119 days left until New Year! Day 98 of #The100DayProject Bauble. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Good morning to everyone♡ Day 91 of #The100DayProject Raccoon. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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I realized that summer is a hard time for challenges/projects like this. It's a problem to find free time in a sunny beautiful day, especially if you are in a trip. But when I have free time I always try to draw, like now. So, just 17 drawings left!))) And this is 83 illustration for #The100DayProject. An apple. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Have you seen "La marche de l'empereur"? Day 82 of #The100DayProject Penguin. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Besides my BD today is International Whale Day. Quick sketch for #The100DayProject Day 80. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Have you ever seen a fox in the wild? Day 59 of #The100DayProject Fox. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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In Carpathians live bears. I heard a lot of stories from the local about meetings with them. I love animals and I had hoped to see them, but I wasn't fortunate enough. Who knows, maybe in this forest, ahead of me, behind one of this trees, one sat and looked at me :) Day 54 of #The100DayProject Bear #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Gooood morning from Ukrainian Carpathians! :) Mountain valley Ripta 1373m. Day 53 of #The100DayProject Tent. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Carpathian mountains, Blyznytsia 1881m. Day 52 of #The100DayProject Mountain #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations #notabook
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Here is the wonderful notebook in which I'm drawing illustrations for my #The100DayProject . I really love the paper! It is pleasant to touch, and the warm shade paper gives a special zest to drawings, I even think they become more beautiful :)))) I received it 2 years ago as a gift for participating in the competition, organized by @not@notabook .It is Ukrainian notepad shop with illustrations of talented artists on the covers. You can find there notepads of different sizes, form, with different kind of paper, you can make it with your own picture on the cover! Even you can create your own shop and sell notepads with your illustrations! ------ А вот блокнотик в котором я рисую свои #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations ))) Хочу вам рассказать о нем, т.к. очень им довольна :) Замечательная плотная бумага, с небольшой текстурой и приятным теплым оттенком, не мнется и не теряет структуру при использовании стирачки, чернила не просачиваются, что очень важно если вы любите рисовать с обеих сторон листа))) Получила я его 2 года назад за участие в конкурсе иллюстраций от @notabook . Это магазин блокнотов с большим выбором авторских иллюстраций для обложки. Вы можете выбрать размер, форму, бумагу для блокнота, а так же сделать обложку со своим рисунком. И даже создать свой собственный магазин блокнотов со своими иллюстрациями! Рекомендую всем любителям блокнотов и красивых вещей! )))) #notabook #sketchbook #notepad #doodle #illustration #блокнот
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Fragment of illustration for 39 day of #The100DayProject Ice cream. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 38 day of #The100DayProject Fish. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 37 day of #The100DayProject Bottle. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 36 day of #The100DayProject Monster. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 34 day of #The100DayProject Cup. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 31 day of #The100DayProject Flower pot #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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Fragment of illustration for 30 day of #The100DayProject Shell. #100DaysOfDrawingThingsInDifferentVariations
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