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Rachel Mikell Nicholas Devoted wife & Mindful Momma, madly in love with life. 🌲🐻🌘
Santa left B a very special bag with his book this morning and asked if he'd please fill it up with toys to help him give Christmas to another little boy or girl. He's so excited. ❤️ 🌲
33 5 4h
Such an amazing idea!
So special ❤❄️🌲 #mrandmrs #bblessedphoto
60 7 2 1d
So cute!!!! I'm crying! Love!!! @kirstinkathleen @matt_mussels
Rachel!!!! It's amazing 😍😩 I love it!!
We almost have his first week of new books ready to open when December gets here!
18 4d
I thought it would be good to bring another "adult" to the kangaroo zoo 😐😂
19 7 2 6d
It's such a help and nice change for all to have u come hang. All my kids love it! @rachelmikell_bblessedphoto #filldahousewithballs haha
That's the best kind of dad. I lost Jerrod at a BBQ once and found him in the bounce house with all the kids.
My boys ❤️ so grateful their bond has never been affected by the months or miles put between them. So happy my hubs came home safe already two years ago.
29 6d
My beautiful little sissy ❤️ Happy birthday! My favorite stories to tell people are ones about you... playing teacher and watching pro wrestling. you've always owned your life and never let anyone tell you who you need to be and I so admire you for that. Even when we didn't always get along you're the only person who always knew exactly what I was going through and I'm so happy you were born!
32 1 1 6d
Happiest Birthday!!!! 🎈 @ahargis5 😘😘😘😘
During dinner Tonight B was really testing my patience. I told him I didn't like that he wasn't eating and he hung his head and said "I'm sorry I'm a bad boy." Mind you I would never ever tell him he was a bad boy so my heart broke a little bit and I was reminded of how smart little people are and how easily they can feel ashamed. We had a talk and I had to remind him that he IS a good boy and to never believe anyone who tells him he's not. Now he's following sky around saying "dada you not a bad dad, you a GOOD dad ok?!"
34 2 1w
That is so sweet!! You are such an amazing mamma ❤️❤️
@_rachel_ann_ thank you ❤️ that's the ultimate compliment
8 1w
I passed over this one a few times while editing these but their smiles kept calling me back ❤️ @tbfsmarriott
19 1 1w
Such a stunning couple
I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to Squeeze him, so handsome 😍😍😍 @tbfsmarriott
45 3 1w
@tbfsmarriott that makes me so happy!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Wholly shit this babay!
This boy has called Santa three times this morning. (951-262-3062 so cute.) He's so excited to see him tonight with his aunt Alli ❤️
29 3 1w
@lindsay_pando yay! it's so cute huh! I love that he tells them their mom and dad love them hahaha so sweet!
@rachelmikell_bblessedphoto when he said listen to your mom and dad Aiden what like huh?? Haha
❤️ #goodvibesonly
23 1w
The sweetest 😍 @tbfsmarriott Fyn's little face 😂❤️❤️
26 2 1w
Awe, I am loving them! Keep them coming! ☺️
Nice pic! #models? #travvydaddy
Grateful for my other favorite boys for making my Tuesdays and Wednesdays so happy and silly ❤️ #summer #silly
20 2 2w
Friends! I'm just wondering if i have anyone who would be interested in illustrated family portraits... Either for yourselves or Christmas gifts! I'm debating on opening an etsy shop. #illustrated #familyphoto #familyportrait
41 11 2w
Happy Monday ❤️
32 1 2w
@rachelmikell_bblessedphoto 😉😘😍
They couldn't be any more perfect! ❤️😍 @tbfsmarriott
34 6 2w
Cutest ever! When I have babies will you take pictures for us?? 😍
@baileymbarry umm yes, can we do a trade cause your pictures are amazing!!!
Night night my little love warrior 🐻 I don't know what kind of world you'll grow up in but I know you were sent to make it better.
32 2w
He knew I had a hard day, I heard clattering and came in to hear "I cook for you." 😭❤️ #futurebesthusband
34 1 2w
That is so cute!!!!
First day of my new job, it was harder than I expected, I kinda just wanted to cry all day... 😩Prayers it gets easier. The only thing that made it worth it is this little face and knowing I get to be home with him ❤️
41 2 2w
I will pray for you. You are so beautiful, Where you working rach!?
What are you doing for work?