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Obligatory "glass of beer in first significant snowfall of the season" pic.
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Time to put a little Feliz in your Navidad, and we have just the thing. Subliminal Chicanery (5.5%), a brown ale with cacao, vanilla, cinnamon, and a touch of cayenne. On tap now. #feliznavidad #mexicanchocolate
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Tonight's Culinary Features: Seared Scallops w/ Lamb Pancetta AND Fruitti Di Mare.
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Frog Legs! Get 'em crispy fried or get 'em Buffalo style, as long as you get 'em tonight! Open 4-10PM.
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Our revamped Rye Demise debuts today. It's a pale ale with with heaps of rye malt and plenty of Mosaic & Simcoe hops. You can score a free pint of it today and Wednesday if you show us your gym pass. Because your well-being is important to us. #beermuscles
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New on tap today: Eyes Aglow (5.9%). It's a delightful Winter White Ale brewed with honey, apricot, coriander, and nutmeg. Take home a growler, and you won't find it hard to sleep tonight.
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Blithe (7.9%) Belgian-Style Golden Strong Ale. This year's batch is hopped with Centennial, which lends a pithy lemon character. We are aging a portion in CA Chardonnay barrels for release next summer, but the rest is on tap now!
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Sweet Potato Pie with caramelized onion, candied walnuts, smoked gouda, and arugula. We tasted it with our coffee blonde, and we said, "It's real good." You should do the same tonight.
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Tonight: Rabbit Stew w/ biscuit and $6 Flights.
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If this beer could talk, it would sound like Kathleen Turner. She's a Belgian-style porter that we call Bruna, and she'll hit you like a velvet glove full of bitter-sweet chocolate and candied plums. On tap tonight. #smelltheglove
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Good Eye Sniper DIPA (8.3%) is back today. This batch is heavy on Sorachi Ace hops, with a not-insignificant addition of Mosaic. We really dig the results. #oneamongthefence
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Our Dia de los Muertos celebration culminates tonight with a very special cask of Mexican Chocolate Cold Drip City, made with coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne. $5/pint
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