#TBT to a #June2015 wedding when two amazing people got married and my talented friend @khzen snapped this little photo. . #JenkinsWedding #summermemories
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"Non sono distaccata. È che non mi manca nulla, quindi per starmi vicino devi arricchirmi, altrimenti sto bene da sola." #summermemories #summer2017
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A fresh cast only means one thing 🎨
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Ah, it’s #throwbackthursday to late summer of this year when Dad made his wine🍷 This #labouroflove takes place every couple of years in September, or annually if supplies need replenishing! In fact, Dad’s special pure grape 🍇 brew has been making an appearance at the lunch and dinner table for as long as I can remember. We were always encouraged to drink small amounts with our meals but trying to do my school homework started becoming a challenge! Just like the tomato 🍅 passata, the whole family gets to enjoy Dad’s amazing wine. His three son-in-laws in particular are very partial to the potent plonk🍇😀 You’ve probably guessed but a word of warning; it’s not for the faint hearted! #winemaker #italianlife #benefitsofredwine
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