Relaxation is one of the most effective healing tools accessible to anyone. Once you practice relaxation on a regular basis, your health would immediately get better. No need to pay fat money for the healing industry!
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Happy Caturday! It’s been a busy and stressful week. So today will be dedicated to resting and relaxing so I can recharge my batteries and be ready for next week. On that note I am LOVING Amy new leggings! Lulu approves of them too. What are your plans for the weekend?
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|Client Feature| @_oct10th_ and her 3 year loc journey. Started with comb twists that we transitioned to Instant Locs. Swipe for before photo. . . Beauty supply, Blog, Natural Extensions, Loc bundles pricing, Portfolio & more on . . . #dreadhead #LocDoctress #ilovelocs #orlandolocextensions #blog #OrlandoLoctician #hair #naturalhair #pokemongo #photooftheday #likealways #f4f #hairstyles #likeit #blo#bloggerlife #teamlocs #veg#veganshare #plantbased #locextensions #locs101 #crochetlocs #holistichealth #followme #vegan #permanentLocextensions #blogger #afrokinkyhumanhair #HairitageBundles #fauxlocs #dreadextensions
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Join us for this exciting workshop with Suzanne Albertson, and learn how to detect subtle energies which focus on the vibrational foundations of all life and matter. We will be exploring the use of a neutral pendulum to tune into the "Personal Wavelength" which is the Core Energy Signature of any Person, Place, or Thing. Cost: $25 (pendulum for $15) Please call the office at (305) 538-8998 to RSVP. #miamievents #biogeometry #vibrationaldowsing #bodytalk #holistichealth
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It is amazing how much this one kit has changed my life. - I began to help manage pain and emotional support. And found quickly there's so many more uses! And products! - My family feels better, my pets feel better. We have replaced every chemical-laden product in our home from body wash to laundry soap. We use supplements to support our joints and bellies. Oils to help relax, deal with stressful days, you name it. We use an oil for it. - #holistichealth #yogamom #healthnature #healthmatters #petmoms #loveofanimals #loveofallthingsnatural #naturalhealth
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We’re sharing the campaign today at The Exchange The Collection at Forsyth Mall... looking forward to a full day of Nspiring 😉
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Thank you so much @rey@reybfresh for taking the time to write this amazing review!!! 🤗❤🌱🙌 . Repost @reybfresh - I'm so excited my toothpastes came in AGAIN!!!! When it comes to things that will better me & my health I'm ALWAYS ecstatic even when it's not the first time I've gotten it. 😁 Get your fluoride-free toothpastes @ugl@ugly_by_nature! If you want to take a step towards a cruelty-free vegan lifestyle you can start off with this toothpaste, completely natural, vegan, & keeps your grill squeaky clean. 😁 Even if you don't want to go vegan, you should definitely check out this toothpaste because it's not harmful to us & will benefit you. Plus, most toothpastes sold at your local stores have neurotoxins that are detrimental to our health. 😁 When I first started my transition into going vegan the first thing I stopped using was my fluoride toothpaste full of neurotoxins & transitioned to @ugly_by_nature 's! Ever since this switch my thinking has been clearer, my teeth are glistening with every smile, & it doesn't give me a dry mouth like the other toothpastes I was buying at local stores. 😁 All it takes is the first step to feeling better. Are you complaining everyday or working towards the first step in making your life better? Whatever it is for you, take the first step into making your life better . . . . .
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Saturday mornings are for chocolate peach smoothies and achieving my goals🙌🏻
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I post about past tense a lot because it’s one of my favorite oils, but I also have a funny story about my husband who has always been a skeptic to natural healing. He got up yesterday morning and said he had a headache, I asked him if he used any past tense and he said no. Normally he would reach for an over the counter medication but I grabbed the past tense and rolled it on his temples and the back of his neck. About 10 minutes later I look over at him and he was shaking his head around, I asked him what he was doing and he said he was checking if he still had a headache 😂🤷‍♀️ I asked if his headache was still there and he said “no”. Some day he will just have to accept that essential oils really do work! Anyone else have a skeptical hubby? 🤚
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Catch up with my PT over the last year @antonkostalas Great chatting and sharing ideas, opinions, advice. Wishing you every success in your new adventure. It’s been great sharing my journey with you. Thanks for all the help and encouragement & I know we well be keeping in touch. Keep up changing people’s lives. 💪🏻💪🏻(Hard to believe I’m old enough to be his dad 🤣) #wellbeing #behappy #bethechange #lifesjourney #positivevibes #workonyourself #loveyourself #encourageyourself #bekindtoyourself #reflexology #holistichealth #menshealth #lif#lifestyleger #lifestyle #selfmotivation #lifestylechanges #health #fitness #fitnessmotivation #instadaily #instapic #instagood #instafit #gym #exercise #nutrition #travel #transformation #personaltrainer
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Post soccer game smoothies! Great way to start this awesome day! 💜😄 #realfood #healthychildren #healthstartsathome #choosehealth #letsmove #greenmoothies #veggies #organic #holistichealth
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Shiitake mushrooms (medicinal mushrooms have epic healing properties!💪) in a tomato-ey thyme sauce, lemony fried butter beans with parsley and creamy avocado😍 *salivating*. So warming & comforting💜 Especially needed on this rainy day in England! This is a very different meal compared to what I usually post and what I've eaten in the past, and you can see that the way I've been eating recently has definitely changed from how it used to be. I know I've said that I'll update you guys soon and I've been saying that for months😂 but I PROMISE I will soon!!! I am working on something special behind the scenes soooooo all will be revealed in due course😁 All I can say to you guys right now is eat to nourish😉 Mind, body & soul!!!!! #wholefoods #naturalhealing #foodismedicine #nourishing #comforting #yummy #thenoms #beansbeansgoodfortheheart #plantpower #holistichealth #naturopathy
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Saturday morning vibes. 💚🐶
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This woman is a fierce form of Beauty ❤️@saramaijewels #woman #ageless #beauty #femargent #female #empoweredwomen
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Last week was rough and exhausting - we were looking forward to this weekend even more than usual. To recharge our batteries and find focus again for what is important for us, we're going to do some yoga practices and meditation. What do you do after a hard working week - any tips to treat yourself? . . #mysoulzen #bodymindsoul #findfocus #breathe #donthatemeditate
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