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sure, the weekend might be over, but we have a feeling you're gonna crush it this week. 💪 📸 : our chicago stockist @aliceandwonder
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raise your hand if you wish it was warm enough to be in a pool right now 🙋🙋🙋 📸 : @kaylchip
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hope you have the sunniest sunday ☀️ 📸 : @blytheivory
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we can’t get over those green eyes on this sweatshirt that our director of social media @christinawinkelmann found at the rose bowl last weekend.
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right this way to the best weekend, ever. 📸 : @lisa.bonnett 🎨: @beautificationsolutions
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need a wake up call? we suggest trying a new body oil or fragrance. we stock some of our faves from @maisonlouismarie & @tradeyoke on our site, and with this many options, you'll never have to settle for just one scent.
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when you used that google arts & culture app and then you try to recreate some classic art poses IRL. 👩‍🎨 📸 : @sara_diamond
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can you believe that #bandoturns10 this year?! you may have noticed we relaunched our mini hearts and mini pom pom flowers to celebrate, and we updated the backing cards with art from some of our favorite artists! wear it as a hair clip or pin it on your jacket. everyone was obsessed with these - even @justinbieber had one 😂 do any of you still have your OG versions? if so, you gotta show us! p.s. this photo is from one of our shoots back in 2013. #fbf
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no rain here...but have you seen our really cute translucent pink rainy days jacket? it's sure to brighten your day, no matter what the weather is. modeled expertly by our wholesale marketing designer, @carriekawamura
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honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful salad?! 📸 : @saladforpresident
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think about it this way: new drinkware means more coffee and more wine. right?? we added a ton of new drinkware, so check it out you know where. 🍷🍶🥛🍺🍾
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do you wanna see your logo on your favorite product? it's totally possible through our corporate gifting program! perfect for events, gifting, office supplies and more. for more info and to sign up, head to
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