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There's a lot of theatrics out there. Excess movement, these choreographed motions that just won't happen in a real gun fight. Gun fights are loud, fast, and gritty. Not to mention pretty unnerving because nobody likes the idea of someone throwing pieces of lead in their direction. Come master the fundamentals with our team. Master the use of your weapon and your mind can focus on the million other things it has to process in that moment. Civilians this means you too, the worlds a crazy place... be a dangerous person in it if the time comes.________________ 馃毃Register on our site, 2018 NJ courses up now馃毃 Be sure to check out our affiliates: @bullseyetacticalsupply for all your ammo and weapons. @bluelinebeasts for all your swag for the course
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馃毃"There's nothing wrong with a little controlled violence"馃毃 _____________________________________ Come train with my team of experienced instructors. We take experience from the military, law enforcement, PMC, and bodyguard arenas and give you what works. Brilliance in the basics is key, because when sh*t hits the fan THATS what works every time.__________________________________ 鈻笍Shake off those Super Bowl hangovers and register for a class now on our website鈻笍
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Here's to weird things, in weird places, doing weird sh*t. Remain a student and as always "stay lethal"... also "yes, that's a rattlesnake"... reason 368 why guys don't live as long as women... we do dumb shit, with stupid grins 馃
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鈻笍Okay so it's 2018, the holidays are over... It's time to train again. Our 2018 NJ training schedule is up. 馃毃Register now馃毃Seats are limited as we like to keep classes small so we can keep a high instructor:student ratio. Everyone who registered yesterday will be getting emails and invoices this morning. ---------------------鈻笍See you guys on the range 鈻笍As always... Stay lethal -Ryan
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馃毃POP QUIZ馃毃 What's step number 1 when ambushed in a vehicle? 1. Mash the gas pedal? 2. Get that gun in the fight? 3. Grab your phone and put some 馃敟on the radio so you can bump while proceeding to hand out post-natal abortions to the booger eaters who started the fight? 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 #success #beast #tacticalfirearms #rangeday #guntraining #specialoperations #nj #gunfanatics #dedication #weaponsdaily merica #fight #police #cops #fit #glock #pistol #actor #nra #gym #njcops #fitness #sniper #mindset #veteran #newjersey #military #training #guns #marine
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Malfunctions happen in real life... I had a failure to fire in a live situation once as overwatch. Pucker factor at 100000000... Train for them, even though I know they're not as sexy as hitting steel... Awesome malfunction clearing and transition work by this student. Stay lethal... 馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟 #success #beast #tacticalfirearms #rangeday #guntraining #specialoperations #nj #gunfanatics #dedication #weaponsdaily merica #fight #police #cops #fit #glock #pistol #actor #nra #gym #njcops #fitness #sniper #mindset #veteran #newjersey #military #training #guns #marine
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馃毃馃毃SALE LIVE NOW馃毃馃毃 Register before 11:59pm Monday for 15% off ANY 2018 class. Yes you can purchase for others lol. Stay safe, stay lethal. -Ryan
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馃毃ITS FINALLY HERE馃毃 After a bunch of logistics and a million EMails we have our 2018 New Jersey Course Schedule out... 鈻笍New classes! 鈻笍All are open to civilians unless otherwise indicated, so no more excuses! 鈻笍But don't register just yet... we have a sale starting at 12am tonight since we missed Black Friday. 鈻笍15% off all 2018 courses Tonight 12am- 11:59 pm Monday.
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I've been seeing a lot of crazy stuff when it comes to training lately. Every drill should have a point and be based in sound tactics. PSA: Tac-pants and a plate carrier doesn't make an instructor. A lot of people in this industry that shouldn't be. Make sure you train with reputable teams. They're out there, just gotta look. Stay safe
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It's called a "family" for a reason... Repost @bluelinebeasts (@get_repost) 銉汇兓銉 This is how it鈥檚 supposed to be ! Take care of your brothers in blue , sisters in blue , all first responders, and supporters of this blue line family. We will always have your six and consider you family ! @1tufchick u got this kick cancers a$$ and we鈥檒l help u through this battle anyway we can ! Bluelinebeasts.com 鈿笍馃數鈿笍馃殧 #pol#policely#unity #blueline #nypd #njsp #njpolice #police #cop#cop#cops #blu#bluelinebeast> #thinblueline #cops #usa #gym #fit#fit#fit#fitcops #policeusa #bluelinefamily #cop #fitcops #fit#fitness #fit #leo #bluelinebeast #fitness #fitcop #k9 #k9officer #lapd #policepics #policeofficer #policecar #protectandserve #wolfhunter
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Last class of the year tomorrow! 馃毃Full course calendar will be out for 2018 within the month. 馃毃 Courses now open to civilians... If you carry a gun for a living, you need to train. Skills are perishable, train with the thing that will save your life as hard as you train your biceps in the gym... "Fate favors the prepared". Stay lethal... -Ryan
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Back before mortgage payments, 401k plans, and day jobs. We were just kids from all over this country thrown into the same dusty plywood box surrounded in sand bags... Doing bad things to bad people. Being a Marine is such a fascinating thing. I literally hate it and love it simultaneously. I can blame it for the worst times in my life, and at the same time quote it as a direct reason for my successes. Happy Birthday Marines, for those still in the fight... Keep dropping those assholes over there while everyone else worries about the Kardashians. For those not still in it? Have a beer and raise it high for a second... Know that every other Marine will be too... Cheers boys!
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Fights are gritty... Tactics applied with CONTROLLED violence win them. Train to win fights. Train with us. Be on the lookout for our 2018 course schedule.
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馃敟2018 Schedule should be out soon.馃敟 鈻笍Lets bring training back to its raw form. 鈻笍Put all the YouTube theatrics aside and don't worry about what video you can post on whichever social media outlet you like that day. 鈻笍Train with us and MASTER the fundamentals so you don't need to "think" about what you're doing... you just do it. 鈻笍Anyway... we will get some good shots of ya and post them anyway haha
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When your field sketches should be framed and sold as artwork... Notice the stupid grin lol
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Here's a shout out to one of our affiliates @blu@bluelinebeasts . Some people rocking their stuff kill it at the gym, others... well you get the idea 馃槑. 鈻笍Be sure to check out @bluelinebeasts and use promotion code "Servo" 鈻笍Also don't forget to register for our upcoming classes this November. 鈻笍"Fate favors the prepared"
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馃敟Be sure to check out our Enhanced Pistol Program.馃敟 鈻笍Whether you are running operations downrange, on our streets here at home... or simply own a gun and want to REALLY know how to use it. 鈻笍November 18: EP1- Enhanced Pistol 1 鈻笍November 29: EP2- Enhances Pistol 2
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馃敟Big things coming up for the team here at Servo Group. We are doing some tweaking on our site so that you guys can buy our new apparel coming out and items from our affiliates direct. 馃敟We have some new awesome affiliate companies being added. 馃敟Not to mention our entire 2018 course schedule. 馃敟GET OUT AND TRAIN!
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Come train with my team of experienced operators. We continue to take the things we learn operationally from all over the world and apply them to our training. Every class we do evolves with the current threats and trends. We thank we for helping us continue to grow. 2017 has been huge, 2018 will be even better. Just a few classes left this year, sign up now. Keep an eye out for new classes coming out in 2018. Be sure to check out some of our affiliated companies: @bluelinebeasts @bullseyetacticalsupply @amped_mixed_martial_arts
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Check out our friends over @bluelinebeasts these guys know the deal and they bleed blue. Pick up some gear for the gym, rep the blue, and live that beast lifestyle.
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My man @kev_ot227 from @bluelinebeasts rocking that Servo swag. No matter your skill level come train with my team of experienced operators. Let us show you what all the buzz is about. Be sure to check out our upcoming classes: Nov 15- High Threat Vehicle Stops (HTS) Nov 18- Enhanced Pistol 1 (EP1) Nov 29- Enhanced Pistol 2 (EP2)
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Come check out our Enhanced Pistol Program, its progressive so you'll see vast improvement as you move up the levels.
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Huge shoutout to @yk_painting for hooking me up yesterday with the new house. I don't promote a lot of companies because it's my reputation as a business owner on the line, but the ones I do I have first hand knowledge of their quality. Next painting job you're looking for (I HATE painting) look these guys up. You won't be disappointed.
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Take your pistol craft to the next level. Let our team of instructors advance your training. Whether you do this for a living or simply are passionate about shooting, come let us show you what all the buzz is about.
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