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Fun day riding yesterday w/ @tomsannen & @nicksannen while they’re in owb for a few days. I think we did more talking then riding. #riding #offseason #suzuki #450
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Me and @dvnvsaurus.rex took my nieces Vera, Klaudia and their friend Cameron to swim and ride a dolphin. We might of had more fun than them. #florida #dolphins #makingmemories 🐬🐬🐬
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Little vacation this week and been getting some miles in with TH22. @nickmcfadden16 joined us today for a good one @francobikes #cycling #vacation #florida #strava #ontheleaderboard
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Burn out after a race win. $150 fine burn out in front of a 100 friends, family and your boys from high school after a win is priceless. PC: Eric and Lee shields #activeshooterphotography #tbt #burnout #smokeshow
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Prayers for everyone and there families involved also all the first responders 🙏🏻🙏🏻#prayforvegas
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Such a cool win ad the team used after barber, they also gave the team trophy they got for the win to my dad for the museum at the house. The family appreciates all the support from everyone at @yoshimurasuzukiracing @suzukicycles @yoshimura_rd #classact #team #family
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Enjoyed riding just for fun today not doing long stints and just keeping it fun with @mathew_scholtz @nickmcfadden16 @85jakelewis I feel fast, then I see myself on video and I'm like that can't be me, I'm way faster then that, but video don't lie😂🐙 #moto #turntrack #lit PC: HUNSKIE
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HECK YEAH!!! Might be the only time I get to say this all year🤣😃#beardown #westood 🇺🇸
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Good times at the @motoamerica banquet. Thanks to this one for all she does to help me be my best @dvnvsaurus.rex ❤️ PC: Brian j Nelson
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Thanks to my boys for all the late nights early morning this season, and always believing in me. Very much appreciated. They are more like family then just a crew that works for me. #team @daveyjones69 @fdm331
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Love having my nieces there this weekend, and @jen@jennyhaydenhansler kiddos made it to the Utah round. My family (mom, dad, brother, sisters) never miss a race. Whether they have to watch it on TV or just live timing they are there. During the time of Nicky's accident, and everything surrounding it, they all picked up my slack, so I could keep training and riding like normal, so I could focus as much as possible on racing. If Hundley is swamped with work at sunset downs, but rain is on the way and we need to ride, he gets to drop everything to prep the track. They were a huge part of making it such a good season ❤️ #familyfirst @jennyhaydenhansler @kath_hayden @haydenbrosstore PC: @kevincimages
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🥇🏆Was amazing to win in front of so many friends and family today, especially my parents, it's the first race my dad has made all year because of his health so it was extra special to me, the fans support has been amazing as well thank you. Thanks to my crew for giving me an awesome bike all weekend. @suzukicycles @yoshimurasuzukiracing @yoshimura_rd @alpinestars @araiamericas @monsterenergy #thepeopleschamp
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