneur #handsandhustle #ihavethisthingwithcolor #dreamchasers #etsysellers #artbiz #creatorslane #craftsposure #herestothecreatives #wearethemakers #getyourmindright #mindsetiseverything #artistinspired #pursuepretty #howyouglow #makeitblissful #inspiremyinstagram #seekthepositive #meetthemoment #lifeofanartist #dontquityourdaydream #womeninbiz #womenwhowork #businesschicks #thenativecreative #art_we_inspire #livecreatively #flashesofdelight
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It's an Aloha Glamour Sunday! Mom is wearing our Mustard Shift dress.
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Humble afternoon 💙🐾
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Happy Monday everyone! Actual photo of me getting through this one looking at my diary 😂😂😂! . Thinking about outsourcing? Adding a business cheerleader & sidekick you need? . Contact us to have that chat!
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💥 To my welder buddies!!!👉🏻An unexpected tax return from 2011! Lol sweet! A gift from the weld gods I do believe! I’m in the market for a multiprocess welder, preferably a miller XMT but I’m open to suggestions. Need a spool gun for aluminum and a tig set up as well. Don’t mind if it’s used, just no garbage. #welder #welding #idaho #wom#womenwhoweld @weldporn #weldporn @bluedemonweld @welderbabes #welderslife #weldertee #weldernation #steelart #scrapart #metalart #womenwhowork #womenwhoweld
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Checking out the Sea 🐟🐟🐟🐟🌌
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Rainy Day 🌧 good thing Mommy dresses me up to the part!
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6 day progress! I don't usually compare my results so soon but I was feeling great! . . Definitely feeling slimmer in my waist 🙌🏽 . . Week 2 begins today and I can't wait!! Loving the workouts and the food which is making staying on track much easier! . . This doesn't consist of hours of cardio and starving myself! It's quite the opposite actually! Lots of weights and resistance and food 😍 . . I learned the hard way that eating less and working out more is definitely not the answer! Long cardio sessions just didn't give me the results I was looking for! Weights and resistance training is definitely where it's at 💪 . . #weightlifter #womenwhowork #momswhoworkout #momsofig #momof2 #momofgirls #boymomlife #acl #aclsurgery #aclreconstruction #aclinjury
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Declaration for today: In famine He will deliver me from death, and in battle from the stroke of the sword. . . I will be protected from the lash of the tongue, and need not fear when destruction comes. . . I will laugh at destruction and famine, and need not fear the wild animals. . . I will have a covenant with the stones of the field, and the wild animals will be at peace with me. . . I will know that my tent is secure; I will take stock of my property and find nothing missing. . . I will know that my children will be many, and my descendants like the grass of the earth. . . I will come to the grave in full vigor, like sheaves gathered in season. . . In Yeshua’s (Jesus) name! Amen!
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Day 18 - #SocialMumsFeb - Passion . It's been lovely seeing all your posts today and the fact so many of you are passionate about the businesses you run. It definitely helps doing something you love. One of my passions is reading, I just wish I had more time for it!
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SUNDAY FUNDAY👯‍♀️ . Business meetings with the girls today has been so motivating and inspirational literally still haven’t taken everything in! . If you want to know more about what we do and join our amazing team message me or click the link in my bio 📩
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HEY! 🤣😂 sometimes I have to take a bunch of really stupid/crazy/funny selfies before I find one that's "social media ready." But where's the fun in that? Besides, this is a more accurate representation of me as a person anyway 😂 #funnywomen #fitvegetarian #dogmomlife #corporatewoman #womenwhowork #sundayfunday #selfiesunday
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Release yourself from Survival Mode. The tools that served you at one time, may be complicating your present. We are here to help you identify and release all that which no longer serves you 💛 #womenscircle #sho#showhersomelove . . . . . #showhersomelove #womensbest #womensphysique #womenwhohustle #womenwear #womenwhowork #womenwatch #womenartists #femaleart #femalesonly #femaleform #femalebody #femaleowned #femaledriven #femalehustler #ritualmagic #ritualspirit #oaklandish #oak#oaklandart #oaklanda #oaklandlove #oaklandbound #oaklandstyle #oaklandgirl #oaklandartist #selfloved #selfloveiskey #selflovegoals #meditationspace
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Is anyone feeling kind of confused about life right now? 💧 Like I thought with that new moon/eclipse ordeal we were supposed to find clarity? 💧 Did you find yourself feeling super fired up in the beginning of the year and expansive, and right about now you’re like well I feel like I don’t actually really know what’s going on or what I’m supposed to be doing? 💧 I am. 💧 I am heavily feeling the influence of Pisces energy and the Moon Tarot card right now. We are shrouded in this veil of confusion as we dip in between the worlds of our conscious and subconscious which Pisces season invites us (and encourages us) to do. 💧 So, instead of ignoring, pushing away, dreading, or cursing the discomfort we may all be feeling, I offer these affirmations. So that we can embrace the phase we’re moving through now. 💧 “I accept fully the power, potentials and gifts offered to me at this time.” “I embrace the currents and tides that run deep and strong; I seek what’s below the surface.” “I eagerly enter this phase of deep, submerged exploration, illumination, visions and dreams.” “I surrender to my feelings, my emotions, and the vibrations that surround me.” “I safely practice, discernment, detachment and decisiveness over what is mine and what is not.” “It is completely safe for me to trust and follow my intuition.”
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