Junior's room F I N A L L Y completely stripped. It took a heat gun to get several layers of paint off this door frame! Can't wait to start decorating post-plasterer next week! . . . #renovationlife #victorianrenovation #terracehouse #doingupthehouse #cornerofmyhome #thisismyhouse #victorianhome #diy
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Sry for posting late,bt be lated happy birthday to this incredible woman @sarayaknight1910 , bcoz of her we have @realpaigewwe we all rampaigers love you mam 😘😘 #Paige #paige #wwe #wwepaige #paigewwe #ram#ram#rampaiger> #rampaige #rampaiger #wewantpaige #wemissyoupaige #antidiva #pto #selenagomez #sasha #saraya #sarayajadebevis #screamforme #teampaige #thepaigeempire #thinkagain #thisismyhouse #raw #wwelive #sdlive #wweglamsquad #johncena
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【P r o m o t i o n】 ➵ Target(s); Natalya, Maryse and Becky Lynch. ❝I know I'm not like everybody else, but you better get used to me❞ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❦ ✘|| Let me correct myself, you're the least relevant out of all the division. That's exactly who you are. A lame excuse of a women wrestler. Natalya, Maryse and you are going to get real “tea time” from an original British Queen. This is my time to shine. They don't deserve to be any way near me or the Battle Royal. It doesn't matter if they are just three women on the match, maybe it can be five more, they are all on the same low level. I'm another thing. Another kind of power. Nothing ever seen before. That's why I have the fucking position I have right now. No one can handle me on the ring. I have three targets on my back, I ain't choosing. Throw them all to me. I'm not one of the frauds that needs help. I have never been. I do what I have to do and that was enough, it was always like that. AJ Lee is going to face me. Ain't no way, ain't no fucking way one of them will take the most precious opportunity away from me. The day I lose it it will be the day I die. The only way to have a chance of success on the “RAW” division it's to kill me. I ain't letting anyone succeed. It's my time. My era. Last one thing. This goes to those three wannabes. Unlike you three, I didn't get here because everyone thinks I'm «cute» or because I came for some famous wrestling family. Yes, I have blood on my name but they didn't help me to get the position I have and y'all know that very well, right Natalya? Last but not least, I didn't get here because of how I look, my physic. Ain't not time for that, right blonde wannabe Bella? Maryse is just the lost Bella. Equals. Dumb, without skills but still haves job because of her body. Same old shit. Now that I made myself clear, the future haves to get prepare and update her “Bitch killer mode”. One thing is for sure a fact. At the end of the day, I'll be the wimner and RAW will still be MY HOUSE! #NGCEntertainment #Paige #ThisIsMyHouse.
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Taking pride in my studio, keeping it nice and clean as it should be!!! #9roundlakemerritt #510#510boxing #510 #thisismyhouse
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#reluctanthost #forcedfriends #auntielife #thisismyhouse #catsincontrol @jchow @mckenna.connor Can I come on the bed? No? Ok. I'll just be over here.
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Saw this behemoth as I was cleaning😫 #ihatespiders #thisismyhouse #getoutnow
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【S o c i a l M e d i a】 ➵ Target(s); N/A. ❝I guess they need me to show them what's up❞. ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━❦ ✘|| Brilliant, absolutely wonderful! The “NXT: Takeover” official poster is finally here! Obviously the face of the company have to be in there. Me! Along with Seth Rollins and Fin Bálor. Don't miss “Takeover” this Saturday. I'm going to prove everyone why this is my house! You'll scream for me. #LabrinthNXT #Paige #ThisIsMyHouse.
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