#AprèsYoga with @caityrose is back @crazymtnbrewery this Saturday in #Denver! Join us to #breathebendandbrew now only in the third Saturday of each month! Tickets available at link in bio. Cheers! 🙏🏽🍻🧘🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️💗 #denveryoga #yogawithbenefits #apresyoga
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Yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ + Beer 🍻 = whatever you want it to be! For me it’s an hour to give myself my benefits of yoga and then time to build the #bayarea @apresyogaevents community, meet new people, and enjoy delicious beer! So next Saturday at 10:30am Jan 27, come flow then drink @21stamendment in San Leandro. The link for tickets is in my bio! And get your tickets early, to lock in the early bird price! $20 before and $25 at the door! See you on your mat. #saturdayfun #eastbay #eastbaybeer #aprèsyoga #aprèsyogaevents #21stamendmentbrewery #breathebendandbrew #yogawithbenefits
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Ruthless evaluation of your true desires needs taking disciplined actions towards and against somethings and people! Come flow~ Wednesday at 5:30pm, @lokayogawhistler Last class before I disappear for some beach & surf time 🏝 ✌️ #whistler #yoga #vinyasa #aprèsyoga #bendbeforeyousend
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#AprèsYoga @alpinedogbrewingco earlier today hosted lots of smiling yogis in chair pose! Thanks to the students who showed up and to @kelseyroseyoga for teaching us! Join us on the second Sunday of each month to #breathebendandbrew! Until next time yogis, #cheers to you! 🙏🏽🍺🧘🏽‍♀️ #denveryoga
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Post yoga glow and bliss are a real thing! And if you haven’t tried it yet, then you should! And what a better way to try yoga then with a beer at the end! Come #breathebendandbrew and brew with me Jan 27th at 10:30am! For one hour of yoga and one pint of beer @21stamendment in San Leandro! The link for tickets is in my bio, $20 before and $25 at the door. **It’s also my birthday weekend so let’s celebrate! #saturdayfun #craftbeer #sanleandrocraftbeer #eastbaybeer #aprèsyoga #yogawithbenefits #21stamendmentbrewery
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Our limited edition thermals are selling fast!! (We're running super low on certain sizes.) Have you checked them out yet? Follow the link in our profile to shop now. 🎿🏂❄️🍷🥃
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Fanget après Yoga. Før og etter yoga, alltid stor forskjell. Både inni og utenpå. Velvære og rosa kinn. #aprèsyoga #rosycheeks #feelinggood #lifeisgood #yogabergen #yogaworks #namaste #oneslowyogi
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Catch this cutie @kelseyroseyoga for #yogawithbenefits this Sunday and every second Sunday of the month this year @alpinedogbrewingco! 10:30AM Yoga 11:30AM Beer 🍺 🙏🏽🤸🏽‍♀️ #denveryoga #AprèsYoga
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#Hoppy Yogis #AprèsYoga last night @drydockbrewing! Join us next time Tuesday January 23rd at 7PM to #breathebendandbrew 🙏🏽🍺😊
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This Tuesday, Sarah is back @drydockbrewing #SouthDock to serve you #yogawithbenefits! Join us at 7PM for Yoga in this private room and let’s cheers #AprèsYoga! #denveryoga 🙏🏽🍺🤸🏽‍♀️
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Anyone spend the day off the slopes! 😉🥂 Après All Day pullover available online, clickable link in profile: www.augustink.com Photo: @kellikroneberger
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Hey 👋🏼 #Denver! We’re kicking off the new year with our first event @ratiobeerworks with @elyseleren this Saturday at 11AM. Join us for one hour of yoga in the brewery and tasty brew #AprèsYoga in the taproom. Cheers to #2018! 🙏🏽🍺 #breathebendandbrew
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Happy Birthday to this beautiful goddess @kelseyroseyoga! This 25-year old beauty is a fitness rockstar who is wise beyond her years. We are so lucky to have her as part of the #AprèsYoga teacher team. Cheers to you Kelsey! 🙏🏽🍺🤸🏽‍♀️ #birthdaygirl #denveryoga
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Another great year cheersing to you #AprèsYoga but this year it was all across the country! Thanks to all our #RoadYogi friends who came out to enjoy #yogawithbenefits! Until next year, remember to #breathebendandbrew 🙏🏽🍺🎊 #bestnine2017
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Great end to #2017 with this crew @21stamendment brewery in #SanLeandro. We practiced yoga along to a fun playlist honoring the year with a few top hits and songs from musicians that passed on and toasted to the new year #AprèsYoga! 🙏🏽🍺🤸🏽‍♀️🕺🏼💜
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Get your last #breathebendandbrew of the year on, this Saturday! Join @denellejarro for yoga and beer tomorrow 10:30am @21stamendment in San Leandro! Link for tickets in my bio! See you on your mat! #saturdayfun #apresyogaevents #aprèsyoga #yogaandbeer #eastbaybeer #sanleandro #craftbeer #bringin2017
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An original poem from @caityrose: "'Twas the Saturday before Christmas, The brewery was waking and all the yogis in chair pose were shaking, balancing, rooting, breathing, and flowing finding intention and - as always - some crow-ing! The joy of the practice brings us together - Inside, of course, thanks to the cold weather We'll follow our class with some fabulous beer To fill up your day with love, cheer & cheers!" Join Caitlin this Saturday for #AprèsYoga @crazymtnbrewery in #Denver 10:30AM Yoga 11:30AM Beer & Cheer! Tickets at link in bio. 🙏🏽🍺🎅🏽🎄🤸🏽‍♀️
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Purple haze ⛅🌴🌊 . . #gallefort #sunset #afternoonwalks
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Hey #BayArea, what are you doing #NYE weekend? Before your healthy resolutions take shape, why not join us for one last #breathebendandbrew on Saturday December 30th at 10:30AM @21stamendment brewery in #SanLeandro? We’ll practice yoga for 1 hour and then cheers to the new year #AprèsYoga! Only $20 so please secure your spot and register on our website. Link in bio. #YogawithBenefits 🤸🏽‍♀️#bayareayoga #newyearsyoga
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So many hoppy yogis #AprèsYoga @jaggedmountaincb last month. Who will join us this Sunday to #breathebendandbrew with Jamie?!? $15 for Yoga & 1 Pint! Tickets at link in bio. 🙏🏽🍺🤸🏽‍♀️
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“Class was incredible. Everyone was so playful with their practice, these are the moments I live for.”-Sarah the @mountain.yogi #AprèsYoga last night @drydockbrewing! Thanks to Sarah for teaching #yogawithbenefits and to the yogis who came out to practice and cheers with us after class. 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🍺
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Hey hey who wants a cocktail after yoga this weekend? 🧘🏽‍♀️🙏🏽🍹Join Amelia for an all levels yoga practice @devilsheaddistillery followed by a tasty libation of your choice. $15 for Yoga & 1 cocktail. Tickets available on our website. #cheers #AprèsYoga #yogawithbenefits
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Do you #pout in #pla#plank like one of our students Sean?!? @kelseyroseyoga loves to teach her students #plank so they can truly enjoy the beer #AprèsYoga. Gotta #detoxbeforeretox right?!? 🙏🏽🍺
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A humble bow to everybody who came to sip and shop #AprèsYoga with us yesterday @bigtruck HQ in #Truckee! @tahoemountainbrewingco served some great brew to support @tahoehuskyrescue! Thanks again #Tahoe we will definitely be back to #breathebendandbrew with you soon! 🙏🏽🍺🐺🚛🧘🏽‍♀️#yogawithbenefits #bigtruck
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—>THIS SATURDAY<— 1pm to 5pm ***Event Link in Bio*** 🍻🧘🏻‍♀️🧢🐕 Drink TMBC Brews @bigtruck & all sales go straight to @tahoehuskyrescue #huskyrescue #adoptdontshop #truckeedogs #hopsforhuskies #bigtruckbrand #independentbeer #aprèsyoga
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@kelseyroseyoga is back for #AprèsYoga #SecondSunday @alpinedogbrewingco this week! All levels welcome every time! 10:30AM Yoga 11:30AM Beer 🙏🏽🍺
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#Tahoe I can’t wait to be back in my element and bring you #yogawithbenefits! I’ve teamed up with @bigtruck and @tahoemountainbrewingco to host a special #SipandShop #AprèsYoga next Saturday. Yoga begins at 11AM and then we’ll make custom #bigtruck hats and enjoy a pint after class with beer proceeds going to benefit the @tahoehuskyrescue! Talk about a good time. Please share with your CA friends. Link to register in bio. 🏔🧘🏽‍♀️🚛🍺🐺
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Special thanks to the Après Yogis who came to #breathebendandbrew with us last night @track7brewing in #Sacramento! Until next time #SACtown 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🍻 #sacramentoyoga #track7brewery #AprèsYoga
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Sacramento friends, come flow with @apresyogaevents tomorrow at Track 7! You'll be led by the wonderful @denellejarro! 6pm! Tickets available: https://nightout.com/events/track7/tickets See you there! #yogaandbeer #breathebendandbrew #yogawithbenefits #aprèsyoga #sactown #track7brewing
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#WCW to one of my favorite people on the planet, @elyseleren! Not only has this cutie become of my best friends, she is also kicking off @apresyogaevents @ratiobeerworks in #Denver this Saturday and I couldn’t be happier to have her lead our inaugural event at this #RiNo establishment. She is just the perfect amount of hipster chic to make this event great and is ready to cheers to you after class. Tix available on the website. Link in bio. 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🍻💜 #AprèsYoga #yogawithbenefits #denveryoga
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#Hoppy Yogis @drydockbrewing last night with the @mountain.yogi #AprèsYoga! Catch Sarah for our final event of the year on Tuesday, December 12th at 7PM and let’s #breathebendandbrew #Denver! 🙏🏽🍺💜
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Big(Truck) News! 🙏🏽🧘🏽‍♀️🚚🍺🎉We’re headed to #Tahoe next weekend to do Après the right way! Join us @bigtruck HQ in #Truckee for an levels yoga practice followed by a complimentary pint from @tahoemountainbrewingco and sip while you shop #AprèsYoga. Tickets available on our website and this event will sell out so be sure to save your spot today!
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Hey #DENVER! This pint-sized peanut is stoked for our newest partnership with @ratiobeerworks coming up this Saturday, December 2nd! Join @elyseleren at 11AM in the brewery for yoga and then enjoy a complimentary pint after class in the taproom! $15 for both, use code “TAPTHAT” today only for an early bird discount to confirm your spot! Tickets available on our website! Cheers to #CyberMonday deals and great beer #AprèsYoga! 🙏🏽🍺💙 #denveryoga #yogawithbenefits
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Happy Birthday to this bubbly beauty Sarah Antonucci! Catch Sarah @drydockbrewing this Tuesday evening at 7PM for another edition of #breathebendandbrew and cheers to this lady #AprèsYoga 🙏🏽🍺💜 #denveryoga #yogawithbenefits #partneryoga
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I am extremely grateful to be able to hold space for others, to breathe, bend, and feel whatever they need to feel. I am grateful to share myself and my emotions with others. So much gratitude for @denellejarro for creating the space and community that is needed in the Bay Area! Much gratitude and thanks to all that came out today to #bre#breathebendandbrew with us! If you missed this month, join us next month! Same time and same place! Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend! #aprèsyoga #apresyogaevents #yogawithbenefits #breathebendandbrew #sanleandro #drinklocal #saturdayfun #easybaybeer #craftbeer #yogaanywhere #gratitude
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I am grateful for this time with my family, for a crazy dog that wants to join in on my yoga, for love, for support, for those that genuinely care, for strength, for passion, for a roof over my head, for friends, for yoga and the community it provides, and a body and an outlet that can help me express my thoughts when words aren't available. That is my gratitude. I'd love to hear yours and join it all together on our mats TOMORROW! We'll slow down this flow and #breathebendbrew together at 10:30 am @21stamendment in San Leandro✨ for one hour flow and one beer, and many more after if you'd like! Tickets are available in the link in my bio. I hope to see you there! Cheers🍻 *** You can get tickets at the brewery tomorrow if needed! See you there! #gratitude #yoga #yogaandbeer #apresyogaevents #aprèsyoga #craftbeer #sanleandro #drinklocal #community #eastbaybeer #breathbendbrew #yogawithbenefits #twiststodetox #heartopening #21stamendmentbeer
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Hey #SAC, We’re back @track7brewing this Thursday at 6:30PM to #breathebendandbrew with you! Tickets available on our website! Link in bio. #Cheers to the weekend 🙏🏽🍺 #AprèsYoga #yogawithbenefits
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#PrayerFlags & a packed house @jaggedmountaincb yesterday! Thanks to this amazing crew of yogis for coming out to practice and cheers with us #AprèsYoga. Join @jlkutte in this space Sunday, December 17th at 10:30AM to #breathebendandbrew 🙏🏽🍺🕉
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"Gratitude turns what we have into enough".... - Melody Beattie Come join us, one week from today, for a gratitude all levels flow and a pint of delicious beer! Come detox after your thanksgiving feast with us, and visiting family is always welcome! Tickets are available in the link in my bio! Saturday November 25th 10:30am @21stamendment in San Leandro. #yogawithbenefits #breweryyoga #aprèsyoga #21stamendmentbeer #yogaanywhere #firesidechat #gratitude #craftbeer #eastbaybrews #sanleandrobeer #breathebendbrew #community
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Cheers to your #Colorado #AprèsYoga teacher team! 🙏🏽🍻💜 #yogawithbenefits #yogateachers
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Hey #DENVER! Our founder @denellejarro will be back @crazymtnbrewery this Saturday to #breathebendandbrew with you. $15 for Yoga & 1 Pint. Come play! 🙏🏽🍻 #yogawithbenefits #AprèsYoga
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Great crew at our inaugural #AprèsYoga event @drydockbrewing last night. Join us on Tuesday, November 28th at 7PM for the next #breathebendandbrew with Sarah, the @mountain.yogi 🙏🏽🍻 #yogawithbenefits
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I am forever grateful for the yoga community that has embraced my unique movements, taste in music, flaws, growths, and strengths. I am honored again to lead the next @apresyogaevents at @21stamendment in San Leandro. November 25 at 10:30am we with flow with gratitude, celebrate the growing community, detox a bit, and then retox with great beer. Tickets are available in the link in my bio. See you on your mat! #breweryyoga #gratitude #yogaanywhere #yogawithbenefits #aprèsyoga #yogandbeer #brewfreeordie #21stamendmentbeer #breathebendbrew #craftbeer #eastbaybrews #sanleandrobeer
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Beer enthused yogis rejoice! This Sunday at 10:30am we will host our second round of beer and yoga with @apresyogaevents $15 gets you an hour class and a pint after! Added bonus, @denellejarro will be returning to Denver to teach this class so don't miss out!
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#Regram from @drydockbrewing! #AprèsYoga kicks off tonight at 7PM. Enjoy a pint of great brew after an all levels yoga practice with Sarah. Come to #breathebendandbrew! $15 on our website. Link in bio. #Cheers! 🍻 #BreweryYoga #YogawithBenefits #Aurora
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Warrior Yogis celebrating 3 years of @alpinedogbrewingco and cheersing #AprèsYoga with @kelseyroseyoga! Special thanks to the yogis who came to #breathebendandbrew. Much love and cheers to YOU! 🙏🏽🍺 #yogawithbenefits #apresyoga #den#denveryoga #denver
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@kelseyroseyoga is back @alpinedogbrewingco this Sunday to teach #AprèsYoga and to celebrate the brewery’s 3 year anniversary. We are so grateful fir this space and this community. Join us to #breathebendandbrew Tix available on our website 🙏🏽🍺
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Next Tuesday, our newest addition to the teacher team Sarah Antonucci will kick off Tuesday evening @apresyogaevents @drydockbrewing in #Aurora! Join us Tuesday evenings at 7PM on a bi-weekly basis over the next 6 weeks to #breathebendandbrew. Full schedule and tickets available on our website! 🙏🏽💙🍺 #AprèsYoga ABOUT our Teacher: Sarah was hooked on yoga from a young start. At the age of 14, she was drawn to teachers who focused on mindfulness and respecting your body’s limits. Nestled in the warm embrace of Boulder’s yoga community, she built a strong daily practice focused on vinyasa style movement with breath. A deeper need for more led Sarah to Bali, Indonesia in 2015 where she completed her 500-hour teacher training over the course of 7 weeks. Filled with so much knowledge over a short period of time, Sarah immediately came back to the states and started teaching vinyasa based classes in the Denver area. While vinyasa will always have her heart, Sarah enjoys all styles of yoga that allow you to be playful, including acro-yoga and more recently aerial silk yoga. Sarah enjoys teaching classes that are upbeat, rigorous, and breath oriented. While her classes are welcoming to yogis of all years, there are always opportunities during practice to up-level or modify, making the flow your own. Breathe, and let the poses come second. Once you take the practice inward, you will be amazed what shows up on your mat.
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