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Happy National Pork Month from Slagel Family Farm, especially from the girl who would rather spend her time in a pig pen than getting all dolled up 馃惤馃惙
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Baby Spice is growing up & wants to spice up your news feed. #happyfriday
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I may say this all the time, and I may be a little biased because she's my niece (LouisJohn's daughter), but really does it get any cuter than this?!馃槏
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Ten years ago LouisJohn re-opened this processing plant as Slagel Family Meats. Ten years ago his dreams for Slagel Family Farm started to become more of a reality. And wow, we've come a long way in ten years!
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A few weeks ago we hatched our first batch of baby chicks in an incubator here at the farm. Every new project requires learning, but LouisJohn loves knowing what happens during every step. These chickens will be born, raised, processed, packaged and delivered all at his fingertips/ everything except the cooking, but we'll leave that to the experts.鈽猴笍
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It's not just the boys, little sis loves the fence as well. I guess, who wouldn't?!
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Hard to make the kid more full of joy than when you place him right there.
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Just a boy, his dog, & his tractor.
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Exciting things are happening at Slagel Family Farm... stay tuned to what's going to come out of this!
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We've been having some gorgeous weather here lately. Hay is being cut today and looks just beautiful, I would say.
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Piles and piles of pork skin. Coming up on delivery to a restaurant near you tomorrow!
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Happy turkeys, happy people, happy Friday.
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