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🐗ATTENTION ANYONE WHO HAS EVER WANTED TO GO ON A THERMAL IMAGING HOG HUNT🐗 @spo@sportingclassicsmag is almost to 10k followers, and when they get there, they will announce one LUCKY follower to go on a hog hunt with me, @hannahbarron96 , and @katievanslyke ! 🙌🏼 All ya gotta do to enter: follow ➡️ @sportingclassicsmag ! Can't wait to adventure with some awesome people plus meeting some new faces! ☺️
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Cage free. All natural. No hormones. 100% self sourced. 🦃 Turkey season is coming!!! 😋 #MondayMotivation
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Nothing better than fresh air, family and fishing. 🎣 PC: @csmithoutdoors
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687 EELL Classic 2nd Amendment Special Edition. 🇺🇸 Reasons this gun is awesome: it stands for America & Freedom; it’s the first color engraved gun by Beretta; they are only making 30 of them. 🇺🇸 If you are around @sewechs I highly suggest stopping by the @berettagallery booth to check it out. ALSO, I have a video up on Facebook going into a little more detail about the gun. ☺️ *Link in bio!* #Merica #freedom #Beretta #2A #2ndAmendment #SEWE
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My favorite view of Charleston, from the water with a fishing pole in my hand. ☺️ Swipe ⬅️ This was the first time (in person) I’ve seen dolphins beach themselves to catch bait fish. It was very much a team operation and super cool. 🙌🏼🐬🐬 Everyone loves fresh fish. 😉 The outdoors are pretty amazing. #getoutside #Charleston #SC #SEWE
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Workin’ hard or hardly workin’... 😉 It’s difficult to tell a difference when you get to talk hunting and guns all day! Wonderful turn out @sewechs with @berettagallery
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Excited to be here, SEWE!!! 🤗 2nd floor, top of the stairs go left & stay straight! You’ll find me at the @berettagallery booth this morning! #SEWE #Charleston #SC
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How excited I am it’s FriYAY & I’m headed to Charleston, SC to hang out with my friends of @berettagallery at the Southeastern Wildlife Expo! 🤗 Come by tomorrow and say hey! #SEWE #Charleston #SC PC: @danajophotos
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Came home to the pleasant surprise of my Texas buck being hung in our freshly trimmed bathroom. 💕 Thank you @csmithoutdoors for the wonderful surprise. DIY tutorial for my deer skull coming soon. ☺️ #DIY #euro #skull for once a photo by me! 🤣
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Thank you @cutecountrygirls for the support! 💕 Learn about my transition from 2008 ➡️ Today! 😊 In case you missed this post, it goes into more detail explaining how I went from your basic sorority girl to who I am now. Life is a constant journey. Live the life that makes you happy. 👊🏼 I wouldn’t change a thing. Would you?
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I randomly see this floating around the internet. 💕 How cool is that to see? Here’s to hoping your Valentine can do both! 💪🏼💋
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Happy Valentines Day to the man who trusts me to net his fish. 💕 That’s true love. @csmithoutdoors
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Things I’ll never get tired of: sun, fresh air & making new friends. 😉 It feels good to be in Florida doing those things with my dad and grandma. 😊 #DifferentDayDifferentState #getoutside
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Happy Galentine’s Day to these strong babes! Y’all help make the world go round! 😘 I’m thankful for the opportunity to have met such inspirational, classy women who hunt thanks to @babes_bucks 💕 social media is such an amazing thing, especially when you make lifelong friends from it. #girlswhohunt Babes: @nicolebelke @followherarrow @sierra_langbell @_jennakaye @sydneyleann40 @whitney_outdoors 📷: @first_light_productions Guide: @bigkansasoutdoors
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Check out the wing span on this greater. 😍 Makes me feel worse about myself knowing there are times I miss this large of a target. 😂 Reminiscing on this past weekend and wishing I could go back #BerettaTribe #conservation
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Sad to see this end. 😢
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It’s been a tough morning. Conditions: little wind, cloudy (so the birds can pick everything apart since there are no shadows), freezing temps (so the decoys kept wanting to collect ice) and to top it off 10k+ geese decided to set up just down the river (so they pulled majority of our interested groups away). 😑 You just can’t compete with real birds. Thankful for the ones who worked like they were supposed to. ☺️ Lunch break and heading back out to try again. 🤞🏼for us. #BerettaTribe
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There is a pretty big size difference between a greater and a lesser Canada goose. 😳 Can you guess which is which? 😉 Today was a struggle at times. Only singles or doubles wanted to commit. Larger groups wouldn’t even give us the time of day. The wind changed (not to our favor). And we were happy to get a glance, although the spreed looked amazing (to our eye) it clearly did not impress larger flocks. So only time, calling & persistence grounded the birds. #BerettaTribe #SheHunts #Nebraska #goose #FriYaY 📷: @colinphoto_rockhouse
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Nebraska bound for some goose hunting with @worldofberetta ☺️ along with some other top secret things 😉 to say I’m excited is an understatement. #proudhunter PC:@first_light_productions
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Happy Anniversary to my best friend, the man typically behind the camera & the man responsible for getting me into hunting. 💕 Thank you for all that you do, all that you teach me and for tolerating my crazy ideas (like “lets enter to win a free wedding” 💐or “I think I’m gonna quit my job to work in the outdoor industry.”🏹) @csmithoutdoors 🥂 to making a lifetime of memories outdoors! 😘 #loveyoulongtime 📷:@richardbellphoto Fun Fact: Yes, we won our wedding through @charlestonweddings ! And it was AMAZING! Swipe to see some of the details of our special day I’ve never really shared before. ☺️ We used turkey feathers from a turkey I shot & tundra swan feathers for the floral arrangements. We also had our friends & family sign an elk antler as our guest book. ☺️ It now looks really cool decorating our home. #SharingTheRomance #SweetserSmithSoiree #Charleston #SC
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Hoping for a moment similar to this on FriYAY! 🤞🏼 (minus the green heads, unfortunately) Packing today & getting SUPER EXCITED! 💥 Nebraska bound on Thursday. 3 more sleeps until I’m hunting geese. ☺️ PC: @sheoutdoor @npstroup
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Wishing Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow. I’m ready to see some green. 🌱 Everyday that passes is one day closer to turkey season! 😋🦃 Time to get back into the groove, in case you’ve fallen out of it like I have. 🤦🏻‍♀️🏹 PC: @first_light_productions
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