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Dana is putting together donations for the local Humane Society. She has all the information, so if you can help message her directly. *AHHHH thank you so much to those have reached out so far!! You have no idea how much every little bit helps 😻 You’re all amazing and I can’t thank you enough for your kindness ☺️ ❤️ For those who aren’t aware, PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO READ ⬇️ or watch ⬆️: I’m getting together donations for the Humane Society. Below is a list of items they could desperately use. I put them in order of most needed starting at the top. If you can help in any way please message me! Even if you can help a little I promise it goes a long way! 🐱❤️🐶 - Wet/dry kitten and cat food - Wet/dry puppy and dog food - Pig ears - Used blankets or towels (new is great too of course) - Paper towels - Clorox clean up - High-efficiency laundry soap - Dish soap - Abrasive sponges - Litter Boxes (with lid) - Cat and Dog toys - Cat and Dog food/water bowls Gift cards are always a huge help as well. THANK YOU AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! ❤️❤️* #humanesociety #fosterkittens #fosterpup
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Some of the more meaningful gifts are the cheapest. Cool letter I received from a young fan. #meaningful #fanmail #kids #readit
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There isn’t anything more disheartening to me then stories of kids getting bullied. Not only do kids who get bullied need support, the bullies most likely need some real guidance in life instead of us (especially me) always just wanting to give them a taste of there own medicine. #StopBullying #StandWithKeaton
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Good first test of the season. Felt good on the bike testing some new bits for next year. Thanks to my guys it was a windy & cold 3 days and they did a lot of work, but they didn’t complain, not that me and my crew chief @daveyjones69 woulda listened even if they did @fdm331 😁😜 #testing #skids #tirednow PC: Brian j Nelson
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Excited to get back in on the bike this week for some testing, and get ready for 2018. @yos@yoshimura_rd @team_suzuki_racing @yoshimura_rd
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When roadracers try to use a starting gate😂🤣 @jdbeach95 getting ready for the superprestigio. @85jakelewis @nickmcfadden16 #startinggate #superprestigio
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Some trail riding yesterday with TH22. Been about 20 years since I’ve been trail riding, luckily my tour guide never left me 😃 #trailriding #brothers #dirtbikes
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Had the tow rope deployed this morning. Thanks for the pull @jdbeach95 @watkinsdakota @harrylroberts #deadlegs
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Happy thanksgiving everyone. Thankful for all the people in my life. @dvnvsaurus.rex #thanksgiving #sweatergamestrong #lightul
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I’m excited to be working with @drlauraellis & @trina_pistor from medAge this year. Was a good few days with them dialing in my training program, nutrition, and mental aspect of things for next year to be at my best. If you’ve been looking for some guidance to improve your performance make sure to look them up. #medage #peakperformanxe
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Since #valencia is this weekend my #tbt is to the ‘06 @motogp awards after Nicky won the title with the family besides @kath_hayden who was in college. Put in the work and dreams come true. #allin #nickyhayden #rideonkentuckykid #worldchampion #motogp #missingyou
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My #tbt #2016 since the #astros won the World Series to last summer when me and @dvnvsaurus.rex watched them in Anaheim. Not a huge baseball fan, but the astros are fun to watch b/c they jack home runs and @josealtuve27 is a beast and he’s my size, swings at the first pitch every time. Luckily I became a fan a year before they won so I’m not a bandwagon fan😃 #worldseries #champs
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