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@takeoffensecvhc got some shows coming up with @agnosticfrontnyc !!!
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CORE HAMMER wrote a damn nice review about the Nemesis Book I did! Thanks brother! Link is above and the book is available in the Reaper webstore!!!!
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@dontsleepband has two shows coming up... go check em out- new ep coming soon! 馃槑
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@dare.hc first Arizona show!!!!
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Great @maximum_penalty photo from the other night by @eyehatelucas #newyorkhardcore
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Arizona - ARE YOU READY? @dare.hc is coming your way' XXX
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This is gonna rule! California peeps take note! @dare.hc is playing with a whole bunch of cool bands especially a band that just put out a great demo - Berthold City!!! XXX
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Did you get yours?
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Grab the @dontsleepband record from @coretexrecords - can't wait to tell you all about what's coming via @reaperrecords soon 馃構馃槏馃槣
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@dare.hc in Santa Cruz. Picture by @slamjameson
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Awesome @dare.hc collage by @octaviomehhh - who still needs their debut ep? You? Get it from our webstore!!!!
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Pick up something from @dare.hc !!!!!!!
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