I can't wait for the day these two underrated women get a push! I'd love to see these two both get reigns as NXT women's champions before being called up! Evie & Kimber are the future!.
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No offense to Lana because I love her to death but I'm so glad WWE gave up on pushing her as a wrestler, sure she still competes here & there but I'm just glad WWE realized she was horrible! I just wish they'd pair her up with Rusev again but that's where she shines. Nobody in the world cares about her when she's a wrestler or managing other females! people loved her when she managed Rusev!.
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I'm rooting for Kairi or Peyton to become the next NXT women's champion! Kairi is obviously one of the best in the world while Peyton is one of the most underrated female wrestlers in the world! I'd like to see a feud between the two begin after WarGames!.
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Undead Family Feud! 鈽狅笍馃巸#nixonnewell #KairiSane #shaynabaszler #RubyRiot #DakotaKai #SaraLogan #NXT #Halloween
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