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I’m a blue door lover, can’t deny! 💙 . . . #reisgup #bluedoors #bluelover #marrakechpalace
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Magnificent architecture in the old palaces of Marrakech. Those high doors, the wood carvings, the mosaic, it’s all so gorgeously detailed 😍 . . . #bahiapalace #reisgup #marrakechmustvisit
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A sneak peak of our Morocco adventures 😎✌️🇲🇦
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The souks of Marrakech are an amazing spot for some hardcore souvenir shopping! Who can resist these gorgeous carpets! 😍🇲🇦
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I just love this Riad! If you ever go to Marrakech I totally recommend you to stay at Riad Soundouss in the heart of the Medina. It’s gorgeous! #riadsoundouss #bestplaceinmarrakech #reisgup
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Visiting the Bahia Palace in Marrakech
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Ever had an entire beach to yourself? 🏖
On the Thai island of Ko Chang, only a stone’s throw away from Cambodia, you can still find breathtaking remote and completely empty beaches. With only each other, white undisturbed sand and the soft sound of the clear blue ocean waves, we were lucky to experience one of the best feelings of freedom in the world! 😇😎
A rare thing in this world, unfortunately, and something to appreciate even more when you compare it to the occupied beaches you come across so often while traveling across the globe. Not to mention all the plastic and trash that people leave behind to disturb the nature and all the wonders of the sea.
Why has mankind become so dirty, selfish and careless about the consequences of their trash?
Save the planet and clean up your trash! The world is a wonderland! 🐠🌏💚💙
#safetheworld #cleanupyourtrash #beautifuldestinations #kochangisland
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Note to self: bring a bigger backpack next time, to take incredibly gorgeous masks like these back home to shine on my souvenir wall! #souvenirjunkie #tobigformybackpack #bigbummer #ReisGup #penangtrip
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Love this fried fruit with chocolate dipping 😍🍋🍊🍓 Couldn’t believe the Vietnamese cuisine is so creative! Yummmm😋
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Take a moment every day to think about the things you are most grateful for. I got inspired to do so by the Hindu culture in Bali, and it gave me an even more fulfilling life. 💟
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Unexpected color palette in Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳
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