We’re already building toward the second Movement Day Arizona expression, which has been scheduled for Sept. 22, 2018 in Phoenix. Tickets are $25-$35 and are available on our website.
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In a city with a strong Christian base, Movement Day Charlotte is uniting churches for a higher purpose. It’s Saturday, FEBRUARY 3, 2018. Visit their website to learn more and register now.
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In 2017, what has the MD experience meant to you? If you’ve attended an expression, please share your thoughts, prayers & images with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & on our App.
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Ready to convert good intentions into tangible good works? Throughout the year, Movement Day Arizona helps Phoenix feed, house, educate and uplift our community. Visit our website to learn how you can serve.
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At its core, Movement Day’s mission is to spread a powerful urban gospel to cities around the world.
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In this season of reflection & prayer, raise your voice on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to tell us about a community you’re praying for this holiday season.
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2017’s inaugural @MovementDayArizona was a tremendous success and next year’s event has already been scheduled for Saturday, September 22. Visit movementdayarizona.com to learn more & register.
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City Serve Arizona, Mission Increase Arizona and other Movement Day Arizona partners are not only making a difference in our community, they help make MDAZ’s work possible.
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If you believe in our mission, from daily scripture to opportunities to comments with Christians in your community, the Movement Day App can enrich your life so many ways. Visit our website to download it now!
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During this season of giving, consider helping Movement Day Arizona continue to plant churches, fight poverty, unite families and more through a generous donation. Your gift will have a direct impact on our community.
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The first Movement Day Arizona expression was such a success, we’ve already set a date for the second one—Sept. 22, 2018 in Phoenix. Tickets are $25-$35 and they’re available now on our website.
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This holiday season, please consider including Movement Day in your charitable giving. Your support will help us continue to add expressions in cities around the world. Visit our website to show your support.
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It's been great to spend some time with Dr Mac Pier. Inspired by his vision and efforts to impact cities worldwide! @macpier @movementday #movementday #NY #Newyork
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Over the next 10 years, Movement Day Arizona is committed to growing Arizona’s Christian community by planting 50 or more new churches across the state & more. When you worry about your community, what do you pray for?
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Sponsored by One Heart for the Nation, the inaugural Movement Day Australia is coming May 1-2, 2018 to Sydney’s Salvation Army Centre. Reserve your place now.
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It’s always better to help the homeless through agencies that understand the myriad challenges they face. When you support MDAZ, you’re helping agencies that work to provide food, shelter, healthcare svs. & counseling to our state’s homeless.
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Movement Day’s mission stretches around the world. Are you praying for someone thousands of miles away? Share your prayers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & through our app.
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Фото старое, ещё с моих регулярных классов, фото от @stepaskya ❤️ . • Варенке скоро 4 месяца👀. • При виде меня она начинает облизываться😂 • Я вовсю занимаюсь, уже провели с Гошей #movementday , в воскресенье проводим ещё один✊🏻. • Решила заняться своим питанием, потому что на мне болтается термобелье 🤦🏻‍♀️ . •‼️Расскажите где рыбу берёте? Охлажденную желательно!!!😋 • Кто хотел на консультацию по корректирующим упражнениям до НГ, осталось буквально парочка мест! 🤷🏻‍♀️ P.S. Такая каша в посте , прям как у меня в голове🤡 P.P.S. А что рыбу никто не ест или вы только картинки смотрите?))))
74 14
Impacting those in the margins, planting churches, investing in millennial leaders & more, Movement Day Hong Kong is coming March 23-24, 2018.
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Our partner Care Portal is connecting local churches to local children and families in crisis. Learn more about this organization that’s make a huge difference in Arizona, Texas and many other states.
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Incredible night with a baseball legend!! Paul Coty and I helped celebrate NY Yankee Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera’s Birthday during the Young Life & @lead.nyc collaborative fundraiser to support local youth ministries and leadership development in NYC @younglifenyc #movementday #anightwithmarianoandfriends
158 1
@younglifenyc VP/New York City Initiative @pcoty3 helps celebrate w/Pastor @adamdurso NY Yankee Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera’s Birthday during the Young Life & @lead.nyc collaborative fundraiser to support local youth ministries and leadership development in NYC. #movementday #anightwithmarianoandfriends
117 0
Check @younglifenyc @lead.nyc FB live stream interview with Mariano Rivera @pcoty3 and @adamdurso. Happening now @younglifenewyorkcity on FB. #anightwithmariano #movementday
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If you attended our inaugural Movement Day Arizona event, share your thoughts and images on social media. And take this opportunity to register for MDAZ 2018, Saturday, September 22, 2018.
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Today is #GivingTuesday, and with our hearts open this holiday season, Movement Day asks that you take this opportunity to support our work by visiting our website and clicking on “Give”
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В грядущее воскресенье 3 декабря состоится второй #movementday ✊🏻 мы вновь соберём единомышленников, задача - максимально много и в удовольствие подвигаться🦎🐒🐻🐈 фото @formischief
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Movement Day Arizona’s impact depends on the assistance of partners like School Connect and its Executive Director Tracey Beal with School Connect Arizona.
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Featuring partners Concord Church (@Concorddallas) & @parkcitiesbaptistchurch, the next @movementdaygreaterdallas will be stronger than ever. It’s Feb 24, 2018 • 8AM – 1:30PM at Dallas Baptist University (@dbupatriots). Get your early-bird discount now!
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Movement day/9 часов тренировок с перерывами на поесть и поговорить. Мы двигались так много, как только могли во всех возможных (и невозможных тоже) направлениях. Дышали правильно, учились быть одновременно расслабленными и готовыми собраться тугим узлом в нужный момент. Выравнивали тело, а после заковывали в доспехи мышц под чутким руководством @painfreemotion, Гоши и Гали. Спасибо, ребята, за этот необыкновенный опыт!
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Are you ready to work for change, spreading the true meaning of the Gospel across our state? Movement Day Arizona is working with Phoenix to feed, house, educate and uplift our community. Visit our website to learn how you can help serve our cities.
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Movement Day Africa’s multi-city roadshow was so inspiring! If you attended any of these events, please share your thoughts and images on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tell us how Movement Day is impacting your city.
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Beautiful words to celebrate this day of joy and unity!
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On this day of plenty for so many of us, lets take a moment to think of those less fortunate—around the world and on our doorstep.
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The Movement Day Institute brought together Global Christian leaders in New York. If you or someone in your congregation attended, share with us ways in which the knowledge you gained is helping unite your city and spread MD’s mission.
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Know an individual or organization that’s making a difference? Share their mission w/us on social media. MDAZ thanks, Jay Cory & Pam Morrison of Phoenix Rescue Mission (@phxmission), working overtime to help our community over the holidays.
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Join Leighton Ford (Leighton Ford Ministries), Initiative Network’s @GrantSkeldon (Pictured), @Charlotteone 's Zac Dean, RJ Davis with Nations Ford Community Church (@nationsfordclt) & more at Movement Day Charlotte, Feb. 3, 2018.
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Ask yourself a tough question. Are you acting religious while failing to walk the walk at work or at home? Is your life aligned with God’s word? If we’re treating others unfairly or acting without humility, lets look at verses 3 & 4 of Isaiah 58.
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✨15 MINUTE MOVEMENT CIRCUIT Go light weight on weighted exercises. This is all about blood flow & getting a nice light sweat in! Start with 8 reps of each exercise & add 2 reps each set! For the mountain climbers you can double the reps! Try to get as high as possible on the ladder! ✨This is perfect for those sore days! There are times to train hard & there are times to just move! This is very important when going into a fitness program guys! If you want it to be a lifestyle & more about longevity balance is a must!
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Poverty, homelessness, broken families—what are you praying for? Movement Day is committed to fighting all of these issues and more. Tell us about the key challenges facing your city.
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Movement Day Arizona salutes Derek and Gary De Velder, Exec. Dir & Asst. Dir of Phoenix’s Abounding Service, an MDAZ partner that teaches English and citizenship to our state’s refugees. Visit their website to support their work & learn more about their mission.
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