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And here’s the live look at @barstoolsports HQ when @SmittyBarstool hit @ShaunLatham with that right cross #RNR2
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The moment @smittybarstool caught @shaunlatham with a vicious right #RNR2
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$20 Chef fans still not happy with last night's decision. #RnR2
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"Pure Michigan with a 69 on his shirt. For the kids at home, that's a sex position." #RnR2
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WEAVE DOWN. WEAVE DOWN. AN HOUR IN AND #RnR2 IS EVERYTHING YOU COULD DREAM OF AND MORE. Buy the fight now using the link in our bio.
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WE'VE GOT OUR FIRST KNOCKOUT. Use the link in bio to purchase the rest of the event
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30 MINUTES AND WE LIVE. #RnR2. Link in bio to purchase now.
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ONE HOUR AWAY. Next match up is here! "Redneck" Marvin Carder of PA is taking on Richard "The Casino Man" Juran of WVU. Order this and the other 40 fights NOW. Use the link in our bio.
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This poor man didn't stand a chance. Jacob Meade makes his return TONIGHT. Only at #RnR2. Purchase the fight now. An hour and a half until the event streams. Link in bio.
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CHICK FIGHT!! Haley Bishop is slated to fight Alex "Bat Girl" Machesky. Whos your money on?? #RnR2 is two hours away. Don't miss any of the action and order it now! Link in bio.
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Rough and Rowdy just got a whole lot rowdier. Still time to purchase the event! Link in our bio. #RnR2
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