Sooo the ATO is asking co workers to Dob in work mates who long lunch etc Stingy ? Yes ! But also there's some lazy turds in every work place ! What's ya stingy boss / lazy co worker story? #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Ever played Cupid for a Mate? How'd it work?? Or Didnt? There's a new website Date My Friend Which lets you put the profile together! Soo stoked I'm married ... #DavoDrivesYaHome
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WIN TX TO PROPHETS OF RAGE HIT THE REBEL WEBSITE FOR DEETS Prophets of Rage Live Monday March 26 Brisbane Riverstage #DavoDrivesYaHome #downloadfestival
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@beenleighrumdistillery Signature Drink of The Week " Mi Amore" 45ml Beenleigh White Rum 20ml White Cr茅me de Cacao 5ml Parfait Amore Top with soda water, garnish and drink! Available at Distillery Nights 5pm on wards #BeenleighArtisanDistillery #DavoDrivesYaHome #FridayNightDrinks
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#dizzyreed from motherflipping @gunsnroses joins @davo_radio On the drive home 'sarv Yiewww! 340pm QLD #DavoDrivesYaHome
16 1
Ur Thoughts on @stateoforigin Proposed game in SA!? #DavoDrivesYaHome
7 12
WIN TX to @prophetsofrage in Brisbane March 26! Hit To enter! #downloadfestival #DavoDrivesYaHome #ProphetsOfRage #maintaintherage
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In case ya missed it! Best British Band No 3 @thebeatles @pinkfloyd #DavoDrivesYaHome
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What's ya Best/Worst/ Weirdest Valentines Day? The wife bought me a Kilo of Bacon last year! #PraiseBacon But that's not the weirdest!! Tune in this arv to find out what was! #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Wanna see Limp Bizkit!? Head to #RiskItForTheBizkit #downloadfestival #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Best British bands EVER Number 4 - Another TIE @officialmotorhead @blacksabbath #DavoDrivesYaHome
21 3
Best British Bands Ever! Number 5 a TIE! @ironmaiden @judaspriest #DavoDrivesYaHome
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#2TypesTuesday #coriander Yes or No!? Old mate @davo_radio Is back this arv #DavoDrivesYaHome
13 5
#BeenleighArtisanDistillery Signature Drink Of The Week "Traditional Mojito" Ingredients: 45ml Beenleigh White Rum 陆 Fresh Lime- 5 Mints Leaves 15ml Sugar Syrup - Soda Water Method: Muddle mint leaves and lime into the base of a highball glass. Add all ingredients over ice and stir. Top with soda and garnish with mint leaves and fresh lime. #DrinkResponsibly #DavoDrivesYaHome #DesignatedDavo @beenleighrumdistillery
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THIS was a lot of fun today How good was hearing #karnivool on the wireless NO 3 Most under rated oz bands #radiobirdman #frenzalrhomb #DavoDrivesYaHome Back tomoz with no 2 Its a ripper band too!
14 1
No 4 Most Under Rated Oz Bands ... A tie! #ButterflyEffect #DallasCrane #Tumbleweed #DavoDrivesYaHome
21 3
Are u a soft taco Or hard taco!? Lets taco bout it ! #2TypesTuesday #DavoDrivesYaHome
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#DavoDrivesYaHome back at 2pm (QLD) No 4 Most Under rated oz Band on air at 3pm
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#TexPerkins joins #DavoDrivesYaHome At 4pm (QLD)
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Best & Worst Movie remakes! What ya got? Would you watch a remake of Croc Dundee? #DavoDrivesYaHome from 2pm (QLD) #BringBackDundee
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65 18
The Friday Fight is ON! Pick 3! Next week we count down YOUR Top 5 #DavoDrivesYaHome back from 2PM
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American Pie ( Via Mum) Black Sabbath ( Via Dad) Not a bad musical education! U?? Q #DavoDrivesYaHome back at 2pm (QLD)
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BY POPULAR DEMAND! THIS FRIDAY #DavoDrivesYaHome ENCORE OF #PubRockSummer #Countdown
18 2
11 years old Behind Groundskeepers shed! Sarah was her name I had to stand on a tree stump cause she was freakishly tall ! You!? #DavoDrivesYaHome
12 8
There's #2Types of people at gigs .. Those who watch the gig AND Those that watch via their phone! Which are you? Jack White HATES phones! Is he wrong or right to ban phones at his shows !? #DavoDrivesYaHome back at 2pm (QLD)
30 11
No 1 -Record Store Owner No 2- Record Store Owner No 3 - Adult Venue Owner #DavoDrivesYaHome #DreamsAreFree #MondaysSuck
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@beenleighartisandistillery Signature Drink of The Week! Tropical Spice 45ml Spiced Rum 15ml Vok Banana Liqueur 30ml Orange Juice 30ml Pineapple Juice Method : In a high ball glass, squeeze an orange ring twist over ice, build all ingredients, sprinkle with cinnamon and garnish with a pineapple piece #DrinkResponsibly #DavoDrivesYaHome back Monday
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Cheeky 馃摲 with Brian Bell of @weezer @foofighters @davo_radio #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Set times! #foofighters The legends from @dzdeathrays Carving it up right meow! #frontiertouring #DavoDrivesYaHome
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What would be the 1st thing you asked?? #DavoDrivesYaHome from 2(QLD) A whole hour of fooeys & weezer from 5pm!!
9 15
Best wrap #VB has had in donkeys! #DavoDrivesYaHome #fangingforabeeror7
33 9
Reversed into a car 12 mths later still haven't fixed my ride .... #DavoDrivesYaHome with a dent in the tailgate
10 13
Its #2TypesTuesday AND U either drive stick or u suck! #DavoDrivesYaHome
12 7
Well if music taste is all that counts... ole mate #DavoDrivesYaHome must be alright ! Back sarv at 2pm (qld)
75 3
The R'Ozzies Continue! " True Aussie Legend" Award! Who gets ya vote? Johnathon Thurston? Jimmy Barnes? Phil Jamieson? Steve Smith? #DavoDrivesYaHome @ 2pm (QLD)
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The GC Food & Wine Expo is on today & tomorrow! Pop in and see Matt & Adam & the team from @beenleighartisandistillery THE Best & oldest distillery in Oz! #DavoDrivesYaHome #BeenleighRum
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@beenleighartisandistillery #SignatureDrinkOfTheWeek Get into this tonight at the Friday Night Cocktail Night #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Its #FridayFight Time! What ya got? #DavoDrivesYaHome @ 2(QLD)
10 16
I'll start ... "Hump Day" "Woop woop" #DavoDrivesYaHome back at 2
10 20
The countdown continues all week on #DavoDrivesYaHome
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#holdyahorses #DavoDrivesYaHome Back this arv from 2 (qld)
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@beenleighartisandistillery Signature Drink of The Week " Chocolate Old Fashioned" 40ml Spiced Beenleigh Rum 20ml VOK Brown Cr猫me De Cocao 10ml Vanilla Syrup 2 Dashes Angostura Bitters A Lowball Glass & Orange Zest Twist -Add Syrup, Bitters and HALF of Liqueur and Rum to ice -Stir for 20 Seconds then add remaining liqueur and rum -Garnish with Orange #DrinkResponsiby #DavoDrivesYaHome
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Moments b4 young Nathan had to shower to remove the tape... #DavoDrivesYaHome
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While the boss is away ... #DavoDrivesYaHome
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The #FridayFight Is ON! Best Female Front woman in Rock EVER!? Amphlett, Love, Jett, Ford, Hale .. So many to choose! Who's ya pick/s !? #DavoDrivesYaHome back from 2pm (QLD)
7 14
Having ya stezza chew up ya fave cassette! #DavoDrivesYaHome back at 2pm (Qld)
15 17
24 2
Its a #PubRockSummer #DavoDrivesYaHome Back at 2pm (qld)
17 7
#2TypesTuesday Can Vs Glass What's ur pref!? #DavoDrivesYaHome Back on air at 2pm (QLD) #PubRockSummer
8 18
Well the GC Games caused a stir yesterday ! Did they get it right!? Or lost it!? #DavoDrivesYaHome
32 10
#DavoDrivesYaHome Back today from 2pm (qld) Jacoby of @paparoach joins the drive home! Later this week... The legend @joesatriani
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How will we survive!? #heatwave #Daddywantssomesauge #DavoDrivesYaHome back Monday
47 11
Friday dranks anyone!? #DavoDrivesYaHome Back Monday!
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