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Been loving the @bodybossmethod program especially since I've been traveling so much lately. No gym necessary and all it takes is 24 minutes 3x a week. It's an easy to follow 12 week step by step and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to see some quick results. Use code SAVBB for 20% off 馃挋 #bodyboss #bosseffect
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Mr & Mrs 馃枻
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@jaysteevie won't take the pic unless i smile 馃檮
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#KidsInLove 馃枻 new song by @kygomusic
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New video from our trip is up on our channel 馃挋 Song: sunset lover by petit biscuit 馃寛
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traveling with you > uploading a video on youtube from our trip later today stay tuned 馃鉁煂吼煢庘潳
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this world is bigger than you and I 馃挍
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back to my roots 馃尯馃尡
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I can tell you never had love till you had mine
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lil island ting
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