⭐️Hooray for Hollywood⭐️ • FB memories for once shared a memory I want to remember lol and so I figured I make a special post for it. One year ago today I got the courage to go talk to the stars of Hollywood Studios. I went to HS disneybounding as my fav citizen Evie Starlight and saw the match maker skit. I almost didn’t say anything at the end of the skit but I called out Paige Turner’s name and started talking to her, she then called over Evie and Chloe and we chatted a little and I gave them my drawings. The entire time I was shaking and stuttering but was able to get a picture with Evie. Then after leaving Evie I saw Mimi Kaboom and got to meet her quickly before it started raining. After that I decided since Evie loved my disneybound as her I would bound as the other citizens. I went on to disneybounding as Dorma Nesmond and the second time I disneybounded as her I got to meet her. I almost didn’t go to meet her because honestly I found her super intimidating. I also met Betty Shambles that day which was super amazing. After that I met all the citizens each time I went and got more comfortable going up and talking to them. I’m so thankful I get to go to HS and watch these insanely talent people. Disney truly is a magical place where memories are made and dreams can be discovered and come true. The Citizens of Hollywood are each treasures and I will never be able to thank them enough for their kindness and laughter they have brought into my life and into each guest that visits WDW. Thanks COH for all you do and the magic you bring each day!
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