Thanks to @sammy_art.well for the awesome #SuperCornyKart rendition of me! This is getting framed and put above the bed for sure! #CornyCollins #HAIRSPRAY
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Tucking in our favorites for a nap 💤
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Los brazos están raros pero wueno xD es un dibujo que hice hace un tiempo después de ver hair spray. Amé las canciones :3 #hairspray #hairspraythemovie #hairspraythemusical
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Paul told me that there may be Mario Kart battles going on backstage for Dark at the Top of the Stairs and Hairspray at Desert Stages Theatre. I had a little dumb idea and did sketches of the theatre characters as Mario Kart racers. I haven't done a ton of cartoon work so I figured why not and focus on this idea? Thank you @wonderrob for playing a great Corny Collins and digging Mario Kart as much as my husband and being inspiration for this piece. :) I hope you enjoy. :) #multimedia #mariokart #theatre #painting #art #hairspray #cornycollins
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They watched it last night too! #hairspray
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