"Ser louco num mundo perturbado não é loucura...É sanidade " #106gti #RX #106gtiteam #peugeot
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Oh boy you have been missed! 😩
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So thats the Comps sold 😭 although they looked amazing and quite rare, I just wasn’t happy with how they looked on the car. But now i’ve got the Speedlines it’s time to decide on a colour and get them fitted! 😍
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#TBT to one of the last photos taken of my old 106 before she came face to face with the concrete wall and steel barrier at Breidscheid on the Nürburgring 🙏🏼 RIP
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Engine bay goals ✔️ other than a set of Satchell Jenvey ITB’s and @edwardsmotorsport exhaust manifold, the bay is complete 👌🏼
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