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Sandra Lansky smiled with her second husband, Vince Lombardo, in Miami in 1982. But then I fell for a guy from a major Mafia family, Vince Lombardo. Vince wasn’t in the Mafia himself, but he was perilously close. Daddy came to New York to meet Vince, alone. They made a deal. Daddy would let us marry if Vince promised to stay out, under any circumstances, of the Mafia for the rest of his life with me. Vince made the deal. And no one broke a deal with Meyer Lansky.#gangster #italian #italianmob #italianmafia #italianamerican #mafia #mob #gambino #newyork #queens #whiteboy #prison #clintoncorrectionalfacility #upstate #upstatenewyork
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so i started actually watching mp100.., after the episode with the religious cult i stopped for a while bc to me it was SO boring but it reeeally picked up from there and hopefully soon I can finish it with prince! I rlly rlly lobe mob and I also love that one delinquent amd tbh i also am in love w the body improvement club bc even tho mob is a weiner they care abt him LOL idk i love everyone soo #mp100 #mob#mobho100 #anime #manga #digitalart #eyestrain #kageyamashigeo #mob #doodle
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Our Collection | Untitled, Jan Davis, 1995 This striking image is a part of our current exhibition 'Journeys into the Asia Pacific'. This photograph captures the intricately woven walls of the Mothers Union Rest House where Davis was staying on the remote island of Santa Isobel. These walls were woven from the local weaving material, Loya cane. Davis was fascinated by the contemporary pattern of these woven walls, and they reminded her of pixels on a computer screen. Come and see this beautiful work now on show at the Museum of Brisbane.
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MyBabies 🌏💞 Brayden & Moriah 👑 #LotOfLove #Mob 🖤💛❤
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Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, James Caan, Talia Shire & Gianni Russo.
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