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People will always show you who they are and you are always showing people who you are in your actions. Believe in the actions. If the words don't match the actions there will always be conflict. Remember that everyone is in collaboration to answer your prayers and guide you through this human experience. When you look at someone do you see your reflection? Do you run away or do you see yourself? Do you judge, blame and/or criticize? Reactions are an indicator of emotional maturity. Are you behaving like a juvenile when you react? React in a manner that shows self respect, self value, self worth and self love. I look forward to guiding you towards clarity tomorrow evening. I love you 💕
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Do you want your messages from your angels. Comment "I want my messages", to be entered into a random drawing. Three will be chosen. Good luck!
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Grande Espírito Ajuda-me a dizer a verdade diante dos fortes e a não dizer mentiras para ganhar o aplauso dos fracos. Se me das fortuna, não me tires a razão. Se me das o sucesso, não me tires a humildade. Se me das humildade, não me tires a dignidade. Ajuda-me a enxergar o outro lado da moeda. Não me deixes acusar o outro por traição aos demais, apenas por não pensar igual mim. Ensina-me a amar os outros como a mim mesmo. Não deixes que me torne orgulhoso se triunfo, nem cair em desespero se fracasso. Mas recorda-me que o fracasso é a experiência que precede ao triunfo. Ensina-me que perdoar é um sinal de grandeza e que a vingança é um sinal de baixeza. Se não me deres o êxito, dai me forças para aprender com o fracasso. Se eu ofender as pessoas, dá-me coragem para desculpar-me, e se as pessoas me ofenderem, dá-me grandeza de perdoá-las. SENHOR, SE EU ME ESQUECER DE TI, NUNCA TE ESQUEÇAS DE MIM. #mahatmagandhi #sourceenergy #angels #meditation #consciousness #loa #awakening #metaphysics #psychic #psychicmedium #medium #words #clairvoyant #spirit #poetrycommunity #healer #readings #spirituality #chakras #writersofig #lov#love #lightfilled #soul #inspiration #spiritualgrowth #innerjourney #spirituallife #spiritualquotes #love #lovequotes
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tarocchi ain’t neva’ lied. making decisions & playing the waiting game is the theme today apparently lmao. 🌞🌙⭐️🌞🌙⭐️🌞🌙⭐️ It was super cool that I pulled the 2 of swords first bc I was literally just reading about the 2s, & kept accidentally flipping back to the 2 of swords. I even took a picture of it! In a nutshell this card symbolizes indecision. miiiiii vidaaa. don’t I know it. & bruhhhh that hanged man is accurate af for right now. just chillin. upside down. blood lowkey rushing to my brain lmao. can’t really get out of it but sometimes that’s the type of tension you need to really get a good perspective and make serious changes!! & surprisingly, this was my first time pulling the three of hearts for the future in a 3-card spread, idk if spirit is tryna hint at some wack polygamous relationship or what but it’s mad unlikely 😂 I feel like it has more to do with friendly companions in this particular reading, & emphasizes the importance of good healthy friendships in the near future. just thought I would share bc I’ve been slacking on doing readings for myself lately & need somewhere to dump these ideas lol 🔮💜
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Are you ready to begin a path of light? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Goddess Gloria will not only guide you in accelerating your ascension to your higher self, she will teach you to see as she sees. You will be guided into deep meditation, cleansing and healing with Tibetan sound bowls and bells. You will learn to channel healing energy from Source for yourself and for others. Once you are connected to Source, Goddess Gloria will then guide you in unblocking and developing your psychic abilities. Every week, you will learn new skills, tools and abilities. To include: Communicate with Source Command the Universe Communicate with your Angels Communicate with your loved ones. Spiritually protect yourself Spiritually protect others Remove blocks Un-stuck yourself Heal yourself Heal others Sound healing. Energy healing. See past, present and future. See your aura Cleanse your aura See other people's auras. Cleanse other people's auras. Manifest. Ocean healing. Circle of fire healing Tarot cards Read your energy Read other people's energies Please bring your copy of the book "Life Shift Session", a journal and/or something to write with. Arrive 15 minutes early with your phone cell turned off. If you are joining us online, make sure you are in a sacred space without interruptions. It is recommended you light a candle and sage your space. Please make sure your cellphones are silent. "I look forward to teaching you to see so you can see what I see and remember me. You and I collaborated for me to awaken you and open your third eye. I have infinite love for you." Goddess Gloria Dress comfy and warm. Bring your favorite floor pillow, blanket and/or yoga mat. Sacred Light Healing Center Members and returning students receive a discount. Level 1 student has completed the 40day mantra and ocean healing. Level 2 student has completed the 40 day mantra. Level 3 student has begun the Life Shift Session. Guest $49 Premium $39 Enhanced $45 Student 1 $25 Student 2 $30 Student 3 $35 20% off for prepaid packages of 8 workshops.
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“This is going to sound weird, but,” or “That sounded weird didn’t it…” or “I’m sorry I’m just weird like that…” In any of those conversational variations we’re downplaying our weirdness ( and that spark of uniqueness that makes you who you are) You may be weird and that’s what makes you fantastic. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. Be weird. No apologies.
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I just heard another Oprah quote but could not find it.. Everyone has a superior destiny and it’s your job to determine what that is..
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If you're looking for a Psychic Readings visit the link in the BIO to see who is available. . . . #psy#psychicing #psychicsofa #psychic #psychicmedium #love #life #motherearth #clairvoyant ✨✨
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If you're looking for a Psychic Readings visit the link in the BIO to see who is available. . . . #psy#psychicing #psychicsofa #psychic #psychicmedium #love #life #motherearth #clairvoyant ✨✨
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#Amethyst 💕 for your crown chakra 👑 A dark Amethyst will provide the vision needed to see into the future. Gain insight & enhance your perception of the potential effects of your decisions with this powerful stone. Personally, I feel a deep connection with amethyst and surround my dwelling with them. . This piece will be in the shop shortly, along with others. Link in bio. I'll be sad to see her go, but am happy to share such a fantastic peice 💕👑 . #sobering #clairvoyant #crystals #mothernature #motherearth #bea#beautiful #rocksandminerals #crownchakra #👑chakra #rockhunters #healingcrystal #crystalvisions #etsyseller #magical #blessed #loveandlight #aquarius #februarycrystal #gemsandstones #beautiful #gemshow #positivevibes #rockcollector #chakra #chakras
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Which one will you feed ? 🐺 📷 @nosh2389
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Photo credit: @bohoskyspirit Yes do what makes your soul happy ❤️
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4 of swords reversed 4’s are generally about stabilization. In this card Spirit is suggesting you to take a break and meditate. Connecting with your intuition is needed. If you have been working crazy hours, make sure you take a break and go to the movies or go dancing. Right now is not for strategizing, its time to give your mind a break. If you have not been working and have been resting and giving yourself a mental break you are getting restless. Sometime we get bored with taking time out. However,this card is suggesting to go over your personal plans. Whether you are taking a break already or are working like mad. Self reflection is important. We are getting closer to the eclipse and the energies are advising us to just give one look over without planning and simply following your heart. Look at what’s helping you grow and whats draining you. Remember a healthy soul is a growing soul ☺️. All in all it will work out for the good of you and the good of others ❤️
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Only way to be. Love and give without expectations and set your soul free ❤️😘 . #ego #freesoul
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See the Good ❤️
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Good vibes only
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Light is all we need
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Which one will you feed ?
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Todays valuable lesson : cut those cords today ! Angels i ask that you cut any cord of attachment that is preventing me from moving forward ❤️❤️❤️💪. Thank you.
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One more day to my birthday ❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
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🙌🙌🙌💯 follow your soul
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Bc its been screwing with you for the past 3yrs 🤦🏽‍♀️ . Well this Dec 20th its done with 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
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Master this and you will never feel hurt or disappointed. ❤️👌🙌
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