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👀👀👀 our American fans, tell us where you want us to visit and we will make it happen!! #plouisearmy
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🚨 IMPORTANT PLOUISE NEWS 🚨 You've all asked for this so here you are Raffle time Win a full day course worth £340 for £5 Win two day course worth £570 for £10 Win a three day course worth £900 for £15 Win a five day course worth £1425 for £20 We have put together a raffle to give you amazing people an opportunity to win a full day course or five here at Plouise makeup academy. To join in on the fun you simply need to purchase your raffle ticket , this secures you a place on the course of your choice with one of our senior artists. The person who wins the course will film there experience on our Instagram live to show real people win these raffles. Limited tickets available secure yours now! Winner announced 18th of December. ⚡️ Important questions: How do I buy? - you can buy the raffle tickets on Can I buy more than one ticket? - yes you can but remember they are limited so buy as soon as you can Do I have to provide transport? - yes, we do not provide transport When does the raffle end? - December 18th What does it mean when my order is processing? - if your ticket order is showing “processing” then your ticket order is successful Anymore questions let me know!
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I know I was only suppose one but Just wow @eeerinr
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Picked at random !!! @pattybmakeup your my 5 day feature !! All my following will now show you mad love, I will now be featuring 2 people next week for 5 day feature. You know the rules comment and like every upload !!!!
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Sales go online tonight 10pm only 500 available. I'm launching plouise USB sticks for Christmas. I know a lot of you people don't use DVDS so we have decided to bring you something fresher for this year. You will get to choose from 20 tutorials as to what you'd like on your own personal USB mixing and matching. Advanced: USB will contain some hot new looks. Full look in actually speed. Full step by step manual printed. All products spoken through in detail. All products will flash up on screen. Advanced: Option one: £50 for two full length tutorials for you to keep. Advanced: Option two: £100 four full length tutorials for you to keep. Advanced: Option three Christmas special (preorder only) : £120 Business talk/advice from myself plouise. How to take a picture demonstration. Building a kit extra. Three steps to maximise your social media. Gift voucher with £10 free for your next online course. 4 full length tutorials Beginners: Option one: £50 One full look broken down. Teaching brows (different textures and products including covering tattooed brows) Colour matching and Covering all skin types. Contour. How to blend. Beginners: Option two: £100 two full glam looks broken down. £50 One full look broken down. Teaching brows (different textures and products including covering tattooed brows) Colour matching and Covering all skin types. Contour. How to blend. Hygiene. How to build a kit. How to apply false eye lashes. Mastering eyeliner.
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It's official!!! We have plouise swatches, I'm super super exited yet nervous. 12 shades for £40!!! Keep your post notifications on for the preorder date ❤️
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Sometimes soft at plouise ❤️
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Saturday inspiration ❤️
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1 space left !! This course is paid for on arrival however deposit is required Brand new course unlike any other. Welcome to our intense beginners to advanced course. This super intense course is 5 days a week, for 4 weeks excluding weekends. During this 10/5 day you cover Plouise most on demand styles. We have never done anything on this scale before therefore be prepared to be blown away by the level of skill and knowledge you leave the academy with. We allow flexibility on the looks covered throughout the course personalising the course to each student. This 4 week intense course will allow you to learn from our senior artists covering all aspects of makeup, from our heavy cut crease looks to fashion makeup all under one roof. We will be covering liner focus, to a full on glam taking you back to basics to ensure your confident in all areas of make up. A makeup kit will be included worth £400 with top of the range brands like MAC cosmetics that we use in house. For more information call 0161 459 7420 Deposit is required Only 10 spaces available Models must be provided.
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Team training, play time !! How often do you guys train ?
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Mastering the cut 🔪 You will need the following: A good brush, we recommend 252 mac brush and a good concealer that will be thick enough to cover dark shadows giving you the perfect blank canvas. Start from the inner corner, using the brush shape to carve out your half cut crease. Before filling the lid to blank out ensure your shape is perfect, do not drag the product or apply too much as eventually this will crease. Pat the product in to set the concealer. DO NOT use translucent powder, simply press over a shadow of your choice this will set the base and secure the cut. Your shadow choice will act as a translucent powder preventing any creases.
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