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How I feel about the Pats 🏈 win 🙄 #smh
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Handsome boys did a great job with a long walk around Lake Miramar this morning. . . #Dexter #sweetboy #bandit #dogsofinstagram #pitsofinstagram #pitlab #pitlabluv #labsofinstagram #acdofinstagram #Heelergram #ears
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Lazy Sunday’s with my dude ❤️🐶 #moose #pitador #pitbull #pitlabluv #utah #beautahful
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When that @chewy order comes thru 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #yaaasssss || not seen in this photo is Pepper breaking through the MIDDLE of her other kibble bag and stealing some early dinner 🙈 needless to say, thankful for duct tape! Lol
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Home Alone 🐕 📽#cctvinoperation
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#Repost @samthelabpit ・・・ Even though my social anxiety from large clouds kept me at home today, I want to let everyone who marched or couldn’t march know I STAND ON ALL FOURS WITH YOU! #istandwithpp #womensmarch #womensmarchsandiego #plannedparenthood #plannedparenthoodofthepacificsouthwest #PitLabLuv #🐾 #pitlab #pitbull #labrador #pitbullgram #dogcommunity #pit#pitbulllovea> #pit#pitbullsofinsta #pitbulllove #pitbullsofinsta #❤️ #😍
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CALLING ALL FURIENDS! It’s almost my birthday....what should I do to celebrate?! Help mom come up with some ideas! No idea too big or too small! It’s also my goal to reach 400 followers by the time it’s my birthday 🤩 Can you help?! #dreamscometrue #fromthestreets #nowimhere
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FREEZE!!! Somebody said “treats” 😲
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So we have been trying to plan a vacation for quite some time now. We finally have the opportunity to do so this year and got very excited. We started researching boarding/dog hotels for Simba & Bonnie. We found one at a great price we really liked. It included a private room w a bed for each. 24/7 vet on call, food, unlimited potty walks, two walks daily, plus the opportunity to add things like one on one play, and a training session. We got so happy because we knew although we'd be gone they were going to be together and have a blast. Just when we were about to book we come across the requirements, and that's when I see this. Not to exaggerated but my heart broke. Not because we "can't go" on vacation but because they will miss out on some much fun because of how they look. If you know them you know they are the silliest and the most friendly dogs ever. Breed discrimination needs to stop! (As far as our vacation, we will be renting a cabin and taking our pups w us.🐾🎀) #dontbullymybreed
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Saturdays are for sleeping in, right Mom? 💤
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U said dinna??? #cukes
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It’s moms birthday month AND almost my birthday month, so mom may or may not have snuck me one of my birthday gifts early😬🤫 #donttelldaddy #happyfriday
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Nothing like having the whole place to yourself
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#tbt to my first time at the dog park! 🎉
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Gotta stay dry somehow...#rainraingoaway
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I’ve been trying to get Pepper to “Get it” and go to her kennel for her PB treats or Kongs since I don’t necessarily want a PB covered house lol. Not the best video, but I think she’s starting to get it! Before, I would make her go to her kennel then get out her Kong, but then I got to thinking....why can’t she come to me and grab it herself?!?! This is part of our daily routine now 😊#getitgirl
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We have a funny and strange little 11-month-old puppy (I know, aren't they all?). When she's not raisin' hell and being crazy with her friends or just in general, this kid sleeps in until afternoon with her daddy and is also lazy and grumpy when sleepy. And did I mention a cookie slut?😏 If she's home and one of us arrives, Poppy won't race to the door (like a couple other creatures did). She's lazy and smart enough to know that the first thing we'll do is go visit her on OUR bed. And she won't follow too many directions or commands without a cookie involved. In this clip she'd spent the morning messing with the cats so I thought I'd mess with her, right as she was getting sleepy and ready for one of her luxury naps. She's hilarious. Quite the personality. #poppyseconds #poppythepitador #ourthirddog #pitador #pitlabluv #sactowndogs #labrabull #pitadorpuppy #pitlabmix
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When you tell your friends you’ll be there in 5 minutes but you’re still in bed 😬
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When it’s January and you’ve already broken all your resolutions...#whynotonemore
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Snow day treats ❄️
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When you’re a velcro doggo and you’re not even ashamed 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ #pawrest
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When it’s #humpday and ya gotta support your buddy. #igotchu 🐶🐶
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When your weekend consisted of a hike, shopping, the dog park, and meeting new puppies - this is how you feel about going to potty before bed time. #nothanks #illjuststayhere
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If you watched my IG story, there was LOTS of this. Here’s more. Enjoy. 🍿#goldenandlab
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What’s a hike without bringing a backpack full of snacks?! #willhikeforfood 🍟🍟🍟
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Meet my new furiend: Koa ! my mom and her mom have been BFF’s since middle school 😮 Koa is a pure ~6 month old golden, and we got to meet today! It was a rough 15 minute start.....but we coo now 😎 just in time for #tongueouttuesday (we also got to play with Lola! But couldn’t get a pic, watch the IG story ^^)
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He looks so unamused #labrabull #pitlabluv #sdit #dogsforlife . . . 🐾💜My•Pawtners!💜🐾 .🐾@_pawprints_on_my_heart .🐾 @maciethemad .🐾@eli.myhero 🐾@teamingwithlife 🐾@until_a_cure_theres_a_dog • want to be partners let us know 🙂
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Trying to spot me some squirrels 🐿
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Broccoli and puppy farts❤️ Excuse the vid quality; I'd only meant this to be for our private archives. However, this quickie of our broccoli-eating, high-fiving, cute-tootin' daughterdog seemed to need some sharing❤️ Poppy Seconds, 11 months old. PS Poppy is not conservative or shy about her pittie gas. I think I heard Lulu fart 5 times in her entire life and she always seemed bummed about it😏 (Border collie mix, makes sense.) #poppyseconds #poppythepitador #pitador #pitlabmix #labrabull #rescuedpup #sactowndogs #pitlabluv #puppyhighfive #dogeatsbroccoli
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First time at a doggie park! I made tons of friends & LOVED it. Can you spot me?! || When we adopted Pep the rescue & our trainer cautioned us about bringing her to the dog park. They felt she wasn’t ready due to her past and she was skiddish with certain dogs. Yesterday we wanted to try knowing that we might have to pull her off some dogs if things got too heated. Well, after having her for 8 months and training and socializing her with the correct people and correct dogs, she couldn’t have been a more perfect dog at the dog park! She completely surprised us! Now that just means more dog parks .... and more baths 😉 🛀
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