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Just a reminder☝🏼 I will be out of town from Dec. 28th till Jan. 2nd, so please make sure to book your Christmas and New Year’s eve haircut accordingly.
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What makes a better stocking stuffer? Gift certificates available in shop. Swing by and pick one up!
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“Sleighin” cuts all December. . *Reminder* The closer it gets to Christmas the harder it’s going to be to get an appointment. So be smart and book ahead!
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Cut and shave gift cards make a pretty good stocking stuff... just sayin’! Gift certificates are available!
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Sometimes you just get sick of it.
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Straight lines and smooth blends. . Barber: @ag_thebarber
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Start to finish on a bald temple taper. Just a small inside to what I do on a daily.
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Stand out. . Barber: @ag_thebarber (Alan Genter) . . For appointment inquiries please visit the website in our bio.
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Quality is our main priority.
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Books are open for the week! Use my booking website (link in bio) or contact me directly to book your appointment today.
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Never over look or speed through a step. Even something as “small” as a part line. Take your time, detail, and make everything perfect. Remember... “Your only as good as your last hair cut.”
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Saturday views from behind the chair . . For appointment inquiries please visit the website in my bio
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We want to take this day and thank every single client that has walked through our doors this past year. Thank you all so much for all the love and support! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you guys. Now let’s keep it rollin!✊🏼
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One year later... Big BIG thank you to everyone for supporting us from day one and making this possible🙌🏼 Cheers to many more years! #OneYearDown
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One year ago today I did something that totally changed my life. One year ago today I left my comfort zone, quit my job, and started my own business with these two guys. It was the best decision I have ever made. Words can not describe how grateful I am to be where I’m at today and how lucky I am to have such amazing loyal clients! NONE OF THIS WOULD BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT YOU GUYS!🙌🏼 This is just the beginning. #StudioOneBarberLounge
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Old school for the new school. . . For appointment inquiries please visit the website in our bio.
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Fully booked for the week. If you got left out and still need a haircut for Thanksgiving send me a text or message me.
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Don’t get left out for the holidays! Book ahead and stay ahead✌🏼 Just a few more appointment spots available next week, go grab yours before they’re all gone. . . Booking link is located in our bio.
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Extended hours for next week due to the holiday! Just a few more spots available so if you need a clean up for Thanksgiving hope on it or let me know asap!
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Booking is now LIVE for the remainder of the year!
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Don’t forget to schedule your Thanksgiving haircut appointment as soon as possible. Spots are limited and filling up fast! Link in our bio⬆️
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What side are you looking like right now?🤔 . . **Make sure you get your appointment before Thanksgiving! They’re going fast! Link in my bio has all the answers.
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*REMINDER* . Incase you missed the last post about prices changing, here is the updated price list starting NOVEMBER 20th. Thank you so much to all my clients for the continued support✊🏼
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*REMINDER* Prices will be changing on November 20th. Please keep that in mind for future appointments. Thank you so much for all the continued support! #QualityOverQuantity
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You see hair, I see art. . . . Books are up and open! Feel free to book your next appointment today. Website link is in my bio.
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#Repost @gopanache (@get_repost) ・・・ Pixie Cut on @pin_upprincess by @ag_thebarber at @stu@studio1barberge 👉swipe left Book your appointment today at #Studio1BarberLounge #thebusinessbarbers @Hair_Blender @studio1barber Featured in @THeBarberPost App #BookAppointment 📲👆👆
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Dali Hair
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Monday to Saturday. It’s what we do. . . For appointments please use the link in our bio.
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Books are open for the week. Go snag an appointment before they are all gone!
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Dry pomp | mid skin fade . . For appointment needs please visit our website or contact us directly.
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Dry pompadour | medium skin fade . . For appointments feel free to contact me personally or jump the line and book one yourself when using the link in my bio!
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Simple. Clean. Effective.
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Game 2 vibes in the shop✊🏼
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. Quality ________ Quantity
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Texture much? . . Don’t forget to get your appointment before they’re all gone! Link is in my bio or shoot me a message!
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Saturday views. . . For questions about appointments please visit the link in our bio or feel free to message us directly
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Daily.Grind. . . For questions about booking appointments visit the link in my bio or shoot me a message!
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Low maintenance, high quality. . . Barber: @hair_blender (Alexander Garcia)
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The proof is in the quality. . . Barber: @ag_thebarber (Alan Genter)
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A clean, well executed hair cut will never go out of style. Stay up on the trend. . . Barber: @hair_blender (Alexander Garcia)
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Stay ahead of the game! Books for next week are open and still have a few spots available! Make sure to use the link in bio or message me directly✊🏼
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"The toss back" . . Make sure to use the booking link in my bio or feel free to message me for any appointment needs.
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Attention to detail. . Barber: @ag_thebarber (Alan Genter) . Make sure you use the link in our bio or send us a message for appointments.
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Just a few spots left for the week. Booking website is in my bio📲
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Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there... stay in your lane & keep it moving! #HairBlender
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Back in the shop tomorrow til Saturday. Make sure you use the link in my bio to get your appointment!
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Whiskey Wednesdays. Pour a glass and chill..
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