Celebrate new beginnings with Carat 55! Aren鈥檛 these charming necklaces perfect for blooming mothers and moms-to-be? Other than that, these also make as heartwarming charms to symbolise your siblings or even your partners! Give us a call at 6235 1155 or at 8223 5855 if you鈥檇 like to know more about them. #Carat55
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Sean & Rini Photo courtesy @louislimphoto
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Next day shenanigans from After the wedding. We had a blast! All we wanted was for each person to feel like an honored guest because we are so honored to have everyone we invited in our lives. I put all my heart into this wedding for the ppl that we love. #youwillnevergotoaweddinglikethisagain #promise
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You鈥檙e the one I've been with on late night drives while holding hands and singing along to the radio, to drive to the middle of no where, get stuck and look up at the stars while in each other鈥檚 arms, the one to kiss at red lights, the one to hold tightly in my arms, the one to go to coffeehouses with while having tired eyes, the one to be mine while I am yours. #blessed#thankful#promise 馃槍
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My daughter proposed to her boyfriend today. Yep, you heard that right. SHE did the asking and presentation of the ring - the symbol of a #promise. She knew I'd #proposed to her Father 34 years ago, so now a #tradition is born. Now He gets to create a #surpriseevent to ask her to marry him and give her a ring. #Traditional to a point. I hope he's better at orchestrating everything if he wants me to take sneak pictures. I walked over 1/4 mile to get to the place, and they beat me there! So I said, do over! Lol. #proposal #hesaidyes #thering #hiddenphotographer #engagement #engaged
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The #loyal, the #faithful, the #honest, the #caring, the #loving, the #dependable, the #reliable.. That #heart is NOT something to waste. If there's anything I'm ever at all 100% #confident about it would be how pure my heart is. I can #promise you that.
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Next tattoo...just looking for a location... #adtr #havefaithinme #tattoo #hands #pinkypromise #promise #rememberance
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