This is kind of uncomfortable post for me, but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. I started an amazing program on January 15th. It’s going really well so far and I’m really enjoying the workouts as well as the nutrition. . . I don’t see dramatic changes in my shape in these before and afters. I think posing the same would help lol 😂 My stomach has definitely shrunk and my booty 🍑 is gaining muscle. And that my friends is PROGRESS! . . I feel so much better, my energy levels are higher and I’m sleeping better too. This girl can’t complain! All in! 💪 . . Progress over Perfection! Always! I’m always here to help!
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Pineapples 🍍 Pineapples 🍍 Pineapples 🍍 . . Wow 😮 that was a sweat-tastic cardio session for real 😳 Autumn was right, this one wasn’t easy, I had to hit pause to catch my breath more than once for sure! But I finished the workout, completed every rep and I feel amazing! . . Day 6 is in the 📚 ✅✅✅
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Happy "National DJ Day" My Top 10 Favorite DJ's Are: 1. DJ 007 2. Pete Rock 3. DJ Scratch 4. DJ Premier 5. DJ Kool Herc 6. DJ Jazzy Jeff 7. DJ Mister Cee 8. Jam Master Jay 9. Funk Master Flex 10. DJ Supreme (Me) Who is your favorite DJ?
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Saturday Vibes 💜
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Friday Vibes 💜
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Pre-workout Meal ❤️💚💛🥄...down the hatch! . . Day 2 workout prefaced by some Energize to get this party started. Time to make this workout mine! . . Wowza!!! Sweat 💦 puddles galore! Booty on 🔥 I’m going to feel this tomorrow for sure! Autumn dropped this TRUTH BOMB today - SUCCESS TRAINS AND FAILURE COMPLAINS! So true, if you want it, you better work for it! So today 🍑🍑🍑 booty, booty, booty was rocking everywhere 😂🤣😂 . . P.S. my girl crush on Autumn Calabrese continues to grow daily, love her, her programs and her crew xoxo
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Happy Tuesday!
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Day 1 of 80 Day Obsession ✅ . . . This program is tough but it is going to push and challenge to be stronger both mentally and physically. Today wasn’t easy but I did. The next 79 days will be so worth all the hard work. . . . Taking these pics was easy...posting them eeehhh....but after seeing everyone else not 😱 scared like me, this is my journey and I cannot wait for the afters. . . . Pictured is my post workout meal -spinach, bacon and quinoa muffins 💚💛❤️🥄 . . . It’s never to late to start. God gave us one body, love it and take excellent care of it. Until tomorrow....💤
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Happy Thursday!!! Today starts day 1 of my 3 day cleanse with my girl @shanasimpson21 ! I can’t wait to get all the results of this round, last time results were INCREDIBLE! I lost inches and pounds in three days simply from eating clean. Ask me about it? I’ve got the secrets! 🤫🤐🤫 Yesterday I did another day of ALO Core Cardio and also did Dirty Dozen! I’m definitely looking forward to some yoga 🧘‍♀️ soon! I always love a good session after reading my devotions. Here’s a pic of my breakfast: superfoods shake (vegan caffe latte), 1 cup unsweetened almond 🥛, 1 🍌, 1 teaspoon cinnamon 😋
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Happy Thursday! What a beautiful blizzard 🌨 we’ve had!!! 14 inches at our house. . . . I’m enjoying it with my 👸, we made breakfast, played in the snow, Barbies, games, made lunch...the only thing missing is Hubby/Daddy. . . . ALO Day 1 ✅ with my princess 👑 🙌 . . . Everyone stay warm and safe!
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ALO Day 5 Week 2 Legs ✅ My eats have been on point since NYE 🙌 . . . Breakfast Pre Working Out 💪 2 poached eggs, asparagus, whole wheat toast . . . Our bodies are like 🚗, put in good fuel, you better results!!! And I feel fabulous ☺️ too! . . . My next program starts January 15th! Message me or call me for details! I’m beyond pumped to get started!
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I took a couple days of “me time” to celebrate the new year. I visited my bestie in Williamsburg, rang in the new year with my bestie in Yorktown amongst family and friends to include my hubby and our princess. New Years Day the celebration continued with good eats and good memories made. . . . Today, I’m back on the wagon!!! Day 4 of A Little Obsessed is done. I’m falling the timed nutrition again and I’m feeling great, good energy levels and I’m powering through my workouts. I’m doing this in preparation for the next program I start called 80 Day Obsession. This program is an intermediate to advanced workout that focuses on toning and sculpting you ARMS, ABS and booty to be polite 😂 You get it right? The eating plan uses timed nutrition to help get protein to your muscles to help support muscle protein synthesis and maximum macronutrient absorption. Yes, it is hard work but I know the results are what my mind and body need to be happy and healthy inside and out. . . . And guess what?!? As a coach, I get to participate in the Beta Test Group for 80 Day Obsession!!! How cool is that? I started my fitness journey with Autumn and 21 Day Fix and fell head over heels for these programs and products. January 15th is when I start and if you want to do it with me, reach out! It’s always best to have a workout buddy to motivate and push you when you need it. . . . Let me know if your interested and send me a PM! I’d love to increase my fit fam!
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Happy Transformation Tuesday! Reflecting back on the past six months of my fitness journey I’ve made great strides. I may weigh more than I ever have....BUT going through my before and after pics! . . . I am so much stronger and have muscles peaking everywhere. God only gives us one body, it’s up to us to love ourselves and live with purpose for Him. Perfection isn’t the goal, progress is the focus...I want to be the best mom/wife/daughter/friend I can be...and it all starts with self care.
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You’re never too old for a piggyback ride. Happy New Year ❤️ #LifeOfADJ #WifeOfADJ #2018
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The couple that DJs together, stays together...? After 6 years Kisko's dream to mix together came true. #wifeofadj #happilyeverafter #happynewyear2018
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Santa did good! Being married to a DJ means the house has a room a.k.a a ‘studio’ with full-on music equipment ...that although I’ve had a ‘dabble’ with, I really don’t have a clue how to use! Randomly a few weeks ago I said ‘I’d love my own record player! Then I can have my own vinyl collection separately from yours ...come home & bob on a record rather than the radio’. The boy did good! I love my turn table’s a perfect mix of modern & traditional. He even got our wedding dance on vinyl ...all the way from France... to start off my collection! #lawlawland #christmas #wifeofadj #christmaspresent #gift #presents #vinyl #dj #turntable #bush #records #vinylcollection #superhubs #lov#love #happiness #retro #music #love
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Happy Friday!
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Happy Friday Eve y’all! I’m enjoying an awesome day at home with my princess 👸 playing with all the new toys! Just finished ALO Day 2 but this time with added weights and more loop booty is going to be feeling it tomorrow 🙌
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Happy Transformation Tuesday!!! My number on the scale continues to creep up but my size and shape are right on 🎯 target! Whoop!!! On repeat in my head - muscle weighs more than fat lol 😂 . . . I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas 🎄 I know we had an awesome day with family and friends, although I miss my brother we did get to chat 😁 . . . Also for Christmas this Mommy got sick 😷 🤒 🤕 Boo! I took a rest day yesterday and after seeing the doctor 👩‍⚕️ today will be another rest day. She took chest X-rays to rule out pneumonia since my right lung didn’t have much movement but praise the Lord, clear and just lovely bronchitis and sinus infection. I’m not good at resting but I know I need it. Self love is important, and that includes stopping to take care of yourself, so here we go! 😊
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I took the gals to Dairy Queen 👑 after the park and I resisted my usual, large chocolate 🍫 dipped cone...instead I made myself a delicious 😋 superfoods Almond Joy chocolate shake! Willpower is a beautiful thing!
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So I spaced out my workouts today and it worked well for me morning workout partner is my daughter 😊 mid day workouts will most likely not be only future but I’ve seen the value of starting my day with exercise and I like the results so far... 21DX Lower Fix Extreme 10 Minute HardCORE PiYo Buns I may hate myself tomorrow but that felt great!
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Wow! Talk about struggle bus!?! First 🛑 off - this 🐣 chick right here!!! Anxiety and depression are no fun, coupled together BIG UGH 😑 With not feeling good, changes in my work schedule, transitioning to change...I let my negative self talk get the better of me. I stopped 🏋️‍♀️ working out, ate junk and pretty much spent my time sleeping 😴 and 😭 crying. No more of that!!! Thankfully I’m surrounded by a wonderful support system of family and friends. I was able to speak with a counselor from church ⛪ today and that helped too! I NEED my good habits back! So today, it was hard but I did it FINALLY! And I felt so much better when I was finished! Pushing play is not always easy, and controlling my diet!?! Piyo Upper Body ✔️ Cardio Core Remix ✔️ Pffft!!! I need major work in that department! Nutrition can be difficult when I’m surrounded by snacks by self restrain is a beautiful thing 😂 I’ve let my Shakeology slip and I can tell, so it’s back to basics again. Starting over but never giving up 💜 God made me with purpose and I choose to SHINE 🌟🌟🌟
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Bought @itisjustnelly the best ugly sweater. Now to find an excuse for her to use it.... 🤣 #christmas #uglychristmassweater #wifeofadj
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Happy Flex 💪 FRIYAY y’all!!! I haven’t felt so great the past couple of days...maybe this Virginia weather and it’s ups and downs...but after a busy day filled with doctors appointments and grocery shopping 🛒 I felt so much better after hitting play! It’s been hard finding a grove with my new schedule but I’m getting there day by day, digging into my PD and getting excited for what the future holds
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Happy Transformation Tuesday y’all!!! This is the second time I’ve completed the Sweat session from PiYo and 😮 I see yet again why Chalene calls this one Sweat, very fitting in my book. This week I only had to use the chair a couple of times...can we say progress?!? Big yes and all smiles here 😊
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Monday night dj sets en casa Perez Moreno Leisinger Swinton #wifeofadj
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MONSLAY ✅ I’m working on PiYo with Chalene and I’m loving her, this is the first of her programs I’ve tried and I’m happy to say I could nail a few of the advanced moves...gotta love PROGRESS! Upper Body = shaky arms 😂
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Lazy Saturdays are the best! I slept 🛏 in way late!!! Thanks to my wonderful hubby and sweet baby girl for letting me catch some 💤 Now Hubby and I are off on a much overdue date, I miss him! 💕 Thanks to my Aunt Victoria for keeping Tatum, she’s been 👀 by forward to seeing you guys! She picked a cute outfit for church.
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True Story right here 💜
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Antipasto ✅ Thanksgiving Appetizer Get in my belly 💜
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Happy Hump Day!!! I could be sleeping 💤 in with my sweet hubby but my inner clock doesn’t allow what did I do? I enjoyed some ME time! I got in lower body and my legs are shaking like Bambi 😂
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Upper Body ✅ I’ve been in a workout funk; or maybe just a funk in general with life changes, although all good, I find myself praying away my worries and my anxieties and placing all my trust in him; I find my strength in the Lord! 💜
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I probably shouldn’t disturb her right?!? 😂🤣😂
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Transformation Tuesday 💜
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Chilled night in with a cider whilst the hubby is out djing. Least I get to enjoy watching strictly come dancing as its not his cup of tea 😃 lol #saturdaynightin #cidersaturday #strictly2017 #hubbyworkshard #djwidow #wifeofadj
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I love making my meals colorful and packed with vitamins! Get in my belly!!! 💜
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This made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂 but it is so true y’all! Cast all your fears and worries to God and He will carry you through always! 💜
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Tuesday Vibes 💜
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Hubby djing tonight and im working tomorrow night. So this was the best thing to have for dinner this evening and it sure took me back to my youth. Tomato soup, but just not in a mug standing out in the garden. That was followed by hotdogs minus the fried onions. Then i finished it off with a jacket potato. Wasnt as nice as my mums thou to be fair @melittlelegs 😃 Skin just wasn't crispy enough! Lol #djwidow #wifeofadj #bonfirenightdinner #bonfiredinner #likeoldtimes #nofireworksthisyear #familymemories #saturdaynightin
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Week of Hard Labor - Chest and Back ✅ I forgot how much I enjoy lifting! Trying something new is good for you 💜
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Tuesday Vibes 💜
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Happy Halloween! Someone informed me that she was grumpy this morning and did not want her picture taken for Halloween… but Mommy had to sneak a pic 😂 I sat in an 8 hour class, my interest was held but my hips needed a good stretch...I hit snooze AGAIN! So Tension Release with Faith it was! Hitting play tonight...Happy Tuesday 💜
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AM Yoga ✅ Class for 3 days to get my Property and Casualty license Getting things done 💜 Making BIG moves, doing BIG things!
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