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(Swipe left for thumbnails!) WATCH MY WHOLE @avn EXPERIENCE NOW!! ~ Click the Link in my profile to view my video playlist and please subscribe to #SecretLifeofaCamgirl and turn on your notifications ❤️ #TheYearOfContent Shout Out to EVERYONE who helped make my week special!!
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I was told I don’t take enough selfies ... Idk they always feel strange Hahahaha But HERE #yourewelcome 🤣🙌🏽
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🙏🏽💕 My mental illness stops me from finishing a lot of things I’ve started, like a brick wall Im constantly at odds with following through and being consistent 💔 THIS year I’m going to push myself more then ever to finish the amazing projects and ideas that I have started and wrote down🙌🏽 I know I can do this! 💓 #TheYearOfContent 💓
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Creation in the making #theYearOfContent #bigplans Big mahalos to @rpm_neil for trusting me with some of your content! #tkamimurablades #forgedinfirechampion #ToyMunkee
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I’m so proud of this man right here. Please start your new year off right by listening to this amazing artist, this is only the beginning, with soooo much more content from not only him but every talented member of my team coming soon! #TheYearOfContent #WotW #RollInPeaceChallenge 🎙: @ralf_ose 📷 : @hworkman_art 🎛 : @spaceman_spiffy_
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My small group is so crafty! Our words of the year have been shared and crafted. We are ready for an intentional year of study and prayer. #smallgroup #theyearofcontent #craftyfriends
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Shoutout to my fam mane! ❤️ When they hit you and ask you to show up! YOU SHOW TF UP! 💪🏽 . This one was fun, dope way to start the year! Moving in the right direction! 😎 . Choreo: @seanbelike @sharnellyounger Got @j.scottofficial on the 🎥 #kgdynasty #dynastymuvmint #theyearofcontent
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Me: I feel like making a video. 🤔 Cece: Ok I’m down. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Me: Say less. 😎 . Nothing conceptual at all about this. #pressplay 😌 . 🎵: @sza - #quicksand Choreo: @sharnellyounger & yours truly . 💃🏽: @_ohheyitscece 🎥: @j.scottofficial Edited by: @swg.graphix 💁🏽‍♂️ . #whenseanandnellycollab #andthenceceslays #whilejustinshoots #magiciscreated #kgdynastymuvmint #theyearofcontent #moretocome #staytuned #dancelife
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Obligatory new year quote. Purging, cleaning, and organizing and it feels so good.
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Hosting @_dwhpp Art Party was litt, huge success and great blessings to start this #BlackHistoryMonth #IssaArtParty #2017 #TheYearOfContent #VandalOnTheMic #LitLikeVic #DrinksByDez #dwhppandfriends Cc: @dj_vicb @dezzydez0302
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I'm sharing a really long 2015 recap on the blog today. I've been doing these celebratory posts now for five years and am so glad I've stayed consistent with my efforts. Looking back at how my business, marriage, faith and relationships have all grown in different ways has been so sweet and fruitful. The link to the post is in my profile. Whatever you're up to tonight, whatever kind of year 2015 was or whatever you're feeling heading into tomorrow my prayer is it's full of joy, stillness, the unseen and simplicity; that's what I'm hoping for. I'll see you all in the new year sweet friends xoxoxo #theyearofcontent #hgeliving And @thegracefulhost thank you so much my friend for the timely and thoughtful gift for #sweetbabybosse! The scripture is so perfect in this time of waiting on His perfect timing. We are eagerly waiting for our chance to put it to use soon. Only 11 days until our little guy's hopeful birth day! #everlyleona #everlyleonabosse
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Merry Christmas, friends. From our little tree and simple holiday to you! We went for a walk around the neighborhood in this bizarre weather (gotta get this little guy moving along because this big belly is no joke!), I took a three hour nap after our breakfast earlier which was wonderful, and now we are watching holiday movies before our annual homemade mac and cheese dinner with just the two of us. I can get use to this simplified sort of holiday celebration; it's been on of my most favorites so far. #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #sweetbabybosse #january2016baby #albieandzo #38weekspregnant
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Christmas here in our home this year has been a little different. There's admittedly been copious amounts of hot cocoa with marshmallow (craving it all day every day) and I'm content knowing I've sent out more holiday cards that my hands can count (if you got one I hope it brought you joy!) but we half decided and half unintentionally painted a different picture of what this season means for us. We skipped the decorations and instead have a small non decorated two foot tree in our living room. We decided to skip presents too and only do small stockings for another. We further decided to stay home this year close to church AND the hospital to spend our holiday just the two of us but mostly so we can savor this season in peace as we wait on the brink of change. There's two gifts around that little tree of ours and they are respectively for our niece and nephew yet they strangely feel like just enough. Our cat seat waits by the door along with our hospital bags while my belly measures at 40 weeks, my body aches all over and my heart learns to let go of plans and expectations and what I think I deserve or need. I've never felt so strangely calm and joyful yet terrified and unsure all at once. I took a little break from social media over the last 10 days to work the hardest I've ever worked to prep for my planned maternity leave (which starts tomorrow!) and to focus on going back to yoga, 'nesting' and being focused on my life and not the things in others. Being online can be so dizzying for me and that's ok to admit. I'm cool with being vulnerable. And you know what I realized? I've spent a good chunk of the last year letting a lot of the wrong things define me. More on that later when this little guy comes and I can process through it all. But while I haven't given any serious thought whatsoever to 2016 goals or my powersheets or how I can set the bar so high for myself as a new mama who craves to do it all perfectly but in a way that I ensure I won't fail (impossible I know), it's not lost on me that I'm on the edge of something monumental. Merry Christmas friends from my imperfectly festive heart and home to you! Sending you all love. #theyearofcontent xoxo
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Three things! 1. THANK you for watching my #periscope video today, guys! One day I will show you all my demo reels from my reporting days but for now you get the wedding designer/florist/simplicity obsessed mama to be Rhi on camera. I like her better anyway. Any periscope video topic ideas? I'm all ears! 2. If you missed the video and can't access it because an incoming call cut me off (silly dentist!) there's a blog post live now to go hand in hand with it. Guys, if you struggle with organization and productivity in your office then this is for you. You're worth the effort of being on top of your 'stuff' and making your day as productive as possible. I'm here rooting you on! Link in profile for the post. 3. It's that time of year where summer is holding on for dear life but fall is like, 'move over sister, I'm heerrrreee!' And sorry summer-lovers but this is the sweetest season of all. The leg warmers are on today, I'm switching to hot drinks over iced ones, and slowly but surely everything outside is changing. If you can visit the Midwest in autumn I highly suggest you make it a bucket list thing. #hgeliving #rhiscope #theyearofcontent #communityovercompetition
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I LOVE this time of year. It's a time of reflection for me as I often catch my breath and look back on my year of growth, lessons, hard work and successes. It's also when some of my favorite publications and online sources start sharing work from the year. I believe sharing our talents and endeavors with others is one of the best and sweetest rewards of this job. I'm so honored to be in the upcoming issue of Cottage Hill with an article and editorial on business and success as a woman. @kellysweetphoto and I had such a special evening photographing our contributions and from what I hear on who else is making the article what it is, it's pretty downright special. Preorder your issue today via the Cottage Hill website! Oh and there's a new blog post up over on heygorg.com today. Link in profile! #thepioneerissue #theyearofcontent Publication, Cottage Hill @cottagehillmag Photography, Austin Gros @austingros Model, Sadie Robertson @legitsadierob Hair and Makeup, Amanda Gros @amandapaigegros Dress, Jamie + The Jones @jamieandthejones Venue, Cheekwood Botanical Gardens @cheekwood Magazine Design, Creme Brands @cremebrands
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The beautiful and hard to believe it when you see it #cin#cinqueterre. Together with the Nelsons, Apb and I and hiked over two miles to soak up this view. I'm so glad we did even if every single person we walked past did double takes at the pregnant chick in the sun dress and pointed flats determined to make it to the top! In the bottom right hand corner is a cluster of blue and yellow umbrellas where we actually enjoyed lunch prior to our hike. It was a really hot, memorable, special, gelato-filled afternoon. We still aren't home yet after a four hour drive from Cinque Terre to Milan yesterday at 4:30 am, damaging our rental car pretty bad in the dark unlit parking ramp, a cancelled flight back to the U.S., separate seats on a rerouted red eye with me in the middle seat between two big dudes who didn't want to share their armrests and another overall rough airport experience. I swear I have the worst travel luck! We have our last three hour drive ahead of us now from Chicago to Grand Rapids are so grateful to be close to home at last. Being 'homeward bound' for almost 32 hours with swollen feet and just rude fellow passengers can be trying and frustrating and admittedly, made me feel a little irritable yesterday. But I'm learning that the things I often encounter in my travels are very mirrored to how I've been trying to view contentment and joy in my life over this past year. The imperfections give space for grace, the struggles give room for gratefulness. Our trip to Italy was more about savoring little moments of joy and happiness versus fighting hard to make it a perfect week long vacation of rest and relaxation. It was about serving others, thinking less about ourselves, and appreciating the diversity in our big world. Oh and Nutella. I officially reached my yearly Nutella quota this last week. In the meantime I'm looking forward to the return of toilet seats, ice cubes, salami free breakfasts, meals that don't include pasta, my iced lattes, regular outlets, the HGE studio and intentional work I have ahead of me, my own pillow and most of all, that sweet sweet pup of ours. #thebossesdoitaly #cinqueterre #theyearofcontent
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Remember that time I prayerfully dreamed up the idea to create an experience for women that would be different, an experience that would change businesses and lives and would create family and friendship and a sense of purpose for all involved? I do. Very clearly. I also remember wanting so badly to build a legacy with this dream so I could finally become a mama and teach my sweet babies about giving back to others, celebrating our differences, making milestones remarkable and living a life with balance and joy. This week the official trademark for my #workshopwithaheart was delivered to my door and while it's just a small detail in the grand scheme of things, it stands for so so much more. This workshop of mine isn't a 'thing' or the trendy cool thing to do or even my passion. I've learned in this season of tremendous change and growth it's my purpose. 4.0 is going to be oh so wonderful. #trouvailleworkshop #theyearofcontent
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With wedding season winding down here at HGE, I have been getting ready to transition back to Sundays and Mondays off in the studio (Mondays are still working days for the next month with two big events and two #rhispeaks trips left this year!) The main reason is when we go go go all day, every day, week after week we leave no room for rest, family, recovery, or play. And I don't know about you but those four things there are some of my faves. After a nice morning at church, a mid afternoon date with @andrewbosse, a little time at the gym (finally!), preparations to make it an intentional week (setting up my office for tomorrow and tidying up the house/finishing laundry) and my favorite, a bit of work in #sweetbabybosse's nursery, I'm ready to fall asleep at peace tonight with this hubs by my side, babe in my belly and pup at my feet. For me, feeling like I'm spread too thin or running around like a silly chicken with my head cut off most certainly leads to anxiety. And I'm not going to pretend I like the 24/7 hustle anymore. There's a time and place for that and it's not in my heart or home at every waking moment. I don't want to glorify busy or have my hands in so many pots I look like I'm a big deal or worse, start to think I am. I want to love and live much more simply, I want to simplify my soul and head, I want to streamline my priorities and find myself sitting here with extra time on my hands to do a little bit more of what lights up my life. I want to feel bored and not feel guilty about it. I want more of less if that makes any sense. There's a new blog post up on week 33 of my quest for joy and contentment this year and I have to say it's at that point in the year where I can tell big strides have been made over the past eight months. Heart changes are never easy and are often pretty messy but they are worth it! I hope that whatever is on your plate tonight it includes a bit of rest and grace with yourself. (Rug shown in picture is from Home Goods and is gracing the floor in our babe's nursery; isn't it lovely?) #theyearofcontent #dayofsabbath #intentionalliving #seasonofchange
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Tonight this happened from the #bossesfrontporch. Apb and I watched in silence together in awe at His creation. The sky is somewhat similar to where my heart has been lately; all sorts of the unexpected, changing with the seasons, beautifully chaotic in a simple way. Taking a little social media break to refresh and rest heading into the second half of my wedding season and the end of the year before our sweet son makes his debut. Above all else I'm overwhelmed with gratitude today for this life. Be well my friends xoxo #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #puremichigan #sunset
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The best part of my day is a fresh morning start, a hot cup of home brewed coffee (I've started to finally like the taste again and with the #contentmentchallenge it's all home brewed around here!), time with my husband before work and my newest book 'The Approval Fix' and of course a full day ahead of digging into my task list of intentional work with my clients and final wrap up prep for the @trouvailleworkshop in less than five sleeps! I won't pretend that juggling a lot can be a balancing act because life has felt truly and admittedly really hard lately but today my heart and mind feels grateful for all the blessings The Lord has brought into my life. He is truly so good. Oh and I've started to listen to spa music in the #hgestudio to feel a little more focused and centered. That paired with a eucalyptus scented oil diffuser is making this mama feel like she's at a Sandals all inclusive. Ha! Pick one thing you're grateful for today and let me know why below. I have a little something to send to one random person who comments 💙 #theyearofcontent #seekhim #gratitudewins #zoefrancine #trouvailleworkshop
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Side of the highway wild foraged sweet peas for the win! Also I'm prepping for the busiest three weeks of my life starting yesterday so if I'm MIA from email for a bit I will be back! Also, there's a new blog post up. Also please say a prayer for rest and peace in my life this week haha #everydayimhustlin #hgeblooms #justkeepswimming #theyearofcontent
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The sunset from the #bossesfrontporch a few nights ago goes hand in hand with the new blog post up today. #theyearofcontent link in profile!
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My favorite way to start the day and feel productive? Make our bed. Sometimes it looks really pretty like today and other times it's just a matter of throwing the blankets up and pillows to the wall before running out to a meeting but it does wonders for me (and @andrewbosse has even admitted how nice our room looks when we tidy up together!) There will be more on the blog in the next few weeks about my morning routine and how it has helped me find and fight for joy and contentment. #theyearofcontent #interiordesign #namastayinbed #whiteonwhite #morningslikethese #hgeliving
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What Sunday looked like. ☀️ Making the family choice to go social media free and remain unplugged on Sundays has been the best decision ever. Longer conversations, giggles, hand holding and even naps! Such a fun day spent at Typhoon Lagoon followed by a family supper feast that was cooking in the crock pot the whole time. PS: it's super fun catching up with all of you on Mondays! *wink #meandthemister #sundays
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A few years ago I went to a lovely floral workshop with an out of the ordinary motivator. My main goal in attending was secretly to learn to make smaller bridal bouquets except I never told anyone this (it seemed so silly!). At the time, I noticed a trend with my florals; I would always add and add and add to my bouquets until they ended up being these ginormous bunches of blooms. And I would get remarks from people on how the bouquets I created were 'too' big and how they were very 'unrealistic' and guess what? I started to feel like a flawed artist. But THEN! I realized, florals bring me and just about every other person I know, so so so much tremendous joy. My life surely changed the moment I decided to tackle this as my career so regardless of how I did things and how they make be a little different, why would this even matter? To think my florals are too big is a little like saying there's too much joy in the world. There can never be enough joy. So today I'm embracing my style, being me, doing things my way and feeling very content about it. // This creation is off into the hands of the beautiful and expecting @ashleyslaterphotography today for her maternity shoot with @emilyjane. Celebrate what makes you YOU. Happy Sunday, friends xoxoxo #hgeblooms #rsflowers #theyearofcontent #bigblooms
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Over 90 buds of #peony ready to burst open this week! Seems so silly but one of my dreams when we first built our home, was to have the entire side of our yard bursting with these beauties. Now with this being our fourth summer in our home, I can attest to the fact that no dream is too small. This is the stuff that brings me happiness! Check out my #hgeperiscope last night for a full tour of our garden, friends. #hgeliving #theyearofcontent
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Blacksheep quicksand rose for the win. Today has been a really good day. #hgeblooms #theyearofcontent #rainyfriday
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Our little back porch is ready for summer! Hosting our neighbors for dinner tonight with a menu of mac and cheese brats (yes these exist and yes they are amazing), cucumber and dill chopped salad with white balsamic dressing, and baked spicy buffalo chicken dip with old school wavy potato chips. Also not pictured? Our fire pit and s'mores for dessert, the overhead italian bistro lights and our handy outdoor Bluetooth speakers for dinner beats. Who wants to come next week? We'd love to have you! #thebossepad #theyearofcontent #flashesofdelight #ikea #memorialdayweekend #puremichigan
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TGIF my sweet friends! Since it's the end of the week and there are some new faces around here I thought this was the perfect time to jump on board with #fridayintroductions. My name is Rhiannon (yes, just like the Fleetwood Mac song) but I go most often by Rhi (sounds like Ree) I'm a born and raised Canadian gal married to her handsome American college sweetheart. We live in West Michigan in our cozy first home with our pup Zoe but we have dreams and aspirations (and a financial retirement plan!) to spend our golden days in the South. We love to travel to tropical destinations, play board games with our friends, and love on others through dinner parties, volunteering and my favorite love language of all; surprises. Anyone who knows me well will tell you I'm fiercely sensitive, a little competitive and a who lot loving. I spend most of the time feeling like I'm a big weirdo :) Even though I have two journalism degrees, I own Hey Gorgeous Events, a boutique wedding planning, design and floral artistry business based here in Grand Rapids. It's a big part of my heart and soul and one of the best blessings of my life. My team and I serve only five clients a year and the majority of our clients are out of state and country. The constant excitement keeps me inspired. I also spearhead the @trouvailleworkshop, a tremendously unique four day hands on retreat experience for women in the wedding planning and design realm. It's totally awesome. I'm a total book worm, I have a soft spot for my 15 peony bushes around our home, and I'm incredibly low maintenance; sweats, a pony tail and no make up is how I most often can be found (despite the above photo!) I eat way too much pasta and too many donuts. I go to bed at a ridiculously early time but have a morning routine that I'm so excited to always look forward to. My biggest dream and the one thing most on my heart is to be a Mama to a healthy and happy babe one day. Oh and I have been on a journey this year to find contentment in the everyday and it's been a really satisfying process (more on my blog if you're interested!) Its nice to meet you! Tell me about you :) #theyearofcontent #hgeliving
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Sometimes I climb out to our roof to watch the sunset and it's so cliche and nostalgic of being a teenager but it brings me a lot of joy especially when the sky literally looks like a painting. I've been absolutely fighting for a renewed sense of contentment these past few months and all I have to say is the fight is worth it. Little by little. The stuff right in front of me is really wonderful. #bossesfrontporch #theyearofcontent #hgeliving
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I remember when I was little how every spring my dad would pull his truck over on the highway in the exact same spot as the year prior, next to the biggest and loveliest lilac tree I have ever seen. I would sit in the truck and watch him cut back only the prettiest and biggest blooms, branch after branch, before coming back to the truck with a huge smile on his face and a huge bundle of blooms in his arms. We would head home together and as soon as we walked in the door, my dad would gift those fragment purple and plum blooms to my mom. The flowers never lasted long (as I know all too well now as a florist and lilac forager myself) but that sweet memory has lasted forever. Tell someone you love how much they mean to you today. Happy Friday, friends xoxoxo #hgeliving #hgeblooms #zoegram #rsflowers #theyearofcontent #thebossesdospring
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Joy and contentment. Link in profile 💗 #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #springinbloom
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It's SUCH a beautiful day already. I'm working at the kitchen island for a change of scenery, drinking a little treat from @Starbucks (had a gift card; don't worry we are still going strong on our contentment challenge efforts!) and working like crazy to get things all done before my little brother gets here later for a three day visit. Also, May is going to be here in just about 5 minutes and there's a lot of good to look forward to as evident in my #simplifiedplanner. I just feel so at peace about a lot in my life right now despite so many things being far from perfect. Even in times of sorrow or in the shadow of obstacles, there's joy. If you read my blog you'll know I've been on a personal journey of contentment this year. The goal isn't to reach some status or achievement by December but to change the way I feel about and view this life I've been blessed with. The link in my profile is temporarily changed to go to a page of my posts I've written so far this year. Today is truly the first day where I've really felt a shift in joy in my heart and I honestly believe it's been through little steps that have added up to big ones. I hope anyone else who struggles with contentment or perfectionism can get there too. #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #contentmentchallenge #morningslikethese
1k 36
Oh just trying my very best to work my inner model for the incredible @kellysweetphoto. Thankfully she's pretty talented and I managed to look like half of a babe in the stunning scans she got back from her recent shoot. Thank you for the very sentimental evening my friend! #hgeliving #kellysweetphotography #theyearofcontent
1k 47
Last summer I bought a beautiful floor length cream gown online with the heartfelt plan to wear it this spring in a maternity session. And sometimes in life we get dealt a different hand than we want or expect. If you read my post last week you'll know our journey in starting our little family is going to take a little longer than we'd like. But you'll also know we're content with this season of our life and the tremendous perspective our shared heartache has provided. It was a beautiful spring day here in Michigan and I spent this evening with the talented and very sweet @kellysweetphoto putting my best model foot forward in front of her camera (it's laughable I swear!) But I wore THAT dress. And it was lovely. My friends I can tell you this; It is well with my soul. #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #joyinthestruggle #puremichigan #kellysweetphotography
1k 48
Still wanting to catch a little peek inside the #hgestudio? You're in luck babes! Tomorrow, it's you, me, some gorg photos from @sam_and_brad and a full office tour. Plus you can meet the gals behind the #hgeteam. Awesome. The joy I have in my heart tonight (plus the new meds the sweet urgent sweet urgent care nurse gave me for my severe bronchitis today) will I hope help me sleep like a baby xoxoxo #hgeblooms #hgeliving #dreamalittledream #flashesofdelight #theyearofcontent
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Sometimes at the end of one of the hardest weeks of your entire year, a little piece of paper can bring a whole lot of hope. This piece of paper represents three long and tiresome years of legal battles, frustrated tears, countless cease and desist letters and very impressive dollar signs. But it also represents the soul and passion and love and purposeful care I've put into this brand, and all it stands for over the past six years. Hey Gorgeous is finally an official trademark, guys. The lesson? Fight for what you love and don't give up. Ever. #hgeliving #theyearofcontent #trademarkofficial #tgifyall #heygorgeousevents
1k 87
Blessed. My little man is sick and I am checking on him every 2 hours to watch his fever. Even though I am scared and hoping to see his fever lower...I am reminded how blessed I am to be a mother. From years of fertility issues and then a trying pregnancy and a very hard delivery, I am blessed to have my little Grayson. #thestruggleisreal #realmomproblems #lovemygrayson #hewillalwaysbemylittlegreyfox #theyearofcontent #fertilityproblems #latenightfeverwatch
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Guys, can I please share a bit of something on my heart today? There's a lot (!) of people out there that do what I do and many, many of them do it better. It used to be a tough concept to wrap my head around but in my wiser years now (ha!) I can say I'm cool with that because that day I feel like I can't possibly learn anymore or improve as a woman or a business owner, will be when it's time to hang up my hat. And to get myself a reality check. Finding my way in life and business and creating my brand has been one of my life's greatest blessings. I wake up (most) days and genuinely feel EXCITED and admittedly even challenged at times to do what I do and do it all authentically. But THIS: If you're a creative and a business owner, new or seasoned, popular or undiscovered, I urge you to be original. It's so simple yet so truly difficult. But be you. If you have a workshop, a logo, a brand, a line of products, a style, an etsy shop, an editorial idea, or whatever, do your best to be original. Try to look within to find inspiration instead of finding it from others who do what you do. I say this from a place of encouragement and love not from an ugly place of sensitivity or hurt. Can you just imagine how incredible our creative realm could be if we all decided to hone in on what made us US, in our own words, in our own ways? Above all else, being YOU will help you reduce the risk of alienating yourself from others who work tirelessly to be original and authentic. And hey, we gotta stick together in this crazy creative world right? Just be you. Happy Monday, friends from my giant tub of blush trims, velvets and ribbons to you. It's getting real fancy over here! #hgeliving #hearttoheart #theyearofcontent #beoriginal
1k 109
Today's fab inspiration was found via @davidsunnock on display at @rowstercoffee. Almond milk lattes, wise words and the most handsome date by my side make the start of my weekend that much sweeter. Keep it real friends! #theyearofcontent #hgeliving
1k 29
My heart is right here today. The smell of the ocean is absolutely intoxicating. We live in such a truly wonderful world. #hgeliving #hgetravels #theyearofcontent #santabarbara
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The saying goes, when life gives you lemons you sit in the airport cafe and do work, or something like that, right? My airline oversold one seat on my 8 am flight this morning and guess which one person was denied boarding? And with an very understaffed gate the attendant forgot to ask the other passengers if anyone would like a voucher to give up their seat (as they are required to do). So after finally tracking down my luggage and sadly watching my plane roll away from my gate without me, I'm turning my early bummer of a morning into a positive by getting some stuff done before my late afternoon flight. I WILL get to LA by sunset! I must :) #hgeliving #theyearofcontent
792 55
Late night post of our project last weekend- we refinished my parents' buffet! This may or may not stay this color, but I'm glad for the facelift it's gotten. I could really write an entire blog post about the color grey and how complex it can be to select the right one!
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I said, 'You are my servant’; I have chosen you and have not rejected you. So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. -Isaiah 41:9 | Finding your calling can be tough, and sometimes you don't want the call you were given. (Been there, done that!) There will be times we try to make sense of where God has us in this point of our lives but we have to trust Him, for He is full of good. Praying that I dare say "yes" to His callings with a serving heart!
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This beautiful print from @gracelaced is just what was needed on this gloomy Thursday. #theyearofcontent #greyfoxphotographylove #lovemylife #bestillandknow
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Dear Rhi, thank you for being a boss(e) and baking this amazing paleo banana bread late last night so I would have breakfast in the car ride to Detroit today. Love, Rhi. #omyum #theyearofcontent #paleotreat #hgeliving cc: @paleomg
673 19