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Given these great goodies for Staff/Administration Appreciation Day... what a fun surprise! #desautelsthx #desautelsfamily
16 5 3/7/2015
Ohhhhhh to clamp to a table! OMG so smart haha
Ce fut un plaisir 😘
#desautelsthx #desautelsfamily Friday was Career Services' Executive Director, Marie-José Beaudin, Appreciation Day! Many thanks for her inspirational leadership, her vision and her commitment. She has transformed the Career Service programs and initiatives, propelling our Desautels students to success! Let us know how the Soutar Career Services has impacted your career aspirations by commenting below.
22 2/24/2015
Special thanks to @our_mus & the BCom students for your generous contribution of $500,000 towards the future of the Faculty! #desautelsthx #desautelsfamily @mcgillu Read more:
22 2/11/2015
Take a break from studying and be #thankful for the beautiful weather today! "I'm really thankful for being able to go on the study trip to Japan and learn about the culture and business practices of such an interesting country. Thank you so much to all of our supporters." - Betty Zoller (MBA year 2, Strategy & Marketing) "I'm thankful for all of the scholarships, professors, and career advice. The career centre has helped tremendously as I embark on my career search. The professors' generosity with time and advice is also extremely helpful and encouraging." - Antonios Bougiourus (MBA year 2, Strategy & Marketing) #DesautelsTHX #desautels #mba #strategy #marketing #mcgillu #faculty #management #business #students #donors #supporters #thankyou
19 10/4/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
As on-campus interviews are underway, #CareerServices are there to help so be #DesautelsTHX for them as well! "I am extremely thankful for the Career Center. We get unparalleled support from our career advisors who give each and everyone one of us individual attention and support. Because of them, I was able to get an interview at Microsoft, a company I dreamt of working at, and this would have never been possible without The amazing Career Center at Desautels! Thank you!" - Jules Perrot (BCom U2, International Management & Information Systems) #Desautels #management #international #IS #informationsystems #student #faculty #microsoft #interview #campus #thankful #thankyou #thankfulFridays #bcom #desautelsbcom
23 2 1 9/27/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
@julesperrot 👏
We haven't forgotten about #DesautelsTHX this week after our annual #CareerFair. "I love the applied investments class [FINE 541] with Professor Kenneth Lester where we get real money to invest and learn with real life experiences. That wouldn't have been possible without our donors. So, a million thanks to you guys for making it possible!" - Sankalp Sachdeva (MBA 1, Finance & Strategy) #MBA #DesautelsMBA #Desautels #management #faculty #business #finance #strategy #investments #donors #professor #DesautelsCourses #thankyou
11 1 9/20/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Happy Friday! Here's what we're thankful on this #DesautelsTHX day. "For me, being a Desautels student means being part of a community that brings me a great sense of belonging. This sense of belonging comes from all the efforts that are put in organizing activities, conferences, and fun events. There is always something going on in Bronfman, whether it is people tabling in the lobby to promote events or to sell baked goods to finance activities, or conferences and meetings organized by the various clubs on the second floor. It creates a joyful and vibrant atmosphere in the building and it makes me feel like at home when I am in Bronfman. I am grateful for being part of this faculty which brings me not only academic knowledge, but also the capacity for being a better person and contribute to the betterment of the society." - Jade Milot (BCom U2, General Management) #Desautels #management #business #Faculty #university #mcgillu #students #thankyou
12 9/13/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
First day back at #school calls for a #DesautelsTHX from one of our #students: "I am thankful for the multinational culture which offers a great experience of learning and growth. I am extreme grateful for the human capital of students and professors, for the wealth of mentorship and guidance offered by career services, and for the opportunities (namely, #exchanges) offered by the BCom office. I am thankful for our wealth of building supplies and the amazing cleaning services that seamlessly keep us intact. I am unspeakably thankful for the friendships I have acquired since first arriving, as well as the endless breadth of extracurricular activities. Finally, I am thankful to my family for allowing me to take this journey!" - Aylam Hofstein (BCom U2, Organizational Behaviour) #management #business #desautels #faculty #organizationalbehaviour #students #professors #bcom #journey #DesautelsFamily #thankyou
15 1 9/3/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
@aylamh ur back??
Welcome all new #students on this beautiful #Monday! Hear what Yiou is #thankful for her experience here at #Desautels: "The opportunity to meet amazing people through all of the clubs and activities available to us, to benefit from a supportive student body, to have the resources and be able to create new conferences, and finally, to have the chance to represent our faculty in case competitions. Thank you!!" - Yiou Huang (BCom U2, Marketing & Finance) #DesautelsTHX #bcom #management #faculty #business #commerce #casecompetitions #studentbody #DesautelsFamily #welcome #thankyou
13 1 8/25/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Cheers to a beautiful #Monday in #Montreal, what are you thankful for today? "I am thankful because the faculty has allowed me to meet incredible people that have contributed to my development. I feel that I appreciate more things now than I have before. Another great thing is that I've learned a lot from the few courses I've taken, the way the professors teach here has helped me to expand my knowledge!" - Gabriel Tamayo (BCom U0, Finance) #finance #bcom #undergraduate #DesautelsTHX #thx #faculty #professors #business #management #thankyou #sponsors #opportunities #mtl #mcgillu
14 2 8/19/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Chasaaa @g_tamayo 👏👏👏
Hahahahha @g_tamayo
Your #Monday dose of #DesautelsTHX is here! "I am so thankful for the opportunity to expand my knowledge and networks alongside some of the most talented students and faculty." - Dara Gallinger (First year MBA, Finance, Technology & Innovation Management) #DesautelsMBA #MBA #finance #technology #innovation #network #students #management #business #faculty #thankyou
11 8/11/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
We haven't forgotten about our #DesautelsTHX of the week, here's triple the thanks! "Thanks for the sponsors' genuine support to provide an enriching studying environment as well as to vouchsafe the students opportunities to step in their career path with the outstanding assistance of Career Services." - Zi Jie Zhu (BCom U2, Finance & Statistics, top left) "I am really thankful for career services especially Peg Brunelle for providing me great advices regarding my future career. Thank you so much to our sponsors." - Vincent Bai (BCom U3, International Management, top right) "Great professors and great classes!" - James Xie (BCom U2, International Management, bottom)
10 8/6/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Are you ready for today's 2-for-1 #DesautelsTHX? "I am currently an Ambassador for the MUS Sustainability Network and was recently elected to be next year's president. Thank you for your donations that make clubs such as the Sustainability Network possible! I have been able to connect with many different professionals in many different fields pertaining to sustainability and social responsibility." - Megan Kwon (BCom U1, Finance) "I enjoy attending the various speakers and career services sessions available. Many of the speakers have given me insight into various aspects of the business world I would not have known about otherwise!" - Paul Demascus (BCom U1, Finance & Marketing) #faculty #management #business #finance #marketing #commerce sustainability #thankyou
15 1 7/29/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Wow like it!
Here's what our students are thankful for on this #DesautelsTHX Monday: "I have really enjoyed the extraordinary insights of extraordinary individuals that we have been provided by the CEO speaker series. I have been enlightened by every speaker I have encountered and the speaker series is such a wonderful complement to what I have learned in class." - Nii Amaah Ofosu-Amaah (2nd year MBA, Global Leadership & Strategy and Marketing) #Desautels #faculty #management #business #thankyou #DesautelsMBA #mcgillu #MBA
9 7/22/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
This Monday's edition of #DesautelsTHX: "Thanks for helping Desautels send a delegation of students to the 2014 edition of Financial Open. The sponsors and donors helped us achieve a third place in overall ranking, third place in quiz, third place in personal finance, third place in corporate finance, and first place in management accounting! Thanks for everything!" - Francis Bruneau (BCom U3, Finance) #Desautels #management #business #accounting #finance #financialopen #mcgillu #mcgill #thankyou
17 1 7/15/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
It is #Monday so it's time for another rendition of #DesautelsTHX! "I am thankful for having the opportunity to be part of the beautiful Desautels community. A big thank you to all the professors, students, staff, donors, and other individuals that help support and grow both McGill University and Desautels. It's been an amazing 4 years and I look forward to giving back to Desautels in the future. :) Thank you!" - Kapil Mehra (BCom U4, Finance, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship) #Desautels #thankyou #finance #informationsystems #entrepreneurship #commerce #management #business
21 1 7/8/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
We are thankful for the beautiful, warm weather #Montreal has given us this past weekend and the #CanadaDay holiday tomorrow! What are you #thankful for today? "Without donor contributions, innovative programs like the Hot Cities tour would not be possible. Your support helps to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to expand their education across borders and into important new economies. Thank you so much." - Mia Barnhardt (BCom U3, Global Strategy) #DesautelsTHX #Desautels #mcgillu #mcgill #thankyou #globalstrategy #hotcitiestour
17 7/1/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Did you have a nice long weekend? Here's some #DesautelsTHX to officially start off your week! "We are thankful for the international study trips and excellent Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters software. The course in Applied investments gives us the opportunity to gain practical experience in investing." - Karan Sandhu (First year MBA, Finance) #DesautelsMBA #Desautels #MBA #Finance #Management #Business #mcgill #mcgillu #thankyou #bloomberg #montreal
15 6/25/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
Happy #Monday! See what we're thankful for on this beautiful day. "My Desautels experience has been extremely enlightening and fun. I am grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn about business administration in an integrated fashion and I look forward to applying this knowledge to my medical studies and practice thereafter. I am excited for the upcoming study trip to Japan in April! Thanks to all the donors for making this possible." - Collins Oghor (First year MD-MBA) #DesautelsTHX #Desautels #management #business #mcgillu #mcgill #thankyou #DesautelsMBA #MBA
14 1 6/16/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
@desautelsmcgill Hey you look like a great leader! I like your page, do you keep your options in other ways in making money?
A little #DesautelsTHX to brighten up your Monday. "I'm thankful for the supportive faculty community! When you are a student at Desautels, you are well taken care of by Advisors, Professors, Staff and Peers. I found that I got opportunities to learn that are unmatched. Thank you to the our generous donor for having allowed me to grow as an individual." - Shonezi Noor (BCom U3, Marketing & Information Systems)
15 1 6/10/2014
Desautels Faculty of Management
#Desautels #Management #Business #Thankyou
"I am thankful for our DMCC donors which allowed other students and myself to partake in case competitions. JDCC and HM, namely, have truly enhanced my university experience as it has allowed me to further develop presentation skills, improve my critical thinking and problem solving abilities, encouraged me to think faster on my feet and to properly frame issues to maximize solutions in a minimized time. This, coupled with meeting students from different universities and backgrounds and allowing me to build many relationships, has made me an overall better student and better future worker. Overall, it has improved my academic education in a fun, social environment which has been extremely beneficial to my degree. THANK YOU to JDCC and HM donors! <3" - Chloe Marceau-Gosselin, U3 Marketing and International Management #DesautelsTHX
10 5/17/2014
As many students have just graduated and finished their degrees, we hope your time at Desautels has been memorable and life changing. Tell us your best moments or what you are thankful for during our #DesautelsTHX campaign! "I am thankful for the extraordinary experiences I have had through my time at Desautel, the great facilities that allow us to learn in very good conditions, the professors who share their knowledge with us and all the great services this faculty offers." - Léa Cardineau, U3
8 5/3/2014
"I am thankful for the chance to connect with an international community and be engaged in student life. Kudos to the amazing staff who are committed to enhancing the student experience. Cheers to our lovely donors who make Desautels better every year!" - Dave D'Oyen, U4 Industrial Relations with Concentration in Marketing Spread your thanks with #DesautelsTHX all over social media and tell our donors what you are thankful for with regards to your Desautels experience!
8 4/12/2014
"Professor Karen Zajdman has supported me as a student and helped me develop a keen understanding of the fundamental concepts of Accounting, which has laid the foundation for my future career. I am so thankful to have such great professors like Karen in our faculty!" - Robert Matarasso, BCom student in Accounting. We continue our #DesautelsTHX campaign to thank donors for their continued support of students and the Faculty. Have a great weekend!
12 5 3/29/2014
Love the cutout. Such a great idea
"Thank you for having such a great Career Centre that is viable thanks to your donations! It is more than helpful for all of us!" - Alexandrine Baril, U3 Accounting Another huge thank you to all the students who participated in the #DesautelsTHX campaign to show their gratitude towards donor support of our Faculty. We will be posting these every Friday afternoon to end the week/start the weekend on a positive, thankful note!
8 1 3/22/2014
@drinebaril :)
We just wrapped up our #DesautelsTHX donor appreciation campaign! Thanks to all of the students who participated and made this such a great success! Keep following us for weekly posts for the #desautelsthx campaign! "I am thankful for the wonderful opportunities the faculty has offered me in terms of extracurricular activities. I have met so many wonderful people and have made so many great memories." - Christina Xu, U3 Finance
15 3/15/2014
"I am thankful for the endless opportunities we are awarded as Desautels students, and the strong network of people we have in our Desautels community." - Jessica Stern, U3 Accounting Student. @jessstern1 We are in the Bronfman Lobby once again today until 2pm for the #DesautelsTHX campaign. Stop by and show your appreciation to donor support!
10 3/12/2014
#desautelsthx #desautels #mcgill #proudalumni
10 3/12/2014
"I am thankful for the extensive support we get from advisors, professors, and career advisors to explore our interests and pursue our passion." - Marianne El Yourdy, BCom Student Stop by our #desautelsthx table every day this week from 11am-2pm and tell us why you are thankful to have donor support for the Desautels Faculty of Management!
9 3/12/2014
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36 1 3/11/2014
We are excited to be kicking off our #DesautelsTHX campaign, showcasing students saying thank you to alumni and friends for their donations to the faculty. "Thank you for the wealth of opportunities -extracurriculars, internships, etc. - that have stemmed from my years at Desautels. I could not have asked for a better stepping stone for life after Desautels." - Simon Bibeau, BCom'14, HIM student. We will be tabling in the Bronfman Lobby all week from 11am-2pm. Come tell us what you are thankful for here at Desautels!
11 1 3/11/2014
Excellent initiative! Go @desautelsmcgill!