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Rachel Mikell Nicholas Indigo child | Devoted wife | Mindful Momma loving & learning with my favorite boys and our puppies. 👣🌲❤ 🐛⚡️🌻🐾🐝🙏🏼⭐️ (photography site ↙️)
Halloweentown in a fort this morning 🎃 #mybestfriend #falldays
28 1d
Happy anniversary to these two beautiful people! So grateful for their example!!! ❤️🌲 @donnicholas90
19 1d
Sunday reading ❤️ #theunteatheredsoul
8 4d
Our society desperately needs us to allow the love for our children to transcend our family borders. Once we allow our instinct to unconditionally love and protect to encompass all children, all people, all creatures... the world will know peace. #oneness #supersoulsunday
42 4d
Just as I was starting to miss Tennessee. #home #beutahful
30 5d
I could never pass up an opportunity to brag about my puppies and the amazing big sissys and brother that they are to my baby, wouldn't trade any one of them for anything! 🐾 #nationaldogday
39 3 1w
@michellerimmy you already are!!! 😄😄❤️❤️ I'm so happy for you guys!!!!
Aww!! They are so cute!
Once you discover the DIVINE within yourself, you understand that it exists within everyone else. #oneness
36 1w
I just went outside in a sweat shirt without melting so I officially feel it's appropriate to pull these out 🎃
36 2 1w
#halloweentown ❤️
Rach this makes me so happy!!! I asked Eric to watch Casper with me and he said no it's too early!! 😕
I'm so proud of all the growing up and learning my bug has been doing, hopefully his sticker chart will let him know we notice ❤️
30 1 1w
I don't know what the chart is for, but I love it! Haha will you explain what it is you're doing? I am going to copy all your ideas :) #bestmomever
Date night with my most amazing man 💛
53 1w
Hold on to me as we go, As we roll down this unfamiliar road, And although this wave is stringing us along, Just know you’re not alone, I'm gonna make this place your home ❤️
50 5 2w
...don't pay no mind to the demons they fill you with fear...(not sure either) ⬆️ sorry Rach I had too! 🎶😉
@shanna_moyes @mccallbarker you two are the same person hahaha ❤️❤️
Picnic adventure with my Wednesday boys 💛🌲
27 3 2 2w
I haven't seem them in two days!
@wjuddnextlevel that's what they said, they're excited to see you!!
My favorite days ❤️
34 2w
Hello beautiful morning 💛
38 2w
6 month old dreadies. This is the longest I've ever been committed to anything relating to my hair and it's so nice to have found something that feels like "me", it may just be hair but to me they're an outward symbol of an internal acceptance it took me a long time to find ❤️ #wonderlocks #girlswithdreads #dreads #dreadhead #ladieswithlocks #freehair #blondedreads @instadreadss @_dreadlocks_ @the_dreadlock_page @wonderlocks
55 12 3w
@maggie_816 you're sweet, thank you ❤️❤️😍
Your dreads are so beautiful! I've had partial dreads a couple of times, but they've never looked as nice as yours. I'd love to know more about your process. Did you section them, if so how exactly? How many dreads do you have? What method did you use to start them? What do you do with them when you wash your loose hair? Any info you can give would be amazing!
Prayers I don't completely lose my mind while waiting for everything to come together for my little family, so grateful for my boys making everyday worth the craziness ❤️💛
54 4 3w
@mrsshifty587 you're so right! ❤️
Such a beautiful family!
It's crazy how much more you understand the concept of "unconditional" once you become a parent, I think that's why God made Moms, I'm here to help him realize his unconditional worthiness of love and acceptance. And maybe once he does, it will be that much easier for him to give the same love and acceptance to the people he meets along his way ❤️
49 3 3w
@andipigeon 😭😭😭 thank you
❤️ and He never lets me down.
27 1 3w
It only took about a year to realize we clearly didn't have the same love language. #physicalaffection #getoffme @ahargis5
20 3 1 month ago
#butchybaby @ahargis5
And mom wonders why I cringe every time she touch me hair. Get out of here Edward scissor hands.
Sunday breakfast with my favorites ❤️
23 1 month ago