Hi everyone! @kailawalton here for the last photo. This spot is probably one of my favourite places to drive to and then hike up for a sunset. Can you blame me? This as taken this fall and it was magical. 🍂 This hike is located about an hour north of Prince George BC and is called Teapot Mountain. • • • • • • #gltLove #happy #travel #travelgram #wanderlust #instatravel #adventure #travelphotography #traveling #travelling #igtravel #instapassport #instalove #fun #girlslovetravel #explorecanada #explorebc #hellobc #allaboutadventures #liveyouradventure #imagesofcanada #keepitwild #stayandwander #adventurethatislife #theoutbound #optoutside #keepexploring #travelstoke #roamtheplanet #northernbc
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Some people 'survive' the winter up north. Others own it
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Get lost in nature and you'll find yourself
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A typical evening for me. I thought I should begin to snag a couple photos of my real everyday, for my sake later, as well as for my little girl. I love to make a fun campsite, get a nice fire going, and read up on the area I'm exploring. There's no better way to experience a place than by learning a bit about it. Not to mention gives some context to the images I capture and share. @eddiebauer #EverThermDownJacket #liveyouradventure
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Don’t look down! 😝🤯 Would you do this!?
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Hiking Gladiator style 😆. Follow @tentside for more hiking!
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Walking in a winter wonderland.
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I love this so much. What a beautiful way to be, to recognise and amplify the positive in others rather than the negative. 💙💙💙💙💙✨✨✨✨✨✨ 📸. Reposted from @thefaceatlas #seethelight #mindfullness #youareworthy #youareenough #positivevibrations #liveyouradventure #loveyourselffirst
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We ❤️ Breckinridge
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What do you love most about your tiny living/traveling home?!? . WE are so excited that we actually get to purchase our first HOME! 🏡 I think we are even more excited that a home doesn’t have to be a “traditional” building that in the ground but it can be on wheels 🚌 We want to see so much of the United States and really take the time to explore 🌎🔎. . Might as well make the most of our time here on earth and have as many fun adventures as we possibly can! 🙌🏼🎉
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Just wow! 😍😍😍 📷 @ashlilauryn
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Standing on the same rock again one year later.. so many amazing things have happened since then 😊. Adventure never stops with you @aliv217 !
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