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Ride the Lights. Get the chance to be featured on our page. Share joy, colors, and brightness in your best pictures using the hashtag #TakenWithGalaxy. #GalaxyNote8 #DoBiggerThings
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Up, up, up and leave everything behind. Closer to the Lights, closer to peace of mind. Do you have your own spectacular images of Lights #TakenWithGalaxy? Share them and use the hashtag. Get the chance to be featured on our page. #GalaxyNote8 #DoBiggerThings
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Have you ever wondered how fireworks always captivates the human eyes? It must be the attraction of all things dangerous yet beautiful. Share pictures of your own sparkle, with the hashtag #TakenWithGalaxy and get the chance to be featured on our page. #GalaxyNote8 #DoBiggerThings
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Sekarang zamannya Vertical Vlog! Kalau dengan nge-vlog juga bisa dapet hadiah keren, makin asyik kan? Makanya, ikutan aja kompetisi #DailyVerticalVlog! Ada Samsung #GalaxyJPro, Phone Camera Stabilizer, dan Vlogging Microphone yang bisa kamu menangin! Caranya gimana? Yuk, meluncur ke untuk liat informasi selengkapnya! #MoreThanSelfie
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Hari ini udah ke mana aja? Coba ceritain lewat Vertical Vlog dan ikutan kompetisi Daily Vertical Vlog! Syaratnya simple, durasi maksimal 60 detik dan tambahin caption menarik dengan hashtag #DailyVerticalVlog #Mor#MoreThanSelfie & #Gal#GalaxyJPro Kamu berkesempatan untuk menangin Samsung #GalaxyJPro, Phone Camera Stabilizer, dan Vlogging Microphone, lho. Keren banget, kan? Langsung aja ke untuk liat keterangan selengkapnya! #MoreThanSelfie
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Punya cerita seru hari ini? Share dong, lewat Vertical Vlog dan masukin hasilnya ke kompetisi #DailyVerticalVlog! Pengirim Vertical Vlog terbaik bakal menangin Samsung #GalaxyJPro, Phone Camera Stabilizer, dan Vlogging Microphone yang keren banget! Caranya gampang kok! Langsung aja cek ke dan siap-siap jadi pemenangnya! #MoreThanSelfie
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Which one represents you the most? #GalaxyA8 is out now! Excited? Click the link on our bio & visit our consumer launch #TheNextMe
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An elegant look with a comfortable grip that will compliment your style #TheNextMe Get your hands on the new #GalaxyA8 at our consumer launch event, tomorrow. Click the link on our bio for more info
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It's not just about the look, it's going to mesmerize you in many ways #TheNextMe Meet the #GalaxyA8 for the first time at our Consumer Launch, click link on our bio now!
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Doodle, scrawl, and scribble your brilliant ideas down in the blink of an eye. With the excellent S Pen, Samsung #GalaxyNote8 is the perfect companion for your visionary journey to #DoBiggerThings.
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Meet @agrasatria, a talented creative who recently switched to the impressive #Gal#Galaxy8. Dual camera, fantastic S pen, and superb service were all that it took for him to finally jump to the other side. Do you want #DoBiggerThings too? Switch to #Galaxy Note8 now!
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There’s nothing to stop you to #DoBiggerThings. Samsung Priority Executive gives you all the information you want and need so you can enjoy your spectacular #GalaxyNote8 without any hitch.
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