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Low maintenance, high quality. . . Barber: @hair_blender (Alexander Garcia)
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The proof is in the quality. . . Barber: @ag_thebarber (Alan Genter)
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A clean, well executed hair cut will never go out of style. Stay up on the trend. . . Barber: @hair_blender (Alexander Garcia)
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Whiskey Wednesdays. Pour a glass and chill..
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Texture on texture. . Barber: @ag_thebarber (Alan Genter)
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Don't forget to book your appointment in advance. Use the link in our bio for any apportionment needs✌🏼 . Barber: @hair_blender (Alexander)
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Heavy texture on top creates a messy low maintenance style, paired nicely with a subtle 2 fade on the side and finished off with clean bald taper.
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It's more then a hair cut. It's a brand. A brand that represents quality, professionalism, and premium personalized hair cuts. Come see for yourself at our private cutting studio known as @studio1barberlounge
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