World Trade Center, New York City, 1973-2001. #1973 #09112001 #911 #WorldTradeCenter #NewYork #NewYorkCity #TwinTowers
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Yesterday I was genuinely upset that our gym was closed. Yeah, I went home and worked out but I was looking forward to climbing 110 floors to honor the 343 firefighters who lost their lives saving innocent men and women in the twin towers on 9/11. Today- josh and I joined a new gym and they had two stairclimbers so tonight I was able to honor those brave, selfless souls. I can say without a doubt, it was the toughest thing I've ever done emotionally in the gym. To say it was humbling is an understatement. I wasn't in full gear. I wasn't surrounded by smoke and souls panicking trying to get out. I didn't have to see the fear in their eyes. I wasn't walking those stairs with the thought that I wasn't going to get to say goodbye to my family. I couldn't take my eyes off of my husband the entire time...thinking of how they knew they may never share a moment with their significant other again. I don't know if what I did tonight truly honors those heroes....but I do know it instilled in me an entirely new level of pure respect for those souls. It humbled me completely. And I will climb every single year for as long as my body is capable. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten. #343 #110floors #1stphorm110
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#09112001 🙏🌹
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Дома как и люди. Старые и молодые. Стоят высокие, но рядом с ними есть и малые. Интересные и обыденные. Яркие. Есть и такие, что проходя мимо, их не замечаешь, но они уже давно родные. Те, без которых нет удобства в наше время. И есть те, что навсегда останутся в наших воспоминаниях. We all remember the 11 September 2001 events in the United States and mourn the lives lost. 🙏 #rw #ny #09112001 #neverforget #united #godblessamerica We grieve the old, but we rejoice in the new 🙏
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