The team at Movement Day Arizona hopes you returned from this weekend with the same spirit of optimism we’re feeling. #MDAZ
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Movement Day Arizona thanks all our partners – especially our co-host Grand Canyon University (@gcu) – for making this year’s event a tremendous success. #MDAZ
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If you were moved by the message of Saturday’s Movement Day Arizona, please take this opportunity to support our work. Just visit our website and click “Give.” Thank you for your generous support. #MDAZ
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The team at Movement Day Arizona thanks everyone who made this year’s event such a success—our gifted speakers, generous partners, committed volunteers and especially all the openhearted attendees, many of whom traveled hundreds and even thousands of miles to be with us on this big day. 2017’s event is over, but our mission to unite the church continues. #MDAZ
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Movement Day made trauma informed community movement delighted & advanced! #MDAZ #AZTIFC #behavioralhealth #traumainformedcommunity
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When is the last time you found yourself on a list with John Piper AND the @harlemglobetrotters AND @bigdaddyweave Boom. @movementday @movementdayarizona #mdaz
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The Diocesan Youth Department had the privilege to share @movementdayarizona hosted by GCU. #MDAZ #DVULI #azdiocese
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Movement Day 2017 #movementdayaz #mdaz
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@movementdayarizona has begun! Pray as leaders from the church, the marketplace, nonprofits, and the next generation further a Gospel Movement in Metro Phoenix and Arizona. Thank to the Governors office and others I've met for coming out. Amazed by the heart of people who want to serve collectively from their own streams of life. #movementday #mdaz #unity #church #leaders #John17
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Are you at Movement Day at @GCU? We hope you'll join us for the Sanctity of Life track! #Mov#MovementDaya> #MDAZ #MovementDay #faith #gcu
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Movement Day Arizona is TOMORROW and spaces are still available! Visit our website and reserve your $25 ticket now. #MovementDay #Arizona #MDAZ
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MDAZ’s Online Bible Journey can help you discover how to stand up for justice and sow seeds of peace and healing. Join us! #MovementDay #Arizona #MDAZ
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Saturday’s event is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy fellowship with Rev. Billy Thrall and other members of the MDAZ team. Buy your tickets and join us for this memorable day. #MovementDay #Arizona #MDAZ
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What action will God invite you to take in the following weeks? Explore this essential question through our online Bible Journey as we prepare for Saturday’s Movement Day Arizona in Phoenix. #MDAZ #MovementDay #Arizona
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Saturday at MDAZ, Jay Cory, Nathan Smith, Jim Moyer & others will help the faith community address homelessness and life-controlling issues. #MovementDay #Arizona #MDAZ
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It’s not too late to join our pre-Movement Day online Bible Journey as we prepare for Saturday’s Movement Day Arizona. Visit our website for more information. #MDAZ #MovementDay #Arizona
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Always proactive! At Movement Day Arizona we discover our collective mission to live the gospel as front-line caregivers. Get your $25 tickets and join us THIS SATURDAY, Sept 16 at Grand Canyon University (@gcu). #MovementDay #Arizona #MDAZ
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Through our daily online Bible Journey, we’re studying scripture and exploring ways in which the church can ease the burden of veterans, refugees, immigrants, and others. Join us. #MDAZ #MovementDay #Arizona
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