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With the show these two put on last night, I couldn't have been any happier for them! Especially Rollins, making history by lasting 1 hr and 5 minute in the gauntlet match. More than any wrestler has lasted in the 25+ years of raw. That is called making history and being a true legend. So proud for him. They will forever be brothers even though they fought their way to it. Reigns is a real brother for letting Rollins get his way to the victory road. Legends. ••• #theshield #sethrollins #kingslayer #thearchitect #burnitdown #mondaynightrollins #iowasown #romanreigns #romanempire #itsmyyard #believethat #thebigdog #theguy #believeintheshield #houndsofjustice #raw #wwe #mondaynightraw #legends #history
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Here are the last 4 guys to hold the WWE championship. Bray Wyatt didn’t have a good run with the title in my opinion, the match he had with Orton at WM was awful and WWE really screwed that up. Randy didn’t have a good reign in my opinion, he ended up dropping the title to Jinder and lost to him about 3 times after losing the title. Jinder honestly didn’t have a bad reign in my opinion. I didn’t really know when he would lose the title and he was a very dominant champion even though the Singh brothers got involved a lot. Aj Styles, the man who did the impossible and beat Jinder Mahal for the WWE championship. His reign has been pretty good in my opinion and I’m really excited for Fastlane. Out of all these 4 men I would say that Styles has been my favorite champion and I’m also really excited for Nakamura vs Styles. That match is going to be insane. #wwe #wwenetwork #wweraw #wwelive #wrestling #braywyatt #randyorton #jindermahal #ajstyles #fastlane #raw #mondaynightraw #smackdown #smackdownlive #wwesmackdown #wwesmackdownlive
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This is the Raw Report! (Part 2) The Gauntlet continues though, and Finn Balor is next in line! These guys have had good matches in the past and they did so here also. A back and forth match, Elias works over his shoulder the whole time, but the Coup de Grace finishes off Elias and Finn moves on. Miz is next...and he comes in from behind! The sneak attack gives Miz the advantage, dominating throughout and picking apart Balor’s arm. Finn fights back, gaining an advantage, but thanks to the Miztourage, Miz took advantage, hit the Skull Crushing Finale, and eliminates Balor! Shades of what to come at WrestleMania? I hope so! Or maybe this is shades of WrestleMania! Miz shits his trunks as Strowman makes his way to the ring, the final entrant in the Gauntlet! There’s no bones about it, Miz got obliterated. He tried to fight back, only to be nailed by what Corey has christened the Tyrannosaurus Dropkick lmao! Hell Miz even hit the SCF on Strowman thanks to Axel, but Braun kicked out and pressed him out of the ring doing so. After that, it was all over, the Dominator is all she wrote, as Strowman wins the Gauntlet! Afterwards though? In Braun’s own words, he’s not finished with Lesnar, but as for now? The Miz and Miztourage just got these hands lmfao! Dominator to Axel, Dominator to Dallas, he chases Miz down and another Dominator to him as well...and then another with insistence from the crowd! Whether it be Strowman or whether it be Balor, Miz is all sorts of fucked as Mania! What a match! What a great 2 hours, the longest match in Raw history! And just think, the show ain’t even over!!! Let’s go!!! #wwe #mondaynightraw #eliminationchamber #braunstrowman #themiz #bodallas #curtisaxel #finnbalor #elias
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Are @alexa_bliss_wwe_ and @themickiejames the new best frenemies?
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Nobody can deny it now. Raw is truly Monday Night Rollins.🙌🏼 #sethrollins #sethfreakingrollins #mondaynightraw #mondaynightrollins
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First ever #WWE match! Monday night Raw! @realpaigewwe it was awesome to see you there. . #mondaynightraw #phx #az #wwe #wweraw #womensdivision @wwe #wrestling #roadtowrestlemania
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Check out jozie with our new toys!!! #MondayNightRaw #WWE
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It was really impressive that Seth Rollins lasted an entire hour and 5 minutes in that gauntlet match. He really proved how much he wants to be back on top. He wants the Universal championship. Now more than ever. All of these 7 competitors do. That is honestly really great for Seth Rollins. It wasn’t an easy match for him but he really proved why he is in this business and how damn good he is too. He pinned Cena and Roman. He pinned 2 of the very best in the business on the same night. Why? Because Raw Is Rollins. #wwe #wweraw #wwelive #wwenetwork #sethrollins #romanreigns #johncena #eliminationchamber #raw #mondaynightraw #rawisrollins #smackdown #smackdownlive #wwesmackdown #wwesmackdownlive
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This is the Raw Report! (Part 1) Monday Night Rollins! Christ almighty...where do I even start? Well I’m gonna break down every match from the gauntlet match and it starts out with Rollins vs Reigns. We all know that Roman is winning on Sunday, but this match was all about the momentum (that’s enough haters lol not everything needs big stakes, especially if it’s fun, so shut up!) but Roman and Seth put on an amazing match last night. Every time they go against each other, it’s a MOTY contender. The feel of The Shield was strong here, the chemistry between them is insane, and Seth even brought back the Buckle Bomb! And in the shock of shocks, Rollins with the quick reversal roll up to beat The Big Dawg! The crowd erupts with shock! Much respect from Roman...but then out comes Cena! Yup Cena is next in line and Rollins is getting a trial by fire here. And just like that, we get another classic between these two, another great match to add to the plethora of others they’ve had together. Back and forth, they were so eventually matched. The STF, the Five Star Frog Splash, the Superplex Falcon Arrow, the AAs, Rollins even hit one of his own! And in the end, Rollins does it again, nailing the Kings Landing and ending Cena with the Curbstomp! Holy hell Seth is on fire! An hour long! We got us a new WWE Iron Man! Elias is next and he comes in hot. He takes it to Seth fast and hard, but Seth refuses to die. He fights back and fights back hard, but his knee continues to give out, and it sadly cost him. The Drift Away and the 3 count to resounding boos, Rollins is out. But that was incredible, I’m speechless. @wwerollins, the true MVP, the new 60 Minute Man, a history maker and record breaker, thank you for that Seth, nothing but pure respect and so much more. The Man is back, and while he won’t win on Sunday, he truly deserves to! #wwe #mondaynightraw #eliminationchamber #gauntletmatch #sethrollins #romanreigns #johncena #elias
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Thank you so much for everything you do for us and especially for him! @frank_sixx you’re an amazing uncle and with such a great man in his life everyone else is irrelevant! Thank you for such an awesome surprise!!! #wwe #wrestlemania #mondaynightraw
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wwe fans; The Gauntlet match last night on Raw was the longest match in WWE History. It lasted 146 minutes and 55 seconds. #wwe #sethrollins #mondaynightraw #longestmatch
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Last night @wwerollins put on a clinic for 65 minutes and it was incredible to watch live. Monday Night Rollins indeed #wwephoenix #sethrollins #mondaynightraw
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Who’s ready for smackdown tonight ????🤔🔥
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Sasha Banks will introduce Absolution to a new side of The Boss!! }} {#WWE#MondayNightRaw#WomensWrestling}
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Sasha Banks, Bayley & Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
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WWE’s MVP for the next couple of weeks. I assure you he’s winning a big match at Mania or the Intercontinental Title probs. #wwe #wrestling #sethrollins #architect #kingslayer #theshield #mondaynightraw #raw #mondaynightrollins #sports #entertainment #wrestlemania
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Happy birthday to @gailkimitsme a Former WWE women’s Champion, a TNA Knockouts tag Champion and a 7 time TNA Knockouts Champion
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