One of Promiseland's values is "relationally rooted" and Kristin Nelson, a small group leader in grade 4/5 lives that out every week with her 4th grade girls. The relationships that Kristin builds with her group and their parents has had a significant impact on their lives. With consistency and intentionality, Kristin moves kids closer to Jesus through every interaction that she has with them. Kristin, you are a Promiseland rockstar!!! #volunteeroftheweek #promiselandwc #willowcreekcc #heretoserve
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The Volunteer Of The Week is Dea! Dea serves in Thrive Kidz on Sunday Morning in the K-2nd Grade class at 10:15 and is so faithful in serving. She has great energy in the classroom and is constantly taking Thrive Kidz to the next level when she serves. Dea also does a great job teaching at the kids level so the kids understand the lesson each week and leave the classroom knowing the key point and that Jesus loves them. Thank you Dea for all that you do for Thrive Kidz! #thrivechurchmi #teamthrive #voluneersrock #volunteeroftheweek #savedpeopleservepeople
29 0
Volunteer of the Week: Wanda Neel Ministry: Care & Counseling "Wanda Neel is an outstanding volunteer. Her roots at MRCC span decades and her love of people is contagious.One important things she does for our Care & Counseling ministry is keep track of when any of our members has a loved one pass on. Our ministry has a series of books about grief that we want our members to receive every three months in the year following the loss of an immediate family member. Wanda is the secret power behind making sure those books are mailed out at the right time in the year pertaining to each of those families' grief. Wanda has been involved in so many aspects of our church family’s life. This is just one way she fills a special role behind the scenes, and one of the reasons Wanda is one of my personal heroes of the faith." -Jenny Jones, Care & Counseling Director Thank you so much for volunteering, Wanda! If you're interested in volunteering or getting involved in one of our various ministries, please get in touch! And if you'd like to nominate someone for Volunteer of the Week, send us a message. #mrcc #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #serve #memorialroad #ministry #churchofchrist #careandcounseling
91 4
The volunteers at our Mission House are our Volunteers of the Week! FBC Okeechobee uses the Mission House for distributing food and clothing in our community to those in need, and that would not be possible without the selflessness of those that help run it every Monday and Wednesday from 9am-12pm. A huge thank you from all of us here at FBC Okeechobee! #VolunteerOfTheWeek
20 0
Happy Wednesday, we hope you are enjoying a snowy day out there! Today we'd like to give a shout out to Eric Grant - amazing volunteer, doggy daddy and rescue advocate. We feel very fortunate to have Eric on our side when it comes to meeting dogs, starring in our TV spots, as well as raising funds and awareness for our pups, and helping with lost dogs. He and his wife Cassandra have been a blessing of an addition to our lucky pup family! Thank you Eric for all that you do! #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #thankyou #rescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #rescueME
46 1
Hey Canvas, meet Anna! She serves with our preschoolers in Canvas Kids teaching our little ones about the incredible love of Jesus! Thank you, Anna, for making sure kids know that God loves them and so do we. You are our #volunteeroftheweek! #apartofthestory #VOW
63 1
PRESENTING... our VOLUNTEER of the WEEK ..🥁🎺🥁..!! ✨✨RHEANNON!!⭐️⭐️ Rheannon, thank you for being so committed to Friendship Circle! We appreciate all the times you come to programs even when times are busy! You are absolutely spectacular! THANKYOU❤️#volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #weloveourvolunteers #friendshipcirclewi🎉😊👏👍
29 4
Shout out to @ticktockbang3 for being our volunteer of the week! She has been a huge help with sound on Sunday’s. She also helps out with the women’s ministry and Daniels life group. Thank you for all you do! #volunteeroftheweek #helpinghands #h2ocincinnati
28 1
The Volunteer Of The Week is Sam! Sam serves in Thrive Kidz on Sunday Morning in the Toddlers room at 10:15. She has a such a sweet smile to welcome every child that enters the class each Sunday, and she really takes the time to show love to the kids each week. Sam makes sure that the kids feel important and welcomed until their parents come back to pick them up. It takes special people to work with this age group. Thank you Sam for your heart for kids, and for being so amazing and working with in the Toddlers room each week. We love having you on #teamthrive! #thrivechurchmi #volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #stepup #savedpeopleservepeople
39 1
Volunteer of the week goes to Mark. Thank you for all you do for H2O and a huge thank you for picking the staff up from the airport. #helpinghands #volunteeroftheweek #hottestcollegeinamerica
35 1
This is Janna who has been working tirelessly to organize the upcoming women’s retreat! Amongst other thing Janna does for this church, we really appreciate the time and effort she puts in to make women’s retreat a fun and meaningful experience! #volunteeroftheweek #mcivorchurch #mcivormovement
31 2
For 30 years, Fred Van Iten has volunteered in the Age 2 room. Every week, 2 year olds and their families can expect to give Fred a "high five" or a hand shake. Fred makes sure that everyone in the age 2 room feels welcomed and safe when they come in. His impact is so significant that parents and kids alike notice when he is not in Promiseland. We're so grateful for Fred and the hundreds of other volunteers that help to make Promiseland a special place every weekend! #promiselandwccc #heretoserve #volunteeroftheweek #therealmvps #willowcreekcc
100 7
Meet our volunteers of the week, Zack and Nataleigh Carscaddon! Zack and Nataleigh lead our high school & middle school small group and serve on our Next Steps team. They love to come up with new fun activities to make sure everyone is included! Thank you for all you guys do! #yourock #thankyou #makingadifference #volunteers #volunteeroftheweek
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Today we celebrate a wonderful long-time volunteer, Mary MacKay. She has fostered, saved and rehabilitated so many animals that have needed her. She has been a huge help to shelters, local surrenders, and rescue cuties. Mary's own balanced pack works hard to help any new dog that comes along in their medical and behavioral needs and her endless patience pays off. Thank you, Mary, for being part of the Lucky Pup team! #luckypuprescue #thankful #thankyou #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #rescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptmaine #mainerescue
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Hey Canvas!! Meet Denise! She serves on our Guest Services team and has the sweetest spirit and every time you see her, you will see her bright smile! Thanks Denise for serving our guests so well! You are our #VolunteeroftheWeek! #VOW #apartofthestory
39 0
Has the New Year have you looking for something fulfilling? Have you considered volunteering towards a worthy cause? Consider becoming an Office Mom or Dad and help ease the transition for children entering foster care. Link in our bio for more info ❤️
19 1
On any given weekend, you might see elementary leaders like Kes Mahla volunteering in one of our rooms. Kes serves faithfully with our Promiseland kids and does it so well. She's is always willing to step in and do whatever is needed to serve the kids and leaders that she's with weekly. Helping to lead a small group, greeting kids as they come into the room and co teaching the Bible story of the day are just a few of the many skills that Kes brings to the Age 3 team. Kes is a rockstar leader! Whether you are in 3rd grade, in college, a parent or a retiree, there is a place for you in Promiseland. We love people who are willing to invest in the life a precious child! Email us at if you're interested In joining our team. #promiselandwccc #volunteeroftheweek #heretoserve #willowcreekcc #1timothy412
65 1
We love our volunteers. Thank you for the way you serve, Michele! _ #Repost @promiselandwccc ・・・ Michele Whitehead is a FANTASTIC small group leader in our Grade 2/3 room. Recently Michele saw two boys who were a bit overwhelmed with being in Promiseland. Not only did Michele approach these boys right away, before she got them connected with the right group, she prayed with them and made them feel welcomed and comfortable in Promiseland. The two boys stayed and enjoyed their first Promiseland experience because of the love and care that was shown by Michele. Every weekend, Promiseland has amazing volunteers who are changing the world, one kid at a time. We're always looking for more great people to love and care for our kids. For more info on how you can get involved, email us #promiselandwccc #volunteeroftheweek #willowcreekcc #heretoserve #loveeveryonealways
288 3
Michele Whitehead is a FANTASTIC small group leader in our Grade 2/3 room. Recently Michele saw two boys who were a bit overwhelmed with being in Promiseland. Not only did Michele approach these boys right away, before she got them connected with the right group, she prayed with them and made them feel welcomed and comfortable in Promiseland. The two boys stayed and enjoyed their first Promiseland experience because of the love and care that was shown by Michele. Every weekend, Promiseland has amazing volunteers who are changing the world, one kid at a time. We're always looking for more great people to love and care for our kids. For more info on how you can get involved, email us #promiselandwccc #volunteeroftheweek #willowcreekcc #heretoserve #loveeveryonealways
58 6
Happy Thursday! We hope you had a happy holiday season and are enjoying this crazy weather! Today we would like to recognize a volunteer who is so special to us. Jackie Covino and her growing family are great volunteers and supports of our rescue and excellent animal and rescue advocates. Their precious human daughter is our newest Junior Volunteer and they have been foster parents, adopted twice from us and support our rescue at every turn. We are so happy Jackie’s family found us, and we are proud to have her as a part of our LPR family. #luckypuprescue #thankyou #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #rescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #happythursday #lprfamily
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Calling out to the #TacomaWA area!! We would like to ring in the new year by refurbishing the #childwelfare office visitation rooms for children who spend time there. We are in need of new or gently used toys, books, and art supplies. Please contact Kristy at 253 260 0317 if you wish to #donate ❤️
28 1
Meet our volunteer of the week, Colleen Jaegar! Colleen serves our Life Kids team and is one of the first people you see when you come to Life Kids check in. She makes sure that all of the kids that attend Life Kids has a safe, fun, and clean place to enjoy while parents are in our Experience. Thank you Colleen for all that you do! #vol#volunteereweek #volunteer #yourock #thankyou
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Ben is Valley's Volunteer of the Week! Ben serves in many capacities at Valley; he serves as a High School guys small group leader with Unleashed, serves on the parking team, and helps with other needs at Valley including events and giving talks. He has the heart and obedience to step up and serve to meet any need that arises, and he always does it with a pun in hand and another one on deck. Thank you, Ben, for being a great role model not only for the High School students at Valley Church, but for all of us who see your faithfulness in action week in and week out! #valleychurchmi #unleashedstudents #volunteeroftheweek #punderful
28 4
We’re thankful for our volunteer team leaders! Matt leads one of our usher teams who show the love of Jesus by seating guests, answering questions, welcoming others, and collecting our offering. Thanks Matt, for the way that you lead! You are our #VolunteerOfTheWeek!
55 1
Happy New Year 🎊🎆
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Meet our volunteer of the week, Justin Johnson! Justin serves on our Load in/out team and our Guest Services team. Each week he helps set up, opens the door for you as you come in, and greets everyone with a smile who comes to LifeSpring. Thank you Justin everything you do! #volunteeroftheweek #thankyou #yourock #helpful #awesome #doesitall #hardworker
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PRESENTING... our VOLUNTEER of the WEEK ..🥁🎺🥁..!! ✨✨BEN IOFFE!!!Ben, we really CANNOT thank you enough for all the amazing volunteer work you do for FC!! There really is no one like you, and we really appreciate all you do! How lucky are we to have you part of our FC!! #volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #weloveourvolunteers #friendshipcirclewi🎉😊👏👍
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Harli Rhoads of Paris, Illinois - Volunteer of the Week Harli Rhoads is a sophomore at Paris High School and has been a volunteer for Christmas for Kids of Edgar County for several years. She volunteers in many capacities with Christmas for Kids from fundraising, organizing, shopping, wrapping and delivering gifts. She is definitely an awesome role model for the younger generation to see how important it is to serve others in their community. To learn more about volunteers like Harli or to nominate a volunteer visit #VolunteerOfTheWeek
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Happy Holidays from all of us to all of you!
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Our latest two volunteers of the week are (left to right) Joe and Bill. Joe takes two shifts every week, and Bill has held the same Thursday afternoon shift for 7 years now. We are so very grateful for all that these two give. Thank you! #volunteeroftheweek #riverwestcoop #thankyou
33 1
The Volunteer Of The Week is Elizabeth! Elizabeth has been serving in Thrive Kidz in the K-2nd class. She serves weekly in this class and is so amazing! She is always coming up with new ideas to make the class run more smoothly. Elizabeth is great being with the kids. You can tell when you see her in the room each Sunday, that she has a huge passion to tell the kids about Jesus. Thank you so much Elizabeth, for all that you do at Thrive, and to help kids find and follow Jesus! You’re amazing!! #thrivechuchmi #teamthrive #volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #stepup #savedpeopleservepeople
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This week's Volunteer of the Week is Jake! Jake serves consistently with the Worship team at Valley in a variety of capacities. Typically you will see him behind the drum kit keeping the energy high, but you'll also see him lead in a variety of other instruments. Jake is one of the most dependable volunteers on our Worship teams and constantly puts his desires, preferences, and conveniences aside to help provide the best experience for those worshipping with us for the first time or for years. Jake says this about anyone who is considering serving with the Valley Worship teams, "It's a great experience where you make good friends and are able to use the talent God gives you to help others connect." Thank you Jake for modeling selfless leadership in providing a space to worship God without abandon! #valleychurchmi #valleyworship #volunteeroftheweek #drummerflow
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Happy Wednesday! Today we celebrate our volunteer Rebecca Jalbert. Rebecca became a foster mom after adopting from us many years ago and we just LOVE when people stay in the Lucky Pup family after adopting, volunteering or meeting us at an event. Rebecca and her family are wonderful members of our team, and we are so grateful for all they do! Thank you for making your family a part of our LPR family! #luckypuprescue #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #thankyou #rescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #adoptmaine
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Meet our volunteer of the week, Cherie Johnson! Whether it is serving food at an event or greeting you as you come in the door, Cherie is always there making you feel welcome. Thank you Cherie for making everyone who comes to our church feel like they belong. #vol#volunteereweek #thankyou #welcoming #yourock #volunteer #serving
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PRESENTING... our VOLUNTEER of the WEEK ..🥁🎺🥁..!! ✨✨ELLIE SPRINKMANN!!✨✨ Ellie, we can’t thank you enough for your dedication and care you have for your Special Friend!! She is so lucky to have you as a friend and role model!! Keep being your amazing self!!#volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #weloveourvolunteers #friendshipcirclewi
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Did you know every week we have a medial team that is ready to jump into action in case of an emergency? We are so grateful for their expertise and dedication to serve others! And this is Kim, one of our Medical Team members! And today she is our #VolunteeroftheWeek! Thanks Kim for the way you Love God, Love People and Serve Others! You are a #DifferenceMaker! #VOW #apartofthestory #SundayMorningHero
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Volunteer of the Week Lori Acree of Danville, Illinois Lori Acree and Puzzled Minds of Vermilion County each year offer a unique Santa experience to children that otherwise might not be able to meet Santa. Puzzled Minds-Vermilion County is a support group for families and professionals of children and adults with emotional and developmental special needs. A trip to see Santa Claus at a crowded mall can be overwhelming for any family, but it can be near impossible for children with special needs. The “Sensory Santa” at Immanuel Lutheran Church experience began five years ago, initially for children with autism. Since then they have expanded this opportunity to kids who have an array of developmental and mental health needs. Instead of waiting in line, families schedule an appointment to meet and take photos with Santa Claus. When they first arrive for their appointment, they can make Christmas crafts and eat snacks in a separate room. They provide a sensory friendly environment, so that means there won’t be any loud music playing or bright blinking lights. Children with autism are often sensitive to sounds and lights. This year 29 families signed up for an appointment with Santa, ranging in age from 2 to 16 years. Once in the room with Santa, the photographer takes photos of them interacting naturally rather than forcing a hurried pose. Each child can take as long as they need to warm up to him. The room is quiet with soft natural lighting. This free event is possible because of wonderful volunteers. They all are either special education teachers in Vermilion County, or members of the Puzzled Minds group. Acree shared how special it is to see the children interact more and more each year. “We’ve not had one unsuccessful visit,” she said. “If anything, we’ll have tears of happiness.” To learn more about volunteers like Lori or to nominate a volunteer visit Serve.Illinois.Gov/#VOTW #volunteeroftheweek
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Our ✨volunteer of the week✨ is Tiffany Beeson! Tiffany was a member of our first graduating class of volunteer training back in the spring of 2017. She is an absolute joy to be around and gives the best hugs! Her favorite part of being a volunteer is supporting her fellow volunteers in their ministry here at Azar House, as well as the comaraderie she experiences with our staff and clients. Something funny about Tiffany you may not know? She wanted to be a pianist for a cruise ship when she was younger!
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The Volunteer of the Week is Michael! Michael serves as part of the First Impressions team. His heart for serving is amazing! Michael greets people at the doors and serves with such an energetic attitude. He’s always willing to run out and hold umbrellas for people walking in when it's raining, and hold the welcome signs to greet people as they come in. Thank you so much Michael for stepping up and serving! We love to see youth like you be an example for others to get involved. You’re amazing and we love having you as part of #teamthrive! #thrivechurchmi #volunteeroftheweek #volunteersrock #stepup #savedpeopleservepeople
45 1
Bridgette is our latest #volunteeroftheweek from the cafe! She's been consistently kicking butt in the kitchen for a while now, and we could not do it without her. #youredoingit #sweatequity #volunteerrun #riv#riverwestcoopcafe #riverwestcoop #mkecoops #thankyou
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Volunteers of the Week: Cindy Hoover & Becky Lidia Ministry: Children’s Ministry - The Buddy Program We have been volunteering with the special needs ministry for the past 9 years. One of the primary functions of this ministry is the buddy program. We coordinate volunteers to be a buddy with kids that have special needs and could benefit from having a one on one volunteer with them in bible class. The buddy program allows kids to have a more meaningful class time experience and it also allows their parents/caregivers the ability to attend their adult bible class, teach or to be involved in other ministry opportunities. Please contact Memorial Road if you have a child or know of child who could benefit from this program or if you would like to volunteer to be a buddy. It is a blessing and a privilege for us to work with this ministry. Thanks for volunteering, Cindy and Becky! #mrcc #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #serve #memorialroad #ministry #churchofchrist #journeyland #childrensministry #buddyprogram
132 4
This weeks #Vol#VolunteerOfTheWeek is Eva, 1st year BLC Spanish student. “In my first gap year I went to Trujillo in Peru through Global Contact and worked 3 months as a teacher for both young children and adults. Before that I was a month in El Salvador with 20 other Danish people where we went through workshops and courses on how to be a volunteer. Furthermore, we were able to practice/learn Spanish. It was a great experience where we also had the opportunity to see the living conditions under which people were living in El Salvador. We were 5 people going to Peru to volunteer where we lived with a host family. There, we were really able to practice our Spanish. The connection we had with the children in the schools was amazing, we had to plan the lessons ourselves which was so much fun. I had the best host family who were so friendly and really tried to include me in their everyday life introducing me to their friends and family. The time in Peru was amazing and the other volunteers and I went travelling to the jungle during the Easter holiday and making day trips to many attractions in the area. After we were done volunteering we all went backpacking, some together and others separately. Altogether it was a great experience where I met some really amazing people, got an insight in how people across the Atlantic live, found out that I am able to backpack alone in South America and many other things. I would really love to return to Peru soon. #hastalaproximaPerú #VolunteerOfTheWeek #cbsvolunteering #cbsmeansmore
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Today we have a two for one volunteer post! We are so grateful for Robin Kerr (left) who is a wonderful volunteer, foster mom, and now Lucky Pup adopter (Bandit is front and center in this great photo). On the right is Dawn Morse, also a LPR foster mama, volunteer and three time adopter of ours. Thank you, ladies, for being part of our Lucky Pup family! #luckypuprescue #thankyou #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #res#rescue #adoptdontshop #rescue #rescuedismyfavoritebreed
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Starting today, Valley Church is going to recognize a volunteer each week that goes above and beyond expectations to help people feel connected to others and known by God in the area that they serve. Our FIRST EVER Volunteer of the Week is Mara! Mara has been serving as a part of the Valley Kids team. She leads the kids in large-group, in the toddler room, and really in any space that is needed to provide the best environment. She fills the gaps in any area that is needed for the team! We are thankful that our kids at Valley Church have a role model like Mara that they can look at as a Middle Schooler to show what loving Jesus looks like! Mara says this about Valley Kids, "My favorite thing about serving in VK is that you really get to connect and hang out with so many kids and grow closer to God." Thank you Mara for all that you do and for being a part of the Valley Kids team! #valleychurchmi #valleykids #volunteeroftheweek #middleschoolerforthewin
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Volunteers of the Week: Juan and Carla (and their son Javier) played a key part in the Children's Closet shopping trip. They meticulously picked sizes and styles of clothes and shoes for each kid. They really have a heart for the ministry to children and families in need. #ClosetAtCVCC #MissionsAtCVCC #CasaViewCC #VolunteerOfTheWeek
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Meet our volunteer of the week, Nicole Goins! Nicole did a fantastic job planning for our Generosity Feeds event. She is instrumental in helping LifeSpring make a difference in the lives of people in Smithfield and beyond. Thank you Nicole for all of your hard work! #thankyou #volunteeroftheweek #yourock #awesome #hardworker
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Our #VolunteerOfTheWeek is Suzy! Suzy might have finals next week, but that didn't stop her from coming by last week to make calls to let our community know to vote #NoOnTheRecall. Fortunately, we're just down the street from CSUF. Go Titans!🐘
49 1
Our Guest Services teams play a huge part in making the Sunday experience at Canvas so special! Max is a volunteer on one of those teams. From greeting you with a handshake or hug, to providing you with any assistance you might need, volunteers like Max show everyone the love that Canvas is all about! Thanks for all that you do, Max. You are our #VolunteerOfTheWeek!
35 0
For the past year, Madison Buckman has been one of Promiseland's rockstar high school volunteers. Every Sunday, you can find Madison in the Age 4/5 room, greeting kids at the door, leading her red 4 group, and making the 9am experience AWESOME for every kid and leader that she comes in contact with. Because of Madison's faithfulness, passion and dedication to Promiseland, there's never a shortage of kids and parents who want to be apart of Madison's thriving small group. We're so grateful for you, Madison! #promiselandwccc #heretoserve #volunteeroftheweek #weloveourvolunteers
54 1
Partnering with @sowingroots to support #fostercare
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Volunteer of the Week: Jon Price Ministry: Journey Land Jon and his family have been volunteering in Journey Land for several years in various capacities. Recently, Jon began working in Journey Land doing some carpentry work. “I enjoy doing the "behind the scenes" type work and to be a part of Journeyland is definitely something special… One project turned into two and finally into a several week long project of renovating all the theater sets and building some new ones and fixing bookshelves in rooms…” Thanks for volunteering, Jon! If you’re interested in getting involved with our ministries, or would like to nominate someone for Volunteer of the Week, send us a message or give us a call! #mrcc #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #serve #memorialroad #ministry #churchofchrist #journeyland #childrensministry
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Our “stop-and-read-this-instead-of-studying” #Vol#VolunteerOfTheWeek is Jakob, 1st year BLC Spanish student. Good luck wit "Last year I traveled to Latin America and volunteered with Ubelong. I lived in Mexico for 4 months and worked in a daycare/therapeutical center for disabled people. I worked closely with the staff, families and of course the “niños”. Mental and physical disabilities are still a very unadressed topic in most Latin-American countries and the care-taking sector is severely underfunded, depending on volunteers’ help! I lived with other volunteers who worked in many of the other projects Ubelong has established there. I then worked in Costa Rica for 3 months in a rehab-center for drug addicted youth (Hogares CREA). I helped in the offices and with the coordination of group therapies and communal events, cooked, and went fundraising. Once I had gained the boys’ trust, I started doing therapy sessions with them myself and even gave German and guitar classes! While the experience was pretty rough at times, I could really see how I was able to make a difference in the guys’ day to day life at the center. Finally, I took of to Ecuador where I worked in a sustainable agriculture and conservation project on the Galapagos Archipelago. We lived and worked on a very desolate natural reserve and did reforestation, conservation, deforestation etc. Another important part was also the education of the communities on sustainable farming practices and the development of a common, self-sustaining food supply on San Cristobal Island. All the different people, surroundings, communities, cultures have impacted me immensely. It’s hard to describe what I experienced. Looking back, it was the best year of my life and I’m going to go back to visit my old work places and the people there as soon as possible. It has definitely changed my perspectives on a lot of issues and actually motivated me to study BLC at CBS! Feel free to write me if you have any questions and want to hear more about the individual projects." If you want to get involved in promoting volunteering and sharing your stories, contact us and be the next #VolunteerOfTheWeek #cbsvolunteering #cbsmeansmore
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Meet our Volunteer of the Week, Chris Lassiter! He serves on our Load In/Out team and just joined our Band as the bass player! Chris always arrives early, ready to help make our Sunday Morning Experience awesome. Thank you Chris for all that you do! #volunteer #volunteeroftheweek #thankyou #yourock #differencemaker
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Volunteer of the week goes to the wonderful Teslim. For his commitment, hard work and invaluable translation skills during our farmer training 👏Congratulations👏 #vso#vsoria #vso #vsoics #gwada #impactgwada #volunteeroftheweek #ics4change #farmertraining #agriculture
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