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I love my mother! She is my inspiration, she is my support! She gave me the best childhood I could of ever had! I didn't have a father but my mom was always there for me and my sister. I'm grateful for everything she has ever done for me! Thank you mommy! ❤️
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I wake up every morning like this ... 37 days left.
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Purpurpur I love pink fur! Haha me and my sister @violettasl shopping in Kyiv! 💕🦄💕 PS: All your comments reflect your own inner world. I wish you all happiness and love!
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Ready to take off! ✈️haha @jakepittsbvb can't wait to see you my love! 40 days, I'm counting! ❤️😘 #love #plane #takeoff #pool #spa #kyiv #kiev #losangeles
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Idk what happened to the previous picture hahaha instagram is tripping lol so I'm posting this one again
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*happy* 🦄💕
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I'm so happy to be the wife of such an amazing husband. I'm soooo happy to have you by my side, Jake! I'm happy that you finally met my family in person and now you feel that you're a part of it for real. I know I always told you this but it's so different when you can witness it in real life and feel that my family takes care of you because they love you! It is really important for me because you're a part of me, you're a part of my life that I'm honored to share with you, you're a part of my heart that I gave you when I said "yes" to you. My family is yours, remember it! It's ours now! I know that it's a big distance between continents where we live and a big language barrier but it's nothing for those strong feelings they all have to you. We all love you, @jakepittsbvb! My love is getting bigger everyday, it's growing to the size of the universe and I'm happy to see your smile, Jake. ❤️🙏 I'm grateful for having you in my life! #family #love #husband #jakepitts
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So it's finally here!! The @ael@aeloniaofficial merchandise is now available to pre-order for a week. Orders will start shipping on 9/20/17 so hurry and place your pre-order to get a discounted price and a free gift!! If you buy both Aelonia shirts we will send you a free poster as well!! First 200 orders get a free gift included in your order!! Now go get yourself some @aeloniaofficial merch and join us in building our empire so we Aelonians can rule the universe together!! 😜🤘🏻🦄
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Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. 😘💋
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It was pretty tricky to be the photographer and be in the photo at the same time. You might think this photo was done in a pro studio, but like all things Aelonia, we do it ourselves and setup our own little photo studio in our living room. It took many times to get the shot right, different color backdrops, and staying up until 7:30am to get the shot, but we did it and I'm proud to say @aeloniaofficial debut single will be released to the world on September 14th, 2017!!! It's all finally coming to fruition, and I couldn't be more excited! Mark your calendars and be prepared to join us and the rest of our Aelonians!!! We're coming for you! 💓💗💓 . . . #aelonia #aelonians #innapitts #jakepitts #bvb#bvbarmy #blackveilbrides #debut #single #music #debutsingle #newmusic #ink #tattoos #makeup #style #fashion #art #hairstyles #bvbarmy #innalogvin #emo #goth #gothic #vampire #rock #posthardcore
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I'm really excited for my husband @jakepittsbvb and @blackveilbrides new album which is coming out early next year! Also I can't wait to realease @aeloniaofficial first song and music video sometime in September. Yesterday Jake and I had a blast having our photo shoot for "The End" single cover artwork. Can't wait to share all the pictures with you guys! Our merch is coming as well! Are you ready for pre orders? . . . #aelonia #ælonia #band #jakepitts #innapitts #innalogvin #innalogvinpitts #roc#rock #metal #metalcore #posthardcore #rock #love #cou#couplesgoals #couple #powercouple #musicvideo #video #blackveilbrides #bvbarmy #blackveilbridesarmy #album #albumartwork
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Looking at the blue sky made me smile. The sky is like the ocean, it's so deep and eternal. It gives me a feeling of freedom, and sometimes I wish I could fly and dive into the puffy clouds. When I lived in Ukraine I spent a lot of my spare time outside being close to nature. I used to lay on the ground staring at the sky, at the moving clouds and listening to the sounds of nature: how the wind moves grass around me, how birds sing their songs to each other, how little bugs fly around filling the air with buzzing sounds of their wings. That was amazing... it put me into a deep meditation. I felt so calm and peaceful. 🕉 The sky is endless as the eternity of our souls. Remember that you are special and unique! Remember that everybody who surrounds you is special and unique exactly the same as you are! But even having our individualities we still are one! We are an endless ocean, and we are drops in it. We are all closely connected with invisible threads of our subconscious. We have bodies, they serve us as instruments for getting experience in this physical world. But on a soul level we are one. We are reflections of each other. I love you, friends! ❤️ Let's shine together, smile!
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