- 23-year-old Alysia Basmajian and her husband, Anthony, used to marvel to each other that they lived their lives in fast forward. They became parents at 21, just before the start of their senior year at the College of William and Mary, when their daughter, Kaela, was born. They graduated in May 2000, were married in June that year, and found jobs in Manhattan — he on the floor of the stock exchange, she as a staff accountant at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center's North Tower. In the summer of 2001, Alysia and Anthony's pace seemed to have finally slowed. They moved into an apartment in Bayonne, New Jersey, in August. For Kaela's second birthday, on September 2nd, the little girl received her first bike; the family spent the day in the park. One of the first things people remember about Alysia was her smile. Alysia possessed a contagious smile, one that made everyone around her smile. Coupled with her compassionate personality, Alysia was one of those rare people we meet in life; a person who makes the lives of those around her better and happier. Alysia's drive to realize her dreams was matched by her intense love for her family. Her life was centered around the people closest to her. Her true passion in life was art, and she found painting as a ready means of self-expression. At about the time they moved, Anthony said, the couple found a list of life's major stresses and realized that they had done nearly everything on the list within the previous 18 months. "We'd gotten married, graduated, had a child, found jobs, moved to a new city," he said. "It was stressful, but we faced it together." Alysia's grandmother, Sunbary, can recall the morning of September 11th with vivid precision. It was her 83rd birthday and she slept in, not rising until after the Twin Towers had been destroyed. Knowing nothing yet about the attacks, she turned on the television and watched in horror as footage of the disaster was replayed again and again. "I knew Alysia was gone as soon as I saw the news," she said. "I still can't believe they killed my beautiful granddaughter."
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✈ ▌▌NeverForget ✈ ▌▌the victims of 9/11 LINK IN PROFILE MICHAEL L. BOCCHINO World Trade Center A FIREFIGHTER'S SCRAPBOOK Michael L. Bocchino kept a scrapbook of all the fires he fought and the people he helped rescue in his 22 years as a fireman. The first entry dealt with a Harlem apartment fire in June 1980 ‹ when he was 24 ‹ in which two firemen plunged to their deaths. The book's last chapter will be about the World Trade Center, his last fire. As family members compile material for it, his uncle, Leo Piro, a retired fireman, reminds people that his nephew's career started and ended with a disaster. For the last 12 years, Mr. Bocchino, 45, worked as a chief's aide in Battalion 48 in Brooklyn, helping deploy units at fires. He was devoted to his elderly parents, Michael and Lucy, with whom he lived, and his work, family members said. During a memorial Mass on Oct. 13, his brother Tom talked of the scrapbook, and the people Mr. Bocchino had saved since 1979. And he lamented the sudden end of his career. "We may never get to meet anyone he might have rescued on Sept. 11." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 20, 2001. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 24, 2001. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 30, 2001. #sep#september11a> #sept11 #911anniversary #september11 #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #and#andresbarrilatwin #911victims #andresbarrila #911tribute #twintowers #wtc911memorial #bleeckerstreet #thompsonstreet #victims #91101 #911wtcofnyc #911heroes #911nyc #northtower #southtower #fdny #nypd #11deseptiembre2001 #hijacked #911remembrance #911memorial #911museum
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✈ ▌▌NeverForget ✈ ▌▌the victims of 9/11 LINK IN PROFILE JOHN PAUL BOCCHI World Trade Center PRANKSTER WITH A HEART With a top broker's panache, John Bocchi presented himself as if to say, Either you love me or you don't. He would pull up next to you in his Porsche — a 911 — flip the bird, grin, and take off in the wind. Once, Mr. Bocchi drove by as a friend was loading his golf clubs into his car. Friend goes into the house. Comes out: clubs gone! The two search frantically. Friend calls the New Vernon, N.J., police. They take one long look at their buddy, John. Who grins and finally produces the clubs from his trunk. Michele Bocchi loved him through 16 years of pranks, parties, Ferrari and Porsche shows, moves around New Jersey, Wall Street promotions (at 38, a managing director at Cantor Fitzgerald) and this year's 35-pound weight loss. Loved the father in him, who came home Friday nights with pizza for Matthew, 9; Nicholas, 7; Michael, 3; and Paul, the baby. His suggestion for the new license plate: "Boys 'R' Us." Only one thing she wanted to change: he chewed ice. Drove her nuts. "And now that's what I miss," she says. "The nights are lonely. I would give anything to hear that chomp, chomp, chomp again." Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 30, 2001. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 24, 2001. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 30, 2001. #sep#september11a> #sept11 #911anniversary #september11 #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #and#andresbarrilatwin #911victims #andresbarrila #911tribute #twintowers #wtc911memorial #bleeckerstreet #thompsonstreet #victims #91101 #911wtcofnyc #911heroes #911nyc #northtower #southtower #fdny #nypd #11deseptiembre2001 #hijacked #911remembrance #911memorial #911museum
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✈ ▌▌NeverForget ✈ ▌▌the victims of 9/11 LINK IN PROFILE Michael Boccardi has spent a decade trying to avoid dwelling on the day his son died in the twin towers. "It's still very difficult. Every year, you can't get over it because every year it's on the TV again. I find it way difficult to watch any of that," said Boccardi, a Bronxville resident and former Pelham police chief. "I live in Westchester and my daughter and grandchildren live in Albany. They're all that's left." He seldom speaks to anyone about what happened. He was particularly close to his son, who lived with him. Boccardi said even the Westchester County memorial is too painful to visit. This year, however, he plans to attend the Pelham memorial, the first official remembrance ceremony for him since 2001. Michael Andrew Boccardi was working on the 93rd floor of the north tower Sept. 11. The last family gathering before his death was his niece's christening at the start of that September. She now has twin 8-year-old brothers whose middle names are in memory of their uncle: Christopher Michael and Nicolas Andrew. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 24, 2001. Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 30, 2001. #sep#september11a> #sept11 #911anniversary #september11 #september11th2001 #neverforget911 #worldtradecenter #groundzero #and#andresbarrila #911victims #andresbarrila #911tribute #twintowers #wtc911memorial #bleeckerstreet #thompsonstreet #victims #91101 #911wtcofnyc #911heroes #911nyc #northtower #southtower #fdny #nypd #11deseptiembre2001 #hijacked #911remembrance #911memorial #911museum
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Our Brother, Andy Fredericks coasters now available. At the fire house or your home, just another way to remember... A portion of each coaster sold will be donated to a charity. Still in the works for which one. These will be available in this natural veg tan color, stained black, or stained dark brown. More pictures to come! Pretty pumped on these
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The Tunnel to Towers Foundation 9/11 Memorial made its way to New England for the first time today and it was welcomed with a heartwarming escort from a multitude of area first responders and emergency personnel. #91101 #fdny #nypd #seacoastchiefs #RFD #neverforget
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