Now that we know that the recall election will take place the same day as the June primaries (June 5th), we need all hands on deck! The primaries are not far away, and now more than ever we need to spread the importance of voting #NoOnTheRecall. Not only is @senatornewmanca an incredible progressive representative that is fighting the good fight for us in Sacramento, but this recall was perpetuated through lies and big money with the attempts of buying back a seat that California Republicans lost fair and square in 2016. Please join us along with the Friends of Josh Newman Opposed to the Recall, @kdeleon , Toni Atkins, and countless of progressive clubs, organizations, and representatives on March 3 for the #ResistTheRecall campaign kickoff! Newman was OUR choice, he is OUR voice, and NO special interests have any right to take that away from us! See you March 3 馃憡馃徏
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One hour into our Resist the Recall Precinct walk and we have 9 Vote NO on the Recall Pledge cards. What an amazing day. #VoteNoOnTheRecall #ResistTheRecall #IPledgetoVoteNo #OurSenator #OurVote
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Getting ready to hit the doors for today's Precinct Walk to #ResistTheRecall. This overcast weather is perfect for canvassing!
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"Why are you here today?" Today, our volunteers shared their reasons for taking part in this campaign. Because Josh Newman has been our champion -- because the voters chose him -- because out-of-district corporate interests have no business telling us who our Senator is. We all have our reasons, but we have one goal: #ResistTheRecall and keep Josh Newman right where he is. That's why we're talking to voters and letting them know to #VoteNoOnTheRecall.
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