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How do you react when someone you know disrespects you? I don’t believe anyone should ever have to explain why they deserve respect. Its not worth the time or energy to engage with anyone not willing to give you the respect you deserve. Don’t react and keep moving! . 📖@kandymag 📷@mikepradofoto 💄@jenniferireneofficial #happyhumpday #powermoves
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Do you enjoy hiking? I hiked 4mi yesterday and debating on a mountain or ocean view hike today. 🤔 . . After a short sickness (probably thanks to immunity boosters I’ve been taking) I started detoxing with @gobalancediet and can’t wait to feel all of the benefits. Just like the booster this product is all natural! #healthylifestyle #gobalancediet #detox . . Use my code: Shantal10 for savings!
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Will you be my Valentine? ❤️🌹 I only remember asking that to a boy in second grade and being crushed when he had brought a gift for another girl. Fast forward to my first boyfriend (of only a few days and hand holding) who dumped me over the phone on Valentines Day. Some people might never think of that again or some might hold on to it forever. Moral of the story although it may be “just a day” it can be special and enjoyable for everyone. . If you don’t have anyone special or romantic in your life think again. You are special and I encourage you to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Whether that means today, tomorrow or next week. It can be simple like treating yourself to something you’ve been refraining from or more serious like taking steps to care for your body, mind and soul. . Regardless of whether you have someone in your love life or not there is lots of love to share with anyone you care about. It’s about the thought and reminder to anyone you care about. Family, friends and colleagues alike. It’s true that love can be shown all year but what’s wrong with a entire day of love??! ❤️🌹😘 #happyvalentinesday
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What are you doing this gorgeous Sunday afternoon? ☀️ My mornings started slow but heading hiking & then to relax at the beach. #sundayfunday
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Do you do anything to keep your immunity in check? Everyone around me has been so sick 😷 lately. So I was thrilled to connect with @gobalancediet who’ve been around for 25 years! I started taking their Immunity Super Immunity Builder once a day and have really felt great through the worst of this cold/flu season. The best part is it’s made of all-natural plant based ingredients and equivalent to eating pounds of vegetables.🥦 Anyone who knows me probably knows the only food I usually eat by the pound 🙈 (guilty). #gobalancediet #immunitybooster . 👉🏼 Use my code: SHANTAL10 to save 10% off any of their products
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Now that it’s February I wonder just how many New Years Resolutions have been ditched. I personally fell through on a few but maybe the problem is with the way we make resolutions. Why not make monthly goals as the year goes instead of just giving up once we fail? I’ve found by making smaller goals I can hold myself more accountable and work on what matters to me at the exact time instead of thinking I will do that sometime by next December. 🙈 These are my goals for the month, what are yours? 👩🏼‍💻 . . Spend less time ⏱ on social media by using my time more efficiently Write 📝 what I want to achieve each week down on paper and plan it out Read 📚 40mins a day Learn something new 💻 Hike 🍃at least one day per week Photo by: @jj_velasquez_photo from our 6am hike in the dark 😛
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Looking forward to 80 degree weather this weekend in SoCal! I’m sure you can guess where I’ll be.😏 What are your weekend plans?
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Where can I live and wear a bikini 365 days a year? ☀️ 🏖 📷 @nathandrakephotography 💡 @adamhyattphotography 👙 @kandyshopbikinis 💄 @n.hoschetmua
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If you could only pack 4 things to the beach what would they be? Spent yesterday shooting 👙☀️ #bts #potraitmode Towel, oil, water 💦 and cell phone - for music purposes only that thing won’t be accepting calls. 😏
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Woke up at 4am...hiked nearly 3.5 miles to shoot (see story!). A part of me wants to drive home and take a nap. But instead I’ll go refill my coffee and get busy. Who else could use another cup? ☕️
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Californians: It’s only 65° better my grab parka, scarf and boots. People from Washington: Omg it’s warmer than 60° degrees out! Immediately slips into bikini, shorts and flip flops to go soak up the sun. Sadly it won’t be warmer than 45 when I travel home this weekend so I have to leave my bikini behind. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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Hair, makeup, wardrobe, lights, camera.. Followed by sifting through images to find the 2-4 worthy of use, while the other 500-700 images get covered in digital dust. Edit, post, rinse & repeat. 🤔 📷 @calebchic
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