__________[💌]__________ Look, whoever the fuck it is telling people from school about my account-- STOP, the only people from my school that are allowed to see my account are my three best friends which I got into hamilton (Eliot, Mahkayla, Sama) and the four people that I let follow me (Chanelle, Keira, Kai, Hollie) if any of you hoes or any other people that I'm unaware are following me are going around telling alL OF THE PEOPLE IN MY SCHOOL ABOUT MY FUCKING ACCOUNT I WILL SHOVE A STICK UP YOUR ASS AND BLOCK U ON FACEBOOK 😩😩😩 no seriously stop telling people about my account I've blocked so many cunts, it's not your place to go around and telling people about me _________________________ Art by - capochiino [Tumblr]
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Bork QOTP~ Favorite song? (Not from Hamilton) AOTP~ The Last of The Real Ones - Fall Out Boy 😂 Comment '🦄' If you came from the explore page! #hamilton #linmanuelmiranda #christopherjackson #phillipasoo #daveeddiggs #anthonyramos #oakonadowan #leslieodomjr #memes #jasminesephasjones
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I just got back from school 😪 QOTP~ You ever had a bf/f2f? AOTP~ Haha nope, forever alone here Credit~ Unknown Comment '🦄' If you came from the explore page! #hamilton #linmanuelmiranda #christopherjackson #phillipasoo #daveeddiggs #anthonyramos #oakonadowan #leslieodomjr #memes #jasminesephasjones
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