Get cosy with Spiced Apple - our sublimely soothing mulled apple warmer. Animation by @allthatisshe, one of eight creators helping us to tell our story. #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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It is a cold, grey, rainy day in London today...perfect for our national pastime: drinking loads of tea! Drinking it from within a vintage suitcase is optional. (Gorgeously creative photo by #cfgextraordinaryjourney participant @allthatisshe, tea provided by @taylors as always)
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It’s @belleannee here with you for all of December sharing my favourite images of and by Creating for Good members and friends. This is one of my favourite shots ever of @rosiefoodie, one of the 8 incredible influencers taking part in #cfgextraordinaryjourney. Rosie is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in terms of food and she is an absolute pleasure to know and to collaborate with. If you don’t know her, you should. And this shot by @her_dark_materials is pretty 🙌🏼 also!
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Monday moments ➰🌿#inspiration #bliss #tasteofasia #peace
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Follow @car@carmon_sym_89 ---------------------------------------- For more of the worlds greatest travel places follow @carmon_sym_89 ---------------------------------------- A story of tea and travels ✨☕️ I’m a worrier.. I worry that my photography is just “silly”, I worry that I’m not making enough of a difference or that my work has no value. This is something I’ve been trying to write about for a long time and although I do now accept that there is value in pretty pictures, and just because images are calm and happy doesn’t mean they are “empty” - I am passionate about the power of photography and I admire hugely those who use their skill to make a little difference. I’m very grateful to have been given a chance to fulfil my desire to do something that matters, and I’ve written all about it on the blog, finally ☺️ Together with , and a wonderful group of content creators I will be visiting Rwanda in February 2019 to experience some of the community projects which Taylors are involved with there, to meet the tea and coffee producers, and to see the work of in the field. Last month we went to Harrogate, to the home of Taylors, and tomorrow our extraordinary journey continues with our next workshop in London. It’s a long time since I’ve felt so inspired by a project, a cause, or a group of people, and I can’t wait to share more with you. Please take a peek at the blog post, there’s a link in my profile 👀😘 In collaboration with and #sponsored #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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Happy Thanksgiving!! (even though we don't celebrate it in Finland 😅) But it doesn't mean we're not thankful for anything. I'm very thankful for my family and friends and the job I've had this Autumn. I'm also extremely thankful for my health (my week of sickness reminded me again about it 😂) What are you thankful for? #thanksgiving2017 #hashtagauthentic
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#CFGExtraordinaryJourney with @taylors and @creatingforgood has been the most inspiring projects I’ve worked on and it’s only just started! Being surrounded by amazing content creators (and generous human beings) motivates me to look around me with fresh eyes, to tell my stories in my own style and to push the boundaries of what is “a pretty Instagram picture”. I can’t wait to see how we’ll all grow and evolve our styles over the next 15 months! PS: you can read more about Extraordinary Journey on my blog! - #sponsored
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Double fisting coffee today while we try to pack for our trip to Boston to spend Thanksgiving. Cannot wait to introduce Adeline to my family and prove to them once and for all what a little beast she is 😅. • On the blog there’s a new post on my time in Yorkshire with @Taylors & @creatingforgood and what our collaboration, Extraordinary Journey, is all about. Link is on my profile. #sponsored #CFGExtraordinaryJourney _______ #flatlaylove #coffee #onmyplate #flashesofdelight #creatingforgood #booklovers #thehappynow #makemoments #givingback
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It’s no secret that I love tea. Tea is my comfort; if I’ve had a rough or tiring day, it’s a good cuppa that’ll sort me out. I used to be a loyal breakfast tea girl and refused to drink any other kind (I think I tasted a bad fruit tea once and shunned them all for life). But, a few weeks ago I was taken on a tour of the @tay@taylors factory. We covered how their tea is sourced, made and packaged, and I was introduced to teas that I’d never even heard of before - sour cherry, sweet rhubarb, and spiced apple. So, after seeing how much goes into producing these little bags of flavour that we drop into our cups with little thought, I thought I should keep an open mind and try some new varieties. I tried their Spiced Apple, and now I can’t stop drinking it. Some would say that I’m full to the brim 😉. This tour, and taste sensation, were both part of my extraordinary journey with @taylors, @creatingforgood and @womenforwomen. #sponsored #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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Currently reading 👀📖 I've been on sick leave for a WEEK now. And no, it's not cool or great or even okay. My days have mostly consist of countless hours of TV and movies (this photo is from the one time I decided to read instead 😅) and massive amount of ice cream. Okay I admit that does sound awesome but being sick is nonetheless never nice. However I'm getting better and totally looking forward to going back to work next week 😉 #meandmyeverydayvibes #konmaribooks
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A few weeks ago I confidently declared that I was done with food writing, photography, blogging and recipe development. I was making a choice to undertake my second-favourite thing that I didn’t give birth to: Art. It was met with a supportive response by many but a tepid response by those who know me best. On Tuesday I was honoured to put my apron back on (actually I borrowed one from @Taylors) to lead a @cre@creatingforgood cooking class for 8 of my favorite UK-based creatives who are undertaking the loveliest of initiatives: learning about @taylors teas and coffees in an 16-month program that benefits @womenforwomenuk and culminates in a trip to Rwanda to help the participants understand the real origins of something we all love to have too much of: Tea and Coffee. I had the most amazing day with everyone. I love being a part of @creatingforgood and I love the enthusiasm and heart of the #cfgextraordinaryjourney participants. Putting my apron back on felt great and reminded me that I don’t need to choose one passion over the other. And also that I will cook for extraordinary women any day! (Thank you @jessonthames for the photo and @mondomulia for making the whole day come together!)
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This week has flown by... It began with an epically long set of meetings and transitioned to an epic day of cooking with our favorite crew from Yorkshire for the second workshop of the #CFGextraordinaryjourney. That was followed by an epically festive lunch in the delightful presence of the @bordeauxwinesuk team (anyone looking for pairings, hit me up). I epically embraced the holidays, even despite Thanksgiving still being one week away. And last night, I had an epic final clearing and nostalgic goodbye in my old flat. Time to make some new (epic?) memories. Now who wants to guess what the catch-word of the day is? #bbcbritain #omgb #visitbritain
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On Tuesday we held the second #CFGExtraordinaryJourney workshop, a cooking class with dishes inspired by the flavours and aromas of @taylors Origin coffee range. Did you catch the action on our Stories? - @belleannee was our amazing teacher for the day, Taylors provided the goodies and taught us about coffee tasting, @charlottehuco was our photographer and @mon@mondomulia baked an olive oil & orange cake from @womenforwomenuk cookbook. All in all, an extraordinary day! - 📷 @mondomulia
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Sharing a slice of yesterday’s splendid afternoon with @taylors & @creatingforgood for the 2nd workshop of #CFGExtraordinaryJourney. @belleannee was at the helm hosting a cooking class with incredible dishes that compliment the flavour notes of @taylors’ Origin range coffees. • I could hardly contain my excitement when I plopped two juicy, Berebere-spice crusted beef tenderloins on the skillet to sizzle. It was the dish I looked forward to most but once we sat down and incorporated the honey roasted acorn squash and @ottolenghi lentil salad (from @wom@womenforwomenuk cookbook) it was obvious that this was the best meals I’ve had in quite some time. We capped the meal off with a vanilla soufflé topped with coffee creme anglaise. • @mondomulia also spoilt us with this Olive oil & Orange cake made from the @womenforwomenuk cookbook. I basically left the event wanting to recreate all the dishes we tried 😋. #sponsored _______ #onthetable #onmyplate #makeitdelicious #makemoments #flashesofdelight #verilymoment #beautifulcuisines #eattheworld
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We've been busy in the kitchen with @creatingforgood, cooking up a global menu inspired by the flavour notes of our single origin coffees. To find out more about our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney project, click the link in our bio.
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Our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney of creativity and learning continues... - 📷 @theslowtraveler
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Anyone for some sweet roasted acorn squash? I’d happily eat this whole pile mashed with salted butter and cracked black pepper. Such a fun day taking part in our second creative workshop in collaboration with @tay@taylors @cre@creatingforgood - learning more about the nuances of flavour in speciality coffee (over 1000 volatile and non volatile aromas, in fact) with a cupping session, followed by an illuminating cookery lesson with @bel@belleannee which incorporated some of these flavours. We made so much food! Berbere spiced beef fillet, roasted acorn squash and an @ottolenghi lentil salad from the @womenforwomenuk cookbook with vanilla soufflés and coffee creme anglaise for pud. Such a feast. Thank you to @belleannee @mondomulia @creatingforgood and @taylors for a truly inspiring day. #cfgextraordinaryjourney #spon #autumnfood #coffee #cookery #autumnrecipes #gourds #squash
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Ethiopian berbere-spice seasoned fillet with caramelised butternut squash and a castelluccio lentil, tomato and gorgonzola salad - inspired by the flavour notes of @taylors Ethiopian and Brazilian coffees Thanks to the ever amazing @creatingforgood for helping us put on another incredible workshop #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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11.14.17 Tuesday Tips. Thank you, @creatingforgood, for helping us learn from the masters! 💕 #cfgextraordinaryjourney #tuesdaymorning #herewegrow #collaborationovercompetition #letsgo #rise #shine #truth #tellyourstory
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Cooking with coffee ☕️👩🏼‍🍳#cfgextraordinaryjourney
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How beautiful is this olive oil and orange cake by @mondomulia!? It’s from the brilliant @womenforwomenuk cookbook Share and we’re eating it for breakfast with some @taylors speciality coffee. Today we’re learning some globally-inspired recipes that reflect the different flavours in coffee from @belleannee - starting with vanilla soufflés with Brazilian praline coffee creme anglaise. Follow along on my stories. #cfgextraordinaryjourney #spon
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Today we're cooking with coffee notes in the next phase of the @taylors @creatingforgood #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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This is Riskrem, a traditional Scandinavian dessert made with cold rice pudding, sugar and sour cherries. With our Sour Cherry infusion as its inspiration, it was created by @eatnorse - an amazing Nordic influenced restaurant in our home town of Harrogate - and served at a dinner we shared with our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney creators. You can find out more about that project by clicking the link in our bio.
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I should have known my break from cooking wouldn’t last THAT long... I’m back in it with a vengeance tomorrow! Looking forward to the second @creatingforgood + @taylors #cfgextraordinaryjourney workshop. This one is extra exciting because I’ll be working with the amazing @mondomulia and leading some of my UK-based Instagram heros in an intense and spicy cooking lesson. Follow along with the hashtag and tap the photo to see who I’ll be hanging out with tomorrow 💕
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#Repost @allthatisshe (@get_repost) ・・・ I think it's fair to say that after the last two days, I have a whole new perspective on tea (perspective, get it). Spending two days with a bunch of talented Instagrammers, the ever-so-incredible @creatingforgood, and @taylors was always going to leave you feeling fired up and ready to take on the world (you need tea do to take on the world, am I right?). After a tour around the factory yesterday - which included a trial run at becoming a tea taster (my dream job!) - we were treated to an uplifting and motivational workshop ran by @belleannee and @jessonthames all about Master Storytellers. They spoke about the powers of photography, creating visions, interpreting authentically and starting conversations, and we looked into a huge variety of inspirational people, from David Attenborough, Malcolm Gladwell, Christine Amanpour, to fellow Instagrammers such as @andrewknapp. So, it's fair to say that I'm feeling massively inspired, my creative juices are flowing, and I can't wait to continue on this journey with the rest of the gang. #sponsored #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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The second workshop of #CFGExtraordinaryJourney - a cooking and food styling class with @taylors - is happening in London next week. @bel@belleannee will lead the class with @mondomulia. Together with the CFG team, they are busy finalising all the details to make the day extra special for our content creators! We can’t wait to share some photos with you! - 📷 @belleannee
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After months of planning and excitement, eight content creators gathered in Harrogate to kick off the start of #CFGExtraordinaryJourney. @cha@charlottehuco was there with her camera to document the best moments of this experience. You can see her beautiful photos on our website, click on the link on profile! 📷 @charlottehuco
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Here’s a little glimpse into some of the projects I was busily working on lately—a nice fresh logo for the always inspiring @creatingforgood crew and a couple materials (ident, passport, and invite) to tie into their crazy amazing collaboration with @taylors. Since I shouldn’t write a novel length caption, all I’ll say is please read more about what they’re up to on the CFG website—seriously, go now! It will make your heart feel good and we all need that these days. • Lastly, I just have to say that I am so thankful to have been trusted by CFG & Taylors to use my talents and to be a part of this through that 🖤 • 📷 @mondomulia 😘 ___________ #brittfabello #makersformakers #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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{#sponsored} ‘It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.’ -Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist) I first read The Alchemist on the day that I left home, aged 18. I was in a plane, flying to Thailand, where I was to spend a year living & working in a secondary school. It was my first great adventure. Over on the blog, I’m talking about my upcoming Extraordinary Adventure, as part of a collaboration with @Tay@Taylors and @CreatingforGood, in support of @womenforwomen. I’m sharing the secrets of my favourite tea, of what happened in Yorkshire last week, and why this really is a dream come true for me. The link’s in my profile, I do hope that you’ll have a read. #CFGextraordinaryjourney Sponsored by @Taylors (Teatime scene created by the lovely @belleannee) . . . . #moodofmywindow #itsstill_life #aquietstyle #littlestoriesofmylife #homeisacupoftea #thisjaneaustenlife
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Throwback to my trip to Harrogate with @creatingforgood and @taylors a week ago... 😍 I’m working on my blog post about the first gathering of our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney and I can’t wait to share it with you all!
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Mon chéri! Photographer: @hannahargyle #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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Every great journey should start with Sweet Rhubarb. Photographer: @circleofpines #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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It’s taken me exactly one month to find the courage to take baby Adeline out for an adventure. And we made it count. A five hour car ride in “Bradley” the Mini-Cooper led us to Harrogate to mark the start of the #CFGExtraordinaryJourney, a partnership with @tay@taylors and @cre@creatingforgood along with 7 other creatives. • There I learned that the Yorkshire air does wonders for an unusually cranky newborn and that the @ruddingparkhotel is a remarkable place to stay and especially inviting for families with small children. • I found that being a new mom, while overwhelming, doesn’t mean I have to completely lose my individual self like I feared. It was being with likeminded friends, new and old, such as @mondomulia, @hannahargyle, @circleofpines, @theslowtraveler, @rosiefoodie, @allthatisshe to take up the challenge to find new inspiration and ideas. The @creatingforgood workshop led by @jessonthames and @belleannee on Master Storytellers gave us food for thought on the different paths we as content creators can take to craft an engaging narrative while staying true to our own vision. It was the perfect presentation to prepare us for this unique & refreshing partnership with @taylors over the coming months. Stay tuned to see what lies ahead! #sponsored ________ #flashesofdelight #makemoments #booklover #awakethesoul #beautyintheeveryday #brilliantmoments #thespacesilike #verilymoment #makersformakers
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This week I travelled up north to the gorgeous town of Harrogate to start a 15-month long journey with @taylors and @creatingforgood. That I was chosen - among UK’s best content creators - to take part in this project is still blowing my mind. As I stood in a room full of incredibly talented and highly successful women, I felt humbled. As I listened to @jessonthames and @belleannee talk about the masters of storytelling, self-doubt crept in. How am I going to create something new, different, unique and wonderful to contribute to this Extraordinary Journey? It is a huge challenge and I feel nervous. But I also know that watching other people at work over the next year and a half and learning first-hand from them will be 10 times more helpful than studying a lesson from a book. And so, I am excited too for this one-of-a-kind opportunity. I know I will put my 100% into this journey and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. Thank you Taylors of Harrogate for hosting us on this wonderful creative trip! #sponsored #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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Kombucha made with our Rose Lemonade infusion - by the brilliant Harrogate restaurant @eatnorse. #CFGExtraordinaryJourney
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I think it's fair to say that after the last two days, I have a whole new perspective on tea (perspective, get it). Spending two days with a bunch of talented Instagrammers, the ever-so-incredible @creatingforgood, and @taylors was always going to leave you feeling fired up and ready to take on the world (you need tea do to take on the world, am I right?). After a tour around the factory yesterday - which included a trial run at becoming a tea taster (my dream job!) - we were treated to an uplifting and motivational workshop ran by @belleannee and @jessonthames all about Master Storytellers. They spoke about the powers of photography, creating visions, interpreting authentically and starting conversations, and we looked into a huge variety of inspirational people, from David Attenborough, Malcolm Gladwell, Christine Amanpour, to fellow Instagrammers such as @andrewknapp. So, it's fair to say that I'm feeling massively inspired, my creative juices are flowing, and I can't wait to continue on this journey with the rest of the gang. #sponsored #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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Sometimes, upon leaving a place, you know it’s going to stay etched in your memory. This place in particular. I’m going to remember pulling up the drive, sitting in a van full of inspiring women whose talents, hard work and kind hearts push me to think about what i understand about creativity and inspiration and originality... what I think I know about craftsmanship and artistry. I’m going to remember hearing laughter across a lawn and around a dinner table. I’m going to remember running props up magnificent staircases and sharing family stories in quiet corners. I’m going to remember crafting a workshop on masters of storytelling with @belleannee for a group of women who are already masters themselves. I’m going to hold onto the things I’ve learned from the likes of Annie Leibovitz and David Attenborough and Christiane Amanpour and my darling @creatingforgood teammates the next time I feel stuck. I’m going to remember learning about how important it is to consider where you’ve come from but not forget who you are or where you want to be going. We’ve just started this #CFGEXTRAORDINARYJOURNEY in Harrogate at the home of @taylors. But I have the excitement with me of knowing it’s only just the beginning...
3k 41
It’s rare, but sometimes things happen at just the right moment. I love what I do, and I feel incredibly privileged to be able to say that, but not holding down a ‘conventional job’ with set hours, a team, and aims and objectives - while being liberating and creative, can be maddeningly solitary. I sometimes wonder if I’ve gone down the right route and start to question where I’m going with it all. But then this. For the past two days I’ve been in the company of seven incredible women, all of whom have inspired me in totally different ways, and it’s been a joy to feel like a part of a creative team with a shared and valuable purpose. Today @bel@belleannee and @jes@jessonthames gave us the most insightful and powerful workshop about Master Storytellers. From Annie Leibovitz to Bruce Springsteen, we covered some absolute legends. I haven’t felt that lit up for a while, maybe not since uni, and as I sit here on the train, whirring past a beautiful autumn sunset, I feel truly excited, and filled with optimism. I can’t wait to apply some of the things we discussed to narrating this extraordinary journey with @tay@taylors @cre@creatingforgood in the best way possible for you guys. I hope you’ll stick with me and share in the experience as we embark on more workshops and our eventual adventure to Rwanda. Thank you @belleannee @jessonthames @mondomulia @candidsbyjo @circleofpines @theslowtraveler @allthatisshe @hannahargyle @taylors @creatingforgood - can’t wait to meet @me_and_orla and we missed you @samwardpr_ - get well soon. #cfgextraordinaryjourney #travel #creativity #workshops #rosiefoodietravels #sponsored
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An amazing couple of days kicking off the #cfgextraordinaryjourney with an incredible bunch of people. 📷 by @naymski (Soz)
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As peaceful as this scene is, it is a few hours and a hundred miles behind me now. At the moment I’m squeezed into a bright red train seat, drinking a fairly bad glass of wine with a man tapping furiously on his laptop next to me. The sun is setting somewhere on my right and shining in a woman’s eyes across from me and even though I’m tired, the wine isn’t very good and the guy next to me is gentlemanly manspreading, I’m filled with joy, optimism and satisfaction after an outstanding launch of the @creatingforgood + @tay@taylors Extraordinary Journey. You’ll have to pop over to the CFG website (link above) for more info but suffice it to say here that it is connecting 8 incredible influencers with the Taylors brand, bringing them though a year of workshops to hone their already impressive storytelling skills and culminating in a visit for 10 of us to Rwanda, to visit a tea plantation and see where @womenforwomenuk and @taylors are both doing incredible work and changing lives. The tea scene? That was styled this morning with the most amazing Taylors tea and Betty’s biscuits overlooking the lawn of Rudding Park hotel just before @jessonthames and I kicked off with a Master Storytelling workshop. Keep an eye on this journey. It’s pretty extraordinary. #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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Wow. 11 course menu at the amazing @norse_restaurant last night, celebrating the start of a beautiful partnership between @taylors and @creatingforgood to raise money for @womenforwomenuk #cfgextraordinaryjourney
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"I just wish the world was twice as big and half of it was still unexplored." ~ David Attenborough — Today we are exploring lessons to be learned from our favourite storytellers: photographers, writers, podcasters, musicians... Inspiration is all around us and we will do our best to share the #CFGExtraordinaryJourney story with you in the best way. — Photo by @roselladegori
1k 29
Annie Leibowitz. Bruce Springsteen. David Attenborough. Massimo Vitali. Nate DiMeo. What can be learned from these powerful yet diverse storytellers? That was the question we explored today in a workshop presented by @jessonthames and @belleannee. I often feel guilty for posting aesthetically pleasing photos that I know will be well-received on Instagram... but lack any substance and mean nothing to me. The 'likes' are worthless and the comments are shallow because, well, the subject is too. Today reminded me to continue seeking out inspiration in all forms of storytelling, and try harder to apply the lessons to my own art. I can't wait to see the evolution of our #CFGExtraordinaryJourney participants' stories too, as they embark on more workshops throughout next year and end their journey in Rwanda in 2019. So... who is your favourite storyteller?
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Great few days kicking off the #cfgextraordinaryjourney programme with a fab bunch of very inspirational women from @creatingforgood and @taylors . Lots of tea, coffee and an inspiring talk from @jessonthames and @belleannee - so excited for the coming months! #taylors #coffee #tea #powerofinfluencers #doingggood
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Spiced Apple Infusion on an autumn morning 👌🏼 #tea #teapot #work #harrogate #apple #autumn 🍁🍂 #cfgextraordinaryjourney @taylors @creatingforgood
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A Rudding good morning to thee. Up with the dawn to catch the sunrise and the start of the second leg of our #cfgextraordinaryjourney - such a beautiful setting for our workshops today. #morning #sunrise #yorkshire @taylors @creatingforgood #tra#travelsnaps #rosiefoodietravels #travel
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Seriously exciting meal @eatnorse in Harrogate tonight - Nordic flavours and techniques joyfully executed. Highlights include pressed ox cheek with pickled beets and horseradish in a @taylors coffee reduction, caramelised yeast whipped butter and sourdough and this: a cold, creamy rice pudding encased in crisp, glossy sour cherry gorgeousness. Just behind: rose and lemon kombucha which I now have the scoby for!! More on my stories. #nordiccuisine #cfgextraordinaryjourney #dinner #tasting menu #finedining #rosiefoodietravels
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Riskrem, a traditional Scandinavian dessert made with cold rice pudding, sugar, and sour cherries, served at an event we hosted tonight with @taylors for London-based collective @creatingforgood . . . #cfgextraordinaryjourney #riskrem #nisser #scandinavian #scandifood #harrogate #norse #dessert #foodstagram #sourcherries #sourcherry #scandiinspired
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