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Already at the hotel waiting for weekend festivities 😍. Until then, Key west bound with my homies 🌴🌴🌴
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@unclerosswrx I officially hate you. It’s bad enough it takes me 2 hours to get out of the house already. I didn’t need YOU to add to my decision making with forcing me to buy all this shit. Now I’m sitting here confused because I have no shoe game etiquette, and do not know what to wear with what 😂🤦‍♂️. A big 🖕 to you sir. On a serious note, can’t wait to chill in Miami next week!! Hurry up and get on a fucking ✈️
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I know it’s technically vacation, but how can you say no to a TT V8 Benz and two FBO Type R’s. I’ll start vacation tomorrow or something 😂 @eurodynamic @cbtuningeuro #mikeytuned
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What a day!! I love my new car!! 405whp and 400lbs lighter in 9 hours 😍 @subaruwrxstr @patchxt04 @dirtyracingproducts @einkmanblack
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Enjoying the new car smell for a 20 minute ride to @dirtyracingproducts. Then it’s time to destroy it 💪. Stay tuned for my latest and greatest build, so pumped for this one!! And yes, kept the STi. Back down south for the 7275 JAM 😎 @patchxt04 @einkmanblack @subaruwrxstr
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3am in North Carolina. What type of race car things could be happening? #stayschemin
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7 AMG CAR’s to custom tune this week. 7!! And it’s the winter. Where did they all come from 😂 #mikeytuned #amggang @theshopct @nick_theshopct @cbtuningeuro @eurodynamic
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This is the most mint older AMG i have ever seen 😍😍. Waiting for me so i can turn up the heat tomorrow 😎
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@aci_dynamix @aci_wraps @joelpatrol_acidynamix @mro_tincho getting the bulls ready for Miami!!
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Really late night on the dyno. A bunch of Subaru’s, a huge turbo MK4 Jetta, and this GEM. Perhaps the nicest looking color I’ve seen on the new C63’s. Tons of Merc guys coming through in these cold months 💪💪. Up 70whp and 100wtq. Now to hit the tread mill for a few miles and catch up on the near 100 emails I have. Hope to finish by sunrise 🤷‍♂️ #mikeytuned #amggang @theshopct @cbtuningeuro @eurodynamic
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Can someone tell me something about this picture that is near unbelievable? 04 STi, last car on the day
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