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I hope you’re all having a great week✨lingerie from @dollskill
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❄️❄️❄️ sweater by: @nostosxalgos
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The TOS are much more lax thank god, probably post more revealing things here💜 I’ll also be posting actual content later but yeah this is Vero go add me
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I couldn’t help but lewd it💕✨ lingerie: @dollskill
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Nothing lewd here I just wanted to show off my new make up from @meltcosmetics
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Should I do a set in this???
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Only quality content.
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My valentines set releases tomorrow! Make sure to sign up today to receive it! Also check out my twitter for some more preview pics! @ sabrinathebunny on Twitter! Also check my Vday video highlight in my bio if you wanna drool💦 photo: @mikeysphotolab
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This isn’t appropriate school behavior @bishoujomom! Help me get this book and drop my skirt! Photo: @mikeysphotolab
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I wanted to show something a bit different today, me, just me. Unapologetically me. No edits, no make up, no filters, no nothing. I was inspired by @mariahmallad with her yearly Calvin Klein shoots she does and a wonderful fan sent me a pair I said fuck it let’s do it, I want to show that I’m not perfect, I have zits constantly, I have pudge, my legs have burn scars, and my breasts IMO are too large and hurt my back and all together I love and hate all those things. I struggle with loving myself sometimes because of the way I look but so do so many other people, I want to be better and be a voice for others to know that no matter what you look like you’re beautiful💜 taken by @mikeysphotolab
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Have you read this book down here? It has a great plot!📚✨ photo: @mikeysphotolab make sure to join my patreon for exclusive sets like this! (Link in bio!)
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Whatcha thinking about? Photo: @dgnphotography
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