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Our razors won’t make you ripped like @t.silva_fitness, but they will give you an unbelievably close shave. Try it yourself - link in bio
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We’ve been making razors for over 60 years, so we know a thing or two about a great shave. Find out for yourself by clicking the link in the bio
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Pizza delivery may be delicious, but razor delivery is useful (and cheaper). Subscribe to Dorco today.
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Add some music to your morning routine with Dorco – you could win a voice-controlled Sonos One, £200 worth of music vouchers AND a Dorco Classic. Don’t say we never do anything for you (link in bio)
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On your marks… Get set… Go get your hands on a Dorco razor. @bengregz has his, and yours is waiting for you. #dorcorazor #razors #shaving #dorcopace6plus #pace6plus #racetrack
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Wanna keep that face-mane in check? We've partnered with @theeverydayman for tips on taming the fuzz #raz#razorsrco #razors #shaving #dorco #dorcoclassic
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We love the look of @theeverydayman's bathroom. It's got nothing to do with the our razor fitting into it perfectly. Honest. #raz#razorsrco #razors #shaving #dorco #dorcoclassic
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Want a razor that looks great, provides a damn close shave, and doesn’t cost the earth? @theeverydayman hit the jackpot with the Dorco Classic, why not try your luck? #raz#razorsrco #razors #shaving #dorco #dorcoclassic
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It’s not that you’re lazy, it’s that buying razors is a boring chore. That’s why we deliver.
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Don’t let a bad shave come between you and your face. Try our super sharp razors.
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Why pay more than you have to for razors? Save your money for something fun... like more razors.
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Regram from @gilles_souteyrand, nothing quite like 7 blades to keep you looking sharp! Use code GILLES20 to get 20% off
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